MW Chapter 2029

Chapter 2029 – Diverting Troops to the Hidden Dragon Galaxy

Hidden Dragon Galaxy, Good Fortune Saint Palace –


A terrifying detonation sounded out and astral essence so thick that it was visible to the naked eye began to spread out in white ripples. The surrounding void shattered as a red beast was smashed in the back by a tall man.

This beast emitted a sorrowful howl as it collapsed to the ground.


Because the large dragon crashed into the ground, a crater formed that was over a hundred miles long.

The tall man landed atop the peak of a rocky mountain. His naked upper body revealed sculpted muscles as hard as rock, making him look like a prideful war god.

This tall man dressed in red was the Good Fortune Saint Son.

This space was a martial arts practice field used by him. It was a small world located in the Good Fortune Saint Palace, and this beast that was wounded here was the hybrid descendant of a God Beast and ancient vicious beast.

Within the Good Fortune Saint Palace, there were super beasts with impure bloodlines being raised and bred all year long. These animals were used as opponents for the genius disciples of the Saint Palace to train with. Although these beasts possessed impure bloodlines, they were still incredibly precious creatures. Even so, here they were used as nothing but sandbags by others. From this one could see how ridiculously...

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