Chapter 203 - Near the Summit

Chapter 203 Near the Summit.


Chapter 203 – Near the Summit

This medium-grade human-step cultivation method was absolutely worth more than 20,000 gold taels. Although Lin Ming had said that this cultivation method could give rise to a fatal calamity, the risk was nothing compared to the tremendous rewards that this cultivation method would bring.

The black-clothed martial artist thought increasingly more that telling Lin Ming about the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo was the best choice he had ever made. He didn’t have the ability to cut the spirit bamboo down, but even if he did, there was no way he could sell it. If he took this level of treasure out and showed it to others, he would be eaten to the bones.

“You can only take the Thunder Lizard’s blood away; I have no need for it.” Lin Ming said this because the Thunder Lizard had the bloodline of a Flood Dragon flowing in it, so their blood had a very great medicinal value. If it was placed in a bath, one could soak in blood and come out with a stronger and healthier body.

The black-clothed martial artist’s group of four nodded in joy. This was a great harvest of income. The blood of a Red Thunder Lizard that was on the same level as a peak Pulse Condensation Period martial artist could sell for at least...

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