MW Chapter 2032

Chapter 2032 – Black Fortress

The chamber door was pushed open and Lin Ming appeared at the entrance. He was like a sharp and swift spear, emitting a breathtaking momentum from his head to his toes.


Blue Lotus bowed.

“Rise. Tell me what the situation is.”

Lin Ming stepped in front of a porthole. From this porthole he could already see vague and blurry dots of light in the far off distance. These were the numerous spirit ships of the saint legions. It was clear that there was a force of saints in front of them, and the size of their army was massive!

“Reporting to Master, it has already been verified that what lies in front is the second legion and third legion of the saints. They should have been stationed in Saint Convocation Heaven, but for some reason have been transferred to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.”

Fairy Blue Lotus had an extremely keen understanding into the saints. She only needed to see the silhouette of those giant squid-like space beasts and count their approximate number to understand that the second legion had come out in full strength.

As for the third legion, they also had a title like the second legion. They were called the iron lion legion and possessed similarly unique characteristics.

These characteristics were defined by the spirit ships they drove. From afar, these spirit ships appeared to be giant metal lions.

The iron lion legion was composed of the saint race’s astral saint tribe. The astral saint tribe gathered the best array masters and refining masters of the saints. They were able to arrange the most powerful array formations and subsequently refine them into top-grade spirit ships.

These spirit ships that the iron lion legion utilized were all Empyrean level spirit treasures.

The several flagships leading them were in no way worse than Primordius Heavenly Palace.

During a battle between armies, the use of a spirit ship was undeniably essential. The quality of its array formations was directly correlated to its martial artists’ offensive and defensive capabilities.

Back when Lin Ming fought Tian Mingzi and a massive disparity in strength still divided them, he was able to use Primordius Heavenly Palace to catch a moment of reprieve before finally reversing the battle.

Fairy Blue Lotus gave every piece of detailed information she knew about the saints’ second and third legions to Lin Ming. She even knew the internal sound transmission marks of the army. If she wanted, she could intercept part of their information transmissions.

“According to the current situation, the Good Fortune Saint Son should have gathered several armies to come to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. These armies were originally responsible for guarding Saint Convocation Heaven and to serve as a deterrent against the spiritas; they wouldn’t be easily transferred here. But presently, the Good Fortune Saint Son has started to gather all these armies here. This is an extremely unusual decision. From the evidence, he might be aiming at some powerhouse…

“The saint armies stationed at Saint Convocation Heaven possess over 400 Empyreans, and even peak Empyreans aren’t uncommon. These peak Empyreans each have incredibly deep backgrounds and have concealed their true strengths; even I do not know the particular details on them. In addition, each of these saint legions possesses a special attribute. For instance, the second legion has the ancient space beasts and the third legion has the Empyrean level spirit treasure iron lion battleships…”

As Fairy Blue Lotus spoke to here, she cautiously peeked at Lin Ming. The giant saint armies and their numerous hidden masters were laid out in front of Lin Ming. This was no trifling force, and she was curious what countermeasures her master would take.

Lin Ming’s eyes narrowed. He gazed at the second and third legions deep in space, and then succinctly said, “Kill them all.”

With an order of just three words, this command left Fairy Blue Lotus’s heart racing.



The second and third saint legions only discovered Lin Ming approaching them a full hour later.

This was because Lin Ming only had a single spirit ship and the target was far too small, giving him an advantage conducive to hiding. As for the saints, their army was far too large and they couldn’t hide themselves at all.

Moreover, this was also because Fairy Blue Lotus had an extremely sharp understanding of the saints. With her personally scouting the way, how could the saint scouts possibly hope to compete with her?

“An unknown spirit ship is approaching!”

A warning suddenly rang through the saint armies. At this time, from a mere million miles away, a pitch black fortress was hurtling towards them.

This fortress seemed to meld in with the surrounding darkness of space, making it nearly imperceptible. Its surface didn’t shine with the least bit of gloss, making it appear like a city of dead ghosts.

“Who is it? Hurry and stop where you are!”

A dignified voice spread through space. This was a warning from a saint Empyrean. The pitch black castle was the transformed form of Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Lin Ming had used the Ancient Elysium Seal to stabilize the eye of Primordius Heavenly Palace. The Ancient Elysium Seal was originally forged to be the center of a grand array formation, and was a True Divinity spirit treasure personally refined by Empyrean Divine Seal. With it stabilize the central eye of Primordius Heavenly Palace, the array formation of the Heavenly Palace had become several times stronger.

In the past, Primordius Heavenly Palace was comparable to the flagships of the iron lion legion. But now it far outstripped those flagships in power.

Primordius Heavenly Palace floated closer and closer. In the darkness of space, it was like an ancient vicious beast lying dormant in the depths of the universe, seething with killing intent!


A commanding officer of the saint armies mercilessly ordered. This unidentified spirit ship didn’t listen to warnings and was continuing to approach them. In order to ensure the safety of the fleet, they would naturally eliminate it.

According to all common sense, this sort of small spirit ship facing off against the combined fleet of two saint army legions was no different from a mouse against lions. The difference was so incredibly great that it was simply impossible to pose any threat.

