MW Chapter 2029

Chapter 2029 – Diverting Troops to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy

Hidden Dragon Galaxy, Good Fortune Saint Palace –


A terrifying detonation sounded out and astral essence so thick that it was visible to the naked eye began to spread out in white ripples. The surrounding void shattered as a red beast was smashed in the back by a tall man.

This beast emitted a sorrowful howl as it collapsed to the ground.


Because the large dragon crashed into the ground, a crater formed that was over a hundred miles long.

The tall man landed atop the peak of a rocky mountain. His naked upper body revealed sculpted muscles as hard as rock, making him look like a prideful war god.

This tall man dressed in red was the Good Fortune Saint Son.

This space was a martial arts practice field used by him. It was a small world located in the Good Fortune Saint Palace, and this beast that was wounded here was the hybrid descendant of a God Beast and ancient vicious beast.

Within the Good Fortune Saint Palace, there were super beasts with impure bloodlines being raised and bred all year long. These animals were used as opponents for the genius disciples of the Saint Palace to train with. Although these beasts possessed impure bloodlines, they were still incredibly precious creatures. Even so, here they were used as nothing but sandbags by others. From this one could see how ridiculously wealthy the Good Fortune Saint Palace was.

“Your Highness Saint Son, please take a break. If you hit this red dragon beast again it will die.”

From behind the Good Fortune Saint Son, a wild woman with wheat-colored skin stepped forwards. She carried with her a towel that she used to wipe the sweat from his face.

A cruel and fierce light flashed in the Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes. He was in an extremely poor mood and was using this training period to vent his anger. Even so, his chest raged with a nest of fire.

This fire was all due to that mysterious person.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had obtained all news available about the Blood Cloud Galaxy at an even earlier time than Emperor Shakya.

If it were normal times, then he would have happily gloated over the losses of Imperial Prince Xishen and Fairy Blue Lotus. He would have even laughed himself awake in his dreams.

But now, the Legion of Famine hadn’t ‘suffered a loss’ but had been completely annihilated. Even four of the saint generals had gone missing!

And no matter how the Good Fortune Saint Son thought about it, he couldn’t imagine how the mysterious person had accomplished all of this.

This was the reason he felt anxious at heart. He sent for repeated investigations into the Blood Cloud Galaxy, yet he didn’t manage to find anything.

The Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t need to be clairvoyant to know that sooner or later, this mysterious person would come looking for him.

And when facing such a character that he knew nothing about, the Good Fortune Saint Son felt a headache even though he had the avatar of Famine. He didn’t know what cards this mysterious opponent possessed or how they had eliminated the Legion of Famine.

“Your Highness Saint Son, there is no need to worry. If things are truly unwell, how about notifying His Majesty the Saint Sovereign?”

The young and beautiful woman tentatively suggested as she saw the Good Fortune Saint Son’s expression.

“Inform His Majesty the Sovereign Ancestor?” The Good Fortune Saint Son immediately frowned and the young woman fell silent.

“Do you think that His Majesty the Saint Sovereign doesn’t know the Legion of Famine has been destroyed? Every martial artist within the Legion of Famine has a spirit mark left behind by His Majesty the Sovereign Ancestor, and whether they are dead or alive, His Majesty the Sovereign Ancestor is well aware!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son coldly muttered.

The 33 Heavenly Daos were the most common Great Daos of the universe; they were no trifling matter. As for Famine, it was being used to swallow up the causal relationship that humanity had with the 33 Heavenly Dao’s Nine Divine Shifts.

But even so, this causal relationship was a part of the Heavenly Dao Laws. For a mortal to dare reverse the rules of the Heavenly Dao, they would be forced to suffer the scourge of the heavens!

This wasn’t something that one could stop just because they wanted to.

And in the process of swallowing the Nine Divine Shifts, Famine and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would have to withstand heavenly tribulation.

In the world of martial artists, heavenly tribulation wasn’t some incredibly rare phenomenon. Whenever someone rose to the level of the Heavenly Dao rules they would have to withstand heavenly tribulation.

But the Heavenly Dao rules were also divided into those that were lower and those that were higher. For instance, when a martial artist broke into the Empyrean realm, when a transcendent divine might was created, when a transcendent divine pill was refined, when a God Beast underwent nirvana and grew up, all of these actions would summon heavenly tribulation.

However, these types of heavenly tribulation were only of the lowest order. When compared to the Nine Divine Shifts that Famine was swallowing, the difference was as great as the heavens and earth.

The Good Fortune Saint Son couldn’t imagine just what the heavenly tribulation that fell upon Famine’s body would be like. But, what he knew was that if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and Famine could both withstand and survive this heavenly tribulation, that would be an incredible advantage for them!

With swallowing a portion of the Heavenly Dao, Famine might be able to undergo another evolution. If so, then the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would be another step closer to reaching the boundary Beyond Divinity.

High risks meant high returns. In fact, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had undergone a hundred million years of preparation before daring to attempt something like this. He wanted to try what Famine did 3.6 billion years ago.

The dangers were astronomical. The slightest mistake would mean him disintegrating into nothing!

With this in mind, the Good Fortune Saint Son couldn’t disturb the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign no matter what. In fact, the area where the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had gone into seclusion was a secret of the highest magnitude; not even he knew where it was.

When it came to something like this, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wouldn’t trust anyone.

In particular, there was still his greatest rival – the Soul Emperor. With this person’s transcendent methods, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to extract any information he desired from the Good Fortune Saint Son’s mind.

This mysterious Soul Emperor was the character that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign feared most in his life.

Even now, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t know what endgame the Soul Emperor was playing towards. However, he had no doubts about how vast the Soul Emperor’s ambitions were. If he wanted to contend with the Soul Emperor then he could only rely on Famine.

