MW Chapter 2030

Chapter 2030 – The Eve of the Storm

Lin Ming sat deep in meditation in a remote space. In front of him, the life blood essence from Soaring Feather God King’s feather had already been drawn out.

This feather was jade green in color, and the blood thread in the center was the life blood essence of Soaring Feather God King. Now, this blood thread had condensed atop Lin Ming’s fingertip, turned into a small mote of red light.

Lin Ming waved his hand and this red light sunk into his body, swimming through his blood vessels…

With the support of the Feather Conversion Art, Soaring Feather’s energy didn’t come into much conflict with Lin Ming. This strength was as gentle as a feather. It dissipated into thousands and millions of threads that integrated into his muscles. A faint sound, like the passing of water through a spring, echoed into the air. For a time, Lin Ming felt his body warm up.

But no matter how compatible this strength was, it would be impossible for him to completely absorb it and turn it into his own without wasting a bit. This was just like a mortal eating food. While their body could absorb it, the amount that would become their own flesh and blood was incredibly small.

Time passed. After ten days, Lin Ming was still deep in...

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