MW Chapter 2028

Chapter 2028 – News Worth Celebrating

Emperor Shakya’s troops had managed to rout the Legion of Famine that had stayed in Potala Galaxy after their main force left. Although they didn’t manage to kill much of the saint armies, they still managed to completely recapture Potala Galaxy.

Outside of Empyrean Divine Dream, Mount Potala’s forces could be called the most formidable amongst humanity.

Since they had managed to stabilize their foothold they naturally wouldn’t think of hiding in this tiny little corner of the world. Rather, they would venture outwards and strike at the saints on their own initiative!

Now they were even preparing their attack plans.

“Everyone, we have now managed to bring together a considerable force. I believe that what we must first do is rescue our companions!

“Because we had to delay for time, many of our people dispersed and hid in the most hidden corners of the wild universe. Although this naturally made it much harder for the saints to find us, once they did find anyone then the only result was utter defeat. If this continues, then as long as the saints have enough time, they will sooner or later exterminate us all.

“We cannot sit by and idly wait for death; we must move immediately and rescue our fellow humans who have been forced into hopeless situations!”

Emperor Shakya iterated the key point of this meeting. Now with so many human influences in imminent danger, the question was: which ones should they rescue first?

Everyone looked towards Emperor Shakya and also felt troubled for him. To rescue one influence was to mean giving up on another. However, he had to make a choice.

“We have to consider the larger picture. There are currently two vital rescue targets that we have designated. The first is the Hidden Dragon Galaxy! It has already been a long time since our information network with the Hidden Dragon Galaxy was severed. I even suspect that Dragon Fang and Xiao Moxian have been encircled by the enemy. Whether it is Xiao Moxian, Lin Huang, or Dragon Fang, they are the future hopes of humanity. In particular, Xiao Moxian and Lin Huang. The two of them are the ones most closely related to Lin Ming, and Lin Ming was the one who risked his life for us in the past in order to exchange it for the slimmest possible hopes of survival for the human race and thus open the gates of the wild universe to us. Since Lin Ming has passed on, we must ensure the survival of his lineage no matter what.

“But besides the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, there is also another rescue target. That is… the mysterious man who has recently appeared! All clues indicate that the main force of the Legion of Famine left Potala Galaxy for this person. Since he has done his best to buy time for us, we cannot sit by and do nothing. Moreover, this mysterious person has formidable strength, and an enemy of an enemy is a friend. He might be able to provide us with good fortune and a turning pointing in our war against the saints. We cannot just let him perish beneath the Legion of Famine…”

As Emperor Shakya spoke to here, some people were already frowning, their eyebrows knit together. “Should we divide our forces?”

Although their current gathered forces were formidable, when it came to facing the Good Fortune Saint Son or the Legion of Famine, they were nothing to look at. And, dividing their forces would only make them weaker.

“This is what we are here today to discuss…” Emperor Shakya said, “We must weigh the advantages and disadvantages and then follow through with the most effective plan…”

As Emperor Shakya spoke, the sound of rapid footsteps echoed through the grand hall.

“Urgent message!”

A messenger shouted from outside the hall.


Emperor Shakya felt his heart skip a beat. While a military meeting was being convened, outside disturbances were normally not allowed. Unless it was information of the highest priority it wouldn’t be sent here. Now that the messenger was at the entrance of the hall, it could be imagined how important this information was.

In these past years Emperor Shakya had received far too many urgent messages. But, over 90% of them were bad news. As the war in the wild universe continued, humanity had suffered defeat after defeat, and there was rarely a case of victory. Even if there were occasional victories, such as the successful elimination of the remnant saint forces in Potala Galaxy, those were simply superficial events.

What humanity needed now was a hearty great victory, a true success that would rouse their morale!

“Where is this news from?” Emperor Shakya’s complexion was solemn. He was afraid that whatever news this was, it wouldn’t be good. Humanity was already hovering on the edge of the abyss and they were finding it hard to weather the continued attacks of the saints.

“Urgent information from the Blood Cloud Galaxy!” The messenger proffered the combat report jade slip with both hands. This information was gathered by the scouts and the rank of the information was decided by the captain of the scouting team. As for what it was, the messenger didn’t know.

“Blood Cloud Galaxy!”

Emperor Shakya’s eyes shot wide open. Could this be a combat reported related to the mysterious person being ambushed by the Legion of Famine?

It wasn’t just Emperor Shakya, but everyone else in the hall felt their hearts tighten.

This mysterious person that had miraculously appeared from nowhere and also had the saints suffer defeat after defeat – they wouldn’t have perished like this, right?

Emperor Shakya took a deep breath and probed the contents of the jade slip.

He had already steeled himself for bad news. However, when he finally looked into the contents of the jade slip, he was shocked silent.

He even suspected that he had misread. He scanned the combat report jade slip several times and after making sure he read everything, he froze like a statue.

“How is this…”

“Senior Emperor Shakya, just what happened?”

All the eyes in the hall were focused on Emperor Shakya. They saw that he remained speechless after looking through the jade slip, and these actions left them a bit worried.

Seeing everyone’s curious gaze, Emperor Shakya finally responded. He looked at the gathered crowd and was at a loss for words.