However, the joint armies of the saints had received orders from the Good Fortune Saint Son to be wary of the presence of a mysterious person. Although the officers of the joint armies felt the rumors about this mysterious figure were a bit exaggerated, as military officers they strictly obeyed orders. They weren’t stupid enough to make mistakes because of some sense of blind arrogance.

Over a dozen spirit ships began to light up with a divine light. More than 20 Empyreans simultaneously struck out against Lin Ming; this was already a terrifying strike.

However, as everyone thought that this black fortress would be annihilated by the divine light, the surface of the fortress began to exude a bright halo of bloody fog. As the divine light struck this bloody fog, an unbelievable scene occurred. The bloody fog trembled for several moments before completely swallowing up the divine light.

The joint attack of over 20 Empyreans actually vanished like a stone in water, disappearing without doing any damage to the black fortress.


The saint martial artists were stunned. And at this time, the black fortress accelerated forwards!

With mind-boggling speed, it impacted towards the core of the joint saint legions!

Primordius Heavenly Palace was extremely fast to begin with, and now that it had evolved with the True Divinity spirit treasure Ancient Elysium Seal and in a situation where it burnt nine sun jades without reserve, its speed now surpassed the speed of a peak Empyrean.

“Legion of Famine, obey my orders! Activate body metamorphosis!”

Within the core of Primordius Heavenly Palace, the Legion of Famine’s tens of thousands of Holy Lords and 2000 World Kings were already standing firmly around the array formation. As Lin Ming issued an order, these Legion of Famine warriors began to emit crackling sounds from all over their bodies. Bloody tentacles drilled out from their bodies, wildly waving about in the air.

After the Legion of Famine underwent body metamorphosis, their strength nearly rose by an entire large boundary.

A peak Holy Lord could compare with a World King, a Great World King could compare with an Empyrean!

The power of 54,000 Holy Lords gathered onto 2000 ordinary World Kings and then further channeled into 180 Great World Kings. After undergoing body metamorphosis, these Great World Kings all possessed the combat strength of an Empyrean. When all was added together, the Legion of Famine possessed a terrifying strength comparable to 200 Empyreans!

Within the second and third saint legions, their Empyreans added together came up to just over a hundred.

The Legion of Famine’s war strength was only comparable to the weakest of Empyreans. But, because they were connected together by the flesh and blood of Famine, making them all of the same origin, the formations they were able to line up in were something that normal saint martial artists could not compare with.

When it came to comparing in ultimate strength, the Legion of Famine was superior. After those 180 Empyrean-level martial artists were also four saint generals personally commanding them!

At this time, besides Fairy Blue Lotus not transforming, Darkmoon, Highsun, and Xishen had already completed their Famine body metamorphosis.

These three originally had the combat strength of an Empyrean and were even considered amazingly strong amongst Empyreans. After undergoing body metamorphosis, their strength reached the level of peak Empyreans.

Highsun had transformed into an ancient vicious beast, Darkmoon had become a peerlessly seductive sorceress, and Xishen’s clothes had torn apart as his former handsome appearance disappeared, replaced by the visage of a cruel and ferocious demon.

All the spiritual strength of the Legion of Famine poured into Lin Ming. Then, he attacked!

With his right hand grasping the Black Dragon Spear, he suddenly stabbed it into the array heart. The Ancient Elysium Seal hummed and revolved around him, stabilizing the eye of the array formation.

Lin Ming gathered his hands together. The power of divinity and demons erupted and a terrifying strength gushed out from Primordius Heavenly Palace!

Compared to the great explosion that had destroyed the saint race army at Blood Cloud Galaxy, this attack was several times stronger!

Moreover, this strength was no longer an indiscriminate attack, but was focused in clear directions. The energies gathered into beams of light that shot out in all directions!

With this, the striking efficiency of the attack increased a hundred times over!

Puff! Puff! Pah!

Three iron lion battleships were pierced through by light beams, instantly exploding and disintegrating to nothing!

The highly condensed light beam immediately vaporized the three Empyreans atop the battleships.

And these light beams only became faster and fiercer as they shot forwards. Some light beams even penetrated two spirit ships at once!

“The hell!?”


Seeing this terrifying divine light swallow all, the peak Empyreans of the joint saint legions were panic-stricken!

Their figures disappeared from their spirit ships and in the next moment they appeared in the vast and boundless starry space. Eight peak Empyreans moved together, gathering their energies to lock in Primordius Heavenly Palace so that it wouldn’t be able to emit its energy and would self-destruct in response.

“Scatter! Attack!”

A peak Empyrean sent out an order. This order was simple, so simple that to some it might be hard to understand. However, the spirit ships of the joint saint legions responded quickly. All of the spirit ships dispersed, moving back even as they launched attacks towards Primordius Heavenly Palace!

They were assisting the eight peak Empyreans in suppressing Primordius Heavenly Palace.

To execute these maneuvers so perfectly, one couldn’t help but marvel at how terrifyingly skilled the saint legions were. But unfortunately, the opponent they encountered was Lin Ming!

Bang! Bang!

Two more iron lion battleships were pierced through by a beam of light, immediately exploding to ashes.

And at this time, a resonant dragon’s roar echoed through the world. The cosmic void ripped apart and a dragon head a thousand miles long peered out. Its dark amber eyes coldly stared at its prey in the vastness of space…


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