MW Chapter 2031

Chapter 2031 – Collision

In the dark and ghostly starry skies, giant phantoms flew forwards. This was the second legion of the saint armies and was considered to be one of the most mysterious and terrifying legions subordinate to the saints.

The saints’ second legion was composed entirely of primal saints.

The saints controlled seven Heavens. Because this area was far too vast and communication was rare, the saints within the various universes evolved separately, diverging off into numerous branches.

The primal saints were one such branch.

Their mortal bodies and bloodlines were stronger, they were more robust and burly, and their skin was a brownish black. But, these things weren’t the truly defining special characteristics of the primal saints. What truly defined them was their spirit ships.

The primal saints’ spirit ships weren’t spirit treasures that had been forged and refined, but genuine living life forms.

These massive life forms were spindle-shaped. Their bodies were a hundred miles long and countless green points of light lit them up. These green lights flickered in the darkness of space and served as an extremely striking contrast. From behind their bodies, long tentacles reached out, and fins unfurled from their sides. From afar they seemed like squid swimming through the water.

Of course, they were billions and trillion times larger than a squid. Moreover, they weren’t life forms that had evolved in the seas, but life forms that had evolved to live in the starry skies. With their mortal bodies as a ship, one could roam freely through space.

These were ancient space beasts, primordial monsters that resided in the Saint Brahmic Heavens. The primal saints also lived in the Saint Brahmic Heavens, and the powerhouses there were able to use their overwhelming strength to subdue these space beasts and make them sign contracts where these space beasts became their spirit ships.

These ancient beasts possessed a separate space within their bodies that could carry tens of thousands of ancient warriors. After these ancient beasts grew up, their bodies could surpass hundreds of miles in length, and they also possessed a horrifying strength. Their tentacles could take root in the center of a planet and absorb its essence, eventually sucking dry all of a planet’s origin energy.

The saints’ second legion was entirely composed of these primal saints and giant squid creatures; their combat strength was dreadful.

The weakest of these giant squid possessed a peak Holy Lord level strength, and many of them neared a World King in power. There were even a dozen some ancient space beasts that were several thousand miles in length which possessed the strength of an Empyrean.

As for the primal saints, they had even more Empyreans amongst their ranks.

The leader of the second legion was an Empyrean and the Patriarch of the primal saint race. He had reached the peak Empyrean realm over ten million years ago, and even amongst peak Empyreans he was considered an outstanding individual.

In addition, the second legion had several vice-commanders that were also peak Empyreans!

The saints had a number of Empyreans over ten times that of humanity and now they had come out in force. The saints had six main legions stationed at Saint Convocation Heaven, and any single one of these legions had over 50 Empyreans.

“In front there is a legion of humans that has launched an attack against us!”

From within an ancient space beast, atop a giant array disc projection, one could see a giant golden buddha. This golden buddha was emitting a dazzling golden light and an incredibly terrifying amount of energy was constantly condensing within it; it was clear that it was preparing to emit a monstrous blow.

“A golden buddha. According to our intelligence that should be the pack of monks from Mount Potala. The one leading them is Emperor Shakya, one of humanity’s peak masters.”

On the central throne inside the ancient space beast, a middle-aged man wrapped in black battle armor slowly spoke. This ancient space beast was the flagship of the primal saints.

This flagship alone had three peak Empyreans aboard!

“Engage them! The orders that the Good Fortune Saint Son passed down to us are to surround the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and form a blockade. While we need to whittle down the human forces as much as possible, it is more important that we delay for time. In particular, we must focus on information concerning that mysterious man. Since these human fools have delivered themselves to our door, let’s fight them here!”

The black-armored middle-aged man was the current Patriarch of the primal saints. In the war against humanity, the primal saints would also be able to obtain a massive amount of benefits. As for how great these benefits were, it would all depend on their military exploits. If they could heavily damage Mount Potala’s forces then that would definitely be a great merit for them.

Over a dozen giant ancient space beasts gathered together in the starry skies, forming three super massive space beasts that were over 3000 miles in length.

At the same time, dozens of Empyreans began pouring their energies into these space beasts from within, causing a terrifying black light to shoot out.

This black light collided with the golden light emitted from Mount Potala’s giant buddha ship!


In that moment it was like a sun exploded. The surrounding void for millions of miles completely shattered and terrifying space-time storms swept out, rolling up everything within it.

These two great influences had dozens of Empyreans joining together to exchange strikes. The energy detonation created was incredibly dreadful, and even the shockwaves were alarming. Though the two fleets were over a million miles away from each other, they still received varying degrees of damage.

Within the giant golden buddha, Emperor Shakya frowned.

The saints were simply too horribly formidable. Between the saints and humans existed a disparity of Empyreans that was nearly insurmountable. Now that the Good Fortune Saint Son transferred so many Empyreans here, they had created an absolute power that far outstripped humanity.

