MW Chapter 2032

Chapter 2032 – Black Fortress

The chamber door was pushed open and Lin Ming appeared at the entrance. He was like a sharp and swift spear, emitting a breathtaking momentum from his head to his toes.


Blue Lotus bowed.

“Rise. Tell me what the situation is.”

Lin Ming stepped in front of a porthole. From this porthole he could already see vague and blurry dots of light in the far off distance. These were the numerous spirit ships of the saint legions. It was clear that there was a force of saints in front of them, and the size of their army was massive!

“Reporting to Master, it has already been verified that what lies in front is the second legion and third legion of the saints. They should have been stationed in Saint Convocation Heaven, but for some reason have been transferred to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.”

Fairy Blue Lotus had an extremely keen understanding into the saints. She only needed to see the silhouette of those giant squid-like space beasts and count their approximate number to understand that the second legion had come out in full strength.

As for the third legion, they also had a title like the second legion. They were called the iron lion legion and possessed similarly unique characteristics.

These characteristics were defined...

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