MW Chapter 2030

Chapter 2030 – The Eve of the Storm

Lin Ming sat deep in meditation in a remote space. In front of him, the life blood essence from Soaring Feather God King’s feather had already been drawn out.

This feather was jade green in color, and the blood thread in the center was the life blood essence of Soaring Feather God King. Now, this blood thread had condensed atop Lin Ming’s fingertip, turned into a small mote of red light.

Lin Ming waved his hand and this red light sunk into his body, swimming through his blood vessels…

With the support of the Feather Conversion Art, Soaring Feather’s energy didn’t come into much conflict with Lin Ming. This strength was as gentle as a feather. It dissipated into thousands and millions of threads that integrated into his muscles. A faint sound, like the passing of water through a spring, echoed into the air. For a time, Lin Ming felt his body warm up.

But no matter how compatible this strength was, it would be impossible for him to completely absorb it and turn it into his own without wasting a bit. This was just like a mortal eating food. While their body could absorb it, the amount that would become their own flesh and blood was incredibly small.

Time passed. After ten days, Lin Ming was still deep in meditation. Seals of the Heavenly Dao fell down. Soaring Feather’s bloodline energy poured into Lin Ming’s inner world, gathering into the Supreme phantom.

Lin Ming’s Supreme phantom became increasingly tall as it grew more and more.

The phantom became increasingly real. The power of divinity and demons gathered within it, including all sorts of Great Dao Laws circulating throughout.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt that only the thinnest film blocked him from breaking into the Empyrean realm. As long as he put in a little effort he could truly shatter through his cocoon and become a butterfly. The Supreme phantom within his inner world would condense into true reality and he would step into the Empyrean realm!

He could even faintly feel that there was a subtle contact between him and the 33 Heavenly Daos. The power of heavenly tribulation seemed to brew high above him, eyeing him covetously.

The Empyrean boundary was a watershed. In the last 3.6 billion years of human history, besides Divine Dream, all True Divinities had gone extinct. In fact, even most human martial artists didn’t know of the existence of True Divinities. Because of humanity’s limited vision and their customs, when they referred to the True Divinities of ancient times they called them Empyreans.

An Empyrean meant the limit of human martial artists. Upon entering the Empyrean boundary one would step onto the highest stage of the entire Divine Realm, sitting high atop heaven and overlooking the common world below.

In the end, Lin Ming paused just before he broke into the Empyrean boundary. Afterwards, the heavenly tribulation that began brewing in the highest heavens also hid itself away…

Soaring Feather God King’s blood essence was strong but its intensity didn’t satisfy him.

Although he could have used it to break into the Empyrean realm, the truth was that he would have barely been able to do so.

What Lin Ming wanted was to further accumulate his energy, preparing for the time when he could truly soar!

To become a peerless powerhouse required sufficient time. Although rice could be planted and harvested in several months, True Divinity level heavenly materials often required tens or hundreds of millions of years to breed. What Lin Ming wanted was a god-level spirit treasure, and he had even decided on a better choice.

That was, the avatar of Famine that was controlled by the Good Fortune Saint Son!

Lin Ming planned on wresting away Famine’s avatar and then using the massive amount of blood vitality contained within to shred apart the Empyrean bottleneck in a single go!

“Good Fortune Saint Son… it seems we are destined to be opponents. Over 6000 years ago we fought once, now, I will come looking for you once more…”

Lin Ming faintly smiled. The truth was that one of the reasons he had stirred up such chaos and turmoil in the backline of the saints was to draw the Good Fortune Saint Son to him and then capture Famine’s avatar.

But, he never thought that the Good Fortune Saint Son would manage to be so calm and rational about the situation. Not only did he not come, but it was Fairy Blue Lotus and the Legion of Famine that arrived instead.

Although the sum total of the Legion of Famine was far inferior to Famine’s avatar, it was still a generous gift to Lin Ming.

Now, since the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t plan on coming here, Lin Ming planned to look for him on his own initiative!

“Blue Lotus, where is the Good Fortune Saint Son now?” Lin Ming called out.

Fairy Blue Lotus’s eyes moved. She asked, “Does Master wish to deal with the Good Fortune Saint Son?”


Lin Ming nodded. As Blue Lotus listened to this, a happy expression unexpectedly appeared on her face.

Although she was being controlled by Lin Ming, some of her previous preferences and personality had been retained. She had an extremely poor relationship with the Good Fortune Saint Son, and he had given her considerable trouble throughout the years. It was not a secret throughout the entire saint race that the two of them were struggling against each other. In fact, the reason that Fairy Blue Lotus joined forces with Xishen was in large part because they shared a common enemy in the Good Fortune Saint Son.

“Reporting to Master, the Good Fortune Saint Son has never exchanged information with us. But, according to reports from my subordinates, the Good Fortune Saint Son has been delayed in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy for a long time.”

“Oh? What is he planning to do there?”

“There should be some important human figure there that he wishes to deal with. As for who it is, I am not sure. The Good Fortune Saint Son fears that if we were to find out this information then we would intrude on him and steal away his prize. So, when it comes to sharing information concerning humanity, he has never done so with us.”

“Mm, I understand. Then our next stop will be the Hidden Dragon Galaxy!”

As Lin Ming spoke, he was a bit worried. Just who was this important human figure that Blue Lotus spoke of?