They had only encountered a single legion and yet things had become so troublesome.

Once the other legions arrived then it would be difficult for them to have any effect within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

It couldn’t be forgotten that within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy also lurked Famine’s avatar and the Good Fortune Saint Son!

Although the saints had suffered repeated losses because of the mysterious person, the saints were still far above humanity in strength.

“These saint bastards, if we continue fighting like this then it will be difficult for us to carry out our original rescue plan…”

To Bagui said. Lin Ming had shown great graciousness to the ancient races, thus he was particularly anxious to save Xiao Moxian and Lin Huang.

At this time, the armies of Mount Potala were startled because of the strength of their opponents.

But at the same time on the saints’ side, the primal saint Patriarch also thought that Mount Potala’s strength far surpassed his expectations.

“Our opponents should have less Empyreans than we do and we also have the ancient space beasts coordinating our attacks. Our total combat strength should have risen 50%, and yet the result is… we still couldn’t manage to suppress them.

“Humanity truly does have a few outstanding elites that cannot be underestimated. What should we do? If we continue fighting then it will only be a stalemate. The blood that we will have to spill doesn’t seem worth it.”

Although the primal saints desired military exploits, they wouldn’t do something like paying a ridiculously steep price to obtain them.

“Don’t worry. The orders we received are only to blockade the Hidden Dragon Galaxy and make sure that mysterious person is delayed outside to draw out more time. It doesn’t matter if we don’t do anything to our enemies. As long as we complete our task then we will still receive military merits.”

“I don’t have any idea what the Good Fortune Saint Son is planning. It’s as if there is something within this Hidden Dragon Galaxy that is extremely important to him…”

As the primal saints discussed the situation their attacks didn’t stop. The fight had already reached an impasse.

Mount Potala and the primal saints had both suffered damage. The fierce battle continued for less than an hour. Mount Potala lost seven or eight spirit ships, but the truth was that these spirit ships were moving battle array formations. Peak array masters had refined array formation cores and then wrapped them in metallic armor.

Once the human warriors within these spirit ships distributed themselves across the battlefield, they could rapidly gather their strength together and erupt with a terrifying barrage.

This was the most effective combat method for warfare between armies. The collective superimposed power of an army was inevitably much greater than that of an individual.

As Mount Potala lost seven or eight spirit ships, and the primal saints also lost around ten ancient space beasts. The blood of the space beasts scattered out, dying the endless void red.

Even though both sides hadn’t gone all-out, this war scene was still incredibly brutal.

But in the end, it was the human side that withdrew first. This was because their scouts had reported that far off in the distant starry space, another saint army was approaching. Without a doubt, this army also came from Saint Convocation Heaven. If Mount Potala were to continue this current battle then they would inevitably be encircled. At that time, the losses would be dire.

Emperor Shakya couldn’t help but issue an order for the retreat of the army.

The human spirit ships withdrew for 10 million miles. Then, after undergoing two great void shifts, they temporarily stationed themselves within a hidden nebula.

Like this, they had gone even farther from the core region of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

This caused many human martial artists to frown. So far nothing in their rescue plan had gone well. They never thought that so many saint armies would gather in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, seeming as if they planned to launch a final showdown here.

“The saints have established a blockade surrounding the core region of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. Just the second legion alone is on par with us in strength. With the other legions added on, the saints have a total war strength over five times our own. This doesn’t even include the Good Fortune Saint Son.”

Within the official meeting hall, the various commanders of humanity were analyzing the reports sent in by the scouts. All of them were frowning.

The truth was that several human armies had yet to catch up. For instance, the armies led by Skyrend Godlord and Empyrean Vast Universe.

But even if they arrived they still wouldn’t be able to change anything; the disparity was too great.

With humanity’s strength, they could engage the saints in guerilla warfare. But once they met in direct battle, there would be far too many problems that would appear.

“What lies in front of us now are the second and third legions of the saint armies. The two legions have joined together so it will be impossible for us to break through. But, it seems that they don’t have any intention of launching an attack on us on their own initiative. They have only activated array formation enchantments and are waiting for us to come…”

The saints had only established light layers of array formation enchantments. To destroy them was extremely easy, but once a high level martial artist were to run in, the enchantment would immediately discover their presence. In addition, these enchantments had the ability to prevent sound transmissions from coming in or out, and were able to block out all communication that passed between the human forces.

In this situation, the Hidden Dragon Galaxy was like an isolated island separated from the world.

Emperor Shakya and the others were all convening an emergency military meeting in order to plan their next step.

But at this time, no one noticed that in a place deep in the universe, the dark starry void tore open. A black fortress flew out like a ghost from a space crack.

“Master, the saint armies have been discovered up ahead!” Within the black fortress, Blue Lotus’s voice echoed out from a chamber.

“The saint race armies?”

In the chamber, a black-clothed youth opened his eyes from his meditation.


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