MW Chapter 2031

Chapter 2031 – Collision

In the dark and ghostly starry skies, giant phantoms flew forwards. This was the second legion of the saint armies and was considered to be one of the most mysterious and terrifying legions subordinate to the saints.

The saints’ second legion was composed entirely of primal saints.

The saints controlled seven Heavens. Because this area was far too vast and communication was rare, the saints within the various universes evolved separately, diverging off into numerous branches.

The primal saints were one such branch.

Their mortal bodies and bloodlines were stronger, they were more robust and burly, and their skin was a brownish black. But, these things weren’t the truly defining special characteristics of the primal saints. What truly defined them was their spirit ships.

The primal saints’ spirit ships weren’t spirit treasures that had been forged and refined, but genuine living life forms.

These massive life forms were spindle-shaped. Their bodies were a hundred miles long and countless green points of light lit them up. These green lights flickered in the darkness of space and served as an extremely striking contrast. From behind their bodies, long tentacles reached out, and fins unfurled from their sides....

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