If Famine was able to evolve further then it would be able to devour the infinite energy, matter, and Laws of the universe, allowing it to become infinitely close to the Beyond Divinity boundary. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign might even be able to use Famine to swallow the Soul Emperor’s destiny, and perhaps even the karma between the spiritas and the Heavenly Dao!

At that time, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would no longer fear the Soul Emperor.

The chess game of the world and its secrets, the true thoughts within the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s heart, these were things that the Good Fortune Saint Son only vaguely knew about. The eyes of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the Good Fortune Saint Son saw the world differently.

All that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign saw was this world chess game, and the only ones playing it were the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the Soul Emperor. As for everyone else, including the Good Fortune Saint Son, the many saint Empyreans, the Legion of Famine, humanity, Empyrean Divine Dream, everyone else within the world, they were nothing but mere chess pieces!

The only difference was that these board pieces varied between big and small, important and unimportant.

Towards all of this, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t feel sad or chagrined at all; this was the inevitable result that came from a disparity of absolute strength.

At the same time, he naturally wasn’t resigned to forever remaining a chess piece. Thus he had to continuously increase his strength.

And presently, this mysterious person before him was a great challenge!

If he couldn’t pass this test and had to rely on the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign who couldn’t and wouldn’t help him, then what qualifications did he have to become a chess player in the future?

Thinking of this, the Good Fortune Saint Son began to seethe with fighting spirit.

If they want to come then come, if they want to fight then fight!

The Good Fortune Saint Son circulated his astral essence and evaporated all the sweat and grime that covered him. Then, he put on his robes and battle armor and stepped out of the small world. He arrived at the official meeting hall, and it was at this time that a scout passed him another combat report jade slip. This jade slip left the Good Fortune Saint Son completely stunned.

This was something that the saint scouts had found in the wreckage of the Heavenly Palace at Blood Cloud Galaxy – it was a crystal fragment with an image contained within.

And coincidentally, this crystal fragment recorded the incomplete image of that mysterious person.

In this image, a mysterious man rode atop a Black Dragon. He held a spear, shattering planets with a wave of his hand!

This recording only lasted a brief moment, but the moment that the Good Fortune Saint Son saw it he felt his heart skip a beat and his complexion turn ugly.

As for the saint race military officers that were standing in the meeting hall, none of them dared to speak as they saw the Good Fortune Saint Son glower upon obtaining this information jade slip. They were afraid of attracting his anger.

For a time, the entire hall fell silent.

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s complexion changed again and again, all sorts of thoughts rapidly racing through his mind.

“The weapon is a spear… the mount is a dragon… how can there be such a coincidence…”

He definitely remembered what occurred over 6000 years ago when he fought in the most shameful battle of his life. During the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast, Lin Ming had jumped ranks to defeat him. Moreover, Lin Ming had leapt past an entire large boundary to do so – a Divine Lord had defeated a Holy Lord.

At the time, Lin Ming had taken out a stake for his gambling fight. That was – a dragon egg!

In addition to this mysterious person’s weapon… the Good Fortune Saint Son suddenly felt an ominous premonition cloud his heart.

Although the person in this image, whether it was in cultivation methods or appearance, didn’t match with Lin Ming, the Good Fortune Saint Son still thought that this person might be him.

This was a speculation purely based upon his intuition. In the past when Soaring Feather God King said that Lin Ming had died, the Good Fortune Saint Son was a bit disbelieving of this news. In his opinion, Lin Ming possessed an incredibly tough life. Would he really die so easily?

“It shouldn’t be…”

For a time, the Good Fortune Saint Son felt a cold chill creep in his heart, an unease and nervousness that shot up his back.

Those bitten by a snake would be afraid of ropes for 10 years. The Good Fortune Saint Son was a proud and lofty individual, but he actually held an unusually profound fear towards Lin Ming. This was a scab in his heart that was hard to heal.

“Relay my orders, issue an emergency command! Summon the Empyreans at Saint Convocation Heaven that are guarding the entrance to the wild universe! From the first legion to the sixth legion, have all of them move to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy!”


Suddenly hearing the Good Fortune Saint Son’s orders, the saint military officers present were left bewildered. Just what was the Good Fortune Saint Son planning?

Saint Convocation Heaven was the supreme stronghold of the saints and also where their main forces were located. If the first to sixth legions were all transferred here, wouldn’t that just flood the Hidden Dragon Galaxy?

Could so many people be summoned just to deal with one Xiao Moxian?

“This is… His Majesty the Saint Sovereign ordered these armies to guard Saint Convocation Heaven in order to prevent any sneak attacks from the spiritas. If we are only dealing with the humans in the wild universe, they are already a race that has been beaten and broken by us. Is there really a need to draw in so many people?”

“Are you questioning me!?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son frowned, his eyebrows looking like a lion ready to pounce in the next moment. The general gulped and shook his head. After the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign went into seclusion, the Good Fortune Saint Son was now the highest authority of the saints; he would naturally obey these orders.

“What do we do about the spiritas?” Another veteran officer couldn’t help but ask.

The Good Fortune Saint Son thought for a moment before saying, “If the spiritas truly intend on coming do you think those peak Empyreans can stop them? If things really devolve to the worse situation possible then we will give Saint Convocation Heaven to them. But, I have a feeling that they will not come, otherwise His Majesty the Sovereign Ancestor would not have dared to go into seclusion at this time. Perhaps His Majesty has already guessed a part of that old freak Soul Emperor’s plans…”

“This… understood.” The several veteran officers glanced at each other and nodded in agreement.

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