For such a long time, the whereabouts of the various top human influences had been kept secret. Besides themselves, no other human influences knew about their location in order to prevent spies from leaking information.

This created a great deal of hardship for Lin Ming as he tried to look for the human elites.

“Let’s go!”

As Lin Ming spoke, a black palace began spinning in front of him, rapidly increasing in size until it expanded to hundreds of miles in radius. This was Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Lin Ming was the first to fly into the Heavenly Palace. Behind him, the four saint generals, 2000 World Kings, and tens of thousands of Holy Lords followed like a swarm of flies!

Everyone submerged into Primordius Heavenly Palace. The giant black palace changed shape before it sank into the void, disappearing from sight…


Due to Lin Ming’s actions against the Legion of Famine, a great storm had begun rising up within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy!

The saint armies of Saint Convocation Heaven were already rushing towards the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. As for the human race’s Empyrean Shakya and the others, they were also organizing their forces to advance towards the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

More and more masters began gathering.

“Dark Demon Monarch has arrived!”

At the edge of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, where Mount Potala was stationed, Emperor Shakya’s thoughts stirred. The great doors to the hall opened and a scholarly man wearing black robes and half a silver mask began walking in.

And behind this scholarly man was a black-clothed young girl.

This black-clothed young girl was extremely eye-catching. She only appeared to be around 16-17 years old and she wasn’t too tall either. But, she carried a nine foot long blood red scythe on her back.

This scythe was incredibly exaggerated in build. It had three sharp fang blades that decreased in size from top to bottom, and the edges of those blades gleamed with a chilling cold. Even the smallest fang blade was half a foot wide. If such a ferocious-looking weapon were to slash a person’s body, the damage it would cause could be imagined.

This scythe was much taller than the black-clothed young girl was, and she could only carry it on her back by placing it slanted. When this was combined with her milky white skin, it created an intense visual contrast.

This black-clothed young girl was named Sable Ink and she was Dark Demon Monarch’s direct disciple. She possessed an outstanding talent and was even said to be second only to Xiao Moxian.

She had been born 2000 years after Xiao Moxian, and now her cultivation was at the early Great World King realm.

From Great World King to a half-step Empyrean, many geniuses required several thousand years to complete this step. Thus, even though this black-clothed girl was 2000 years younger than her peers, her cultivation wasn’t much lower than Jun Bluemoon and the others’.

“Demon Monarch, it is too good to see you!”

Although Emperor Shakya was a monk, he was considered a war monk. When he spoke he had never been as restrained as Great Limitless Buddha had been. Dark Demon Monarch’s arrival left Emperor Shakya overjoyed with excitement.

When it came to the combat strength of humanity’s various Empyreans, Dark Demon Monarch was considered amongst the peak. Moreover, Dark Demon Palace managed to almost entirely preserve their inheritances, and they even had a future peerless genius in Sable Ink.

“Battle Buddha, Great Limitless Buddha, as well as our friends the god race and celestials, I am glad to see you all safely standing here today.”

Dark Demon Monarch cupped his fists together and bowed. The feeling he gave off was that of a well-mannered gentleman, smooth and elegant.

“You have received the news too, right?”

“Is Battle Buddha referring to this mysterious person who routed the Legion of Famine, and also of the Good Fortune Saint Son gathering his troops to march upon the Hidden Dragon Galaxy?”

“Yes! I have no idea what the Good Fortune Saint Son is planning, but he has suddenly mobilized numerous armies. It somewhat feels like he is planning a showdown of some kind.”

“It should be due to that mysterious person. This mysterious person will look for the Good Fortune Saint Son sooner or later, and the Good Fortune Saint Son will not feel safe with the avatar of Famine alone. Rather, he wants numerous saint Empyreans to join forces with him. This doesn’t seem like the Good Fortune Saint Son’s normal style at all. He has always been a brash and confident individual, even somewhat haughty, but now that he is facing this mysterious person he is actually being so careful! It’s clear from this just how much he fears this person.”

“This mysterious person is indeed incredible. The saints have been in the limelight for far too long. With the spiritas remaining quiet, they have nearly swept throughout the entire 33 Heavens with no one daring to offend them. However, that mysterious person has relied on their strength alone to cause the saints to suffer such disastrous defeats; that is truly terrifying! I have a premonition that this mysterious person will come seek us out!”

As Emperor Shakya spoke to here, his eyes sparkled. At this time, a messenger transmitted information to him. The saint armies had appeared several hundred millions of miles away!

Dark Demon Monarch and Emperor Shakya both rapidly read through the information jade slip. According to the direction that they arrived from, these armies should have come from Saint Convocation Heaven!

Everyone had already guessed that a great battle would erupt in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. But, they never imagined that this battle would come so quickly!

“What do we do?” Dark Demon Monarch asked Emperor Shakya.

“We fight!” Brilliant fighting intent blazed in Emperor Shakya’s eyes. The reason they came to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy was to support Xiao Moxian and assist the mysterious person; they couldn’t always wait for that mysterious person to appear and strike out on his own. Rather, following the information they received they would have to take the initiative at times, launching a frontal assault on the saint armies and giving the mysterious person a chance to do what they needed to!

Emperor Shakya was very much looking forwards to the battle between this mysterious person and the Good Fortune Saint Son!

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