“It is… you can take a look yourself.”

Emperor Shakya had a strange expression as he passed the jade slip to others.

These people immediately scanned the jade slip. This type of combat report jade slip was originally able to allow several other people to read it at the same time.

Then, as they read through the contents…

They were all left dumbfounded together, almost as if they were living some kind of dream.

This was truly explosive news that would rock the 33 Heavens!

The jade slip had some images recorded within, all of them showing the scene of the Blood Cloud Galaxy after the great battle. There were ruined fragments of celestial bodies all over, and beneath these images were a few lines of simple words:

“A great battle has occurred in the Blood Cloud Galaxy. We have discovered that Fairy Blue Lotus laid down an ambush for the mysterious person in the Blood Cloud Galaxy around a month or two ago and waited for them to rush in. A battle occurred, but as for exactly what happened or how the battle unfolded, we are not sure of the specifics. This is what we know after several days of investigating.

“The main force of the Legion of Famine has been completely annihilated within Blood Cloud Galaxy!

“Blood Cloud Galaxy’s Heavenly Palace and their spirit ships have all been disintegrated to dust!

“The Blood Cloud Galaxy support unit, besides those members that were carrying missions outside, were all destroyed, with not even a single stationed guard remaining!

“Four of the saint generals have gone missing!

“The above situation is suspected to be the work of the mysterious person. More details are being investigated…”


For a time, the entire meeting hall fell into silence. Several people felt their jaws drop down as they were unable to believe what was written in the jade slip. But, the images spoke for themselves. The saint race’s Heavenly Palace and the fleets of spirit ships had all been destroyed!

In particular, the nearly invincible Legion of Famine! There should be no force beneath that of a True Divinity capable of resisting their attack, yet such a legion had been annihilated!?

Was this possible?

In fact, it was thought that this mysterious person was incredibly powerful and would be able to escape the Legion of Famine’s pursuit. Of course, this was under the premise that he knew there was an ambush laid out ahead of time for them, so that he could preempt their actions.

But for this mysterious person to eliminate the Legion of Famine, that was a nearly unimaginable matter!

“This… there might be a mistake!”

Diwuhen said with disbelief thick in his voice. This news was simply too shocking. He had personally witnessed the strength of the Legion of Famine and wasn’t able to believe that there truly existed someone with such ability.

“The captain responsible for overseeing the scout team is this old monk’s great direct disciple. He was naturally born with inherent arcane abilities that could peer into the far-off distance and listen to voices on the endless wind. He should have been able to view the image of the saints from afar using some clues in order to analyze his information. He is a calm and alert individual, and even if the information we obtain is slightly different, it shouldn’t be anything too absurd…”

Great Limitless Buddha slowly said. Normally, he was the calmest and most peaceful of the eminent monks, but now even he found it difficult to maintain his composure. As he twisted his buddha beads the speed at which he did so was clearly much faster than normal.

“No matter what the case is, we must be careful. Could this be false news intentionally spread by the saints so that we walk into their trap?” Battle Sovereign To Bagui furrowed his eyebrows, still finding it hard to fully trust the combat report jade slip.

Emperor Shakya shook his head. “The possibility isn’t too likely. Originally, as long as Fairy Blue Lotus led the Legion of Famine to search through Potala Galaxy, we would have suffered defeat sooner or later. As for the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, any accident there would be a good situation for the saints. But, the Legion of Famine suddenly withdrew their forces from Potala Galaxy to return to Blood Cloud Galaxy which in turn gave us a chance to catch our breath.

“Moreover, the Heavenly Palace at Blood Cloud Galaxy was truly destroyed. The fragments of the spirit ships and the Heavenly Palace have been verified to be real. If this really was a charade, then why would they destroy a Heavenly Palace and kill off so many of their disciples, even giving us a chance to stabilize and restore morale? Just what would the goal behind such actions be?”

As Emperor Shakya spoke, everyone fell silent.

Indeed, when two armies faced off in a war, putting on a ruse or faking some weakness wasn’t a rare act. But, those who did such things were always on the losing end. Would the saints really harm themselves to put on such a meaningless act?

“Who is this mysterious person?” The god race’s Empyrean Lanlu muttered, a strange light flashing in her eyes.

“I also wish to know. If there is a chance, I would truly love to see him!”


After Mount Potala obtained news of the Legion of Famine, other human influences also obtained this information.

But, because news of the Legion of Famine’s utter destruction still required proof, no one dared to publicize it. This was a precaution just in case it really was a smokescreen that the saints had put up. If it was, then these human influences would not only be made into jokes but the morale of humanity would also suffer.

So for these past days, whether it was the humans or saints, neither side found it easy to remain tranquil.

In fact, within the Blood Cloud Galaxy, there were even more saint scouts. But they didn’t manage to find much new information.

Lin Ming may control the Legion of Famine, but even at this point in time no one knew of it.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t know either.

This was because Lin Ming had used the Magic Cube to completely erase the spirit marks that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had left within the Legion of Famine, and according to the previous experiences of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, spirit marks being destroyed would only occur because the Legion of Famine had been destroyed.

If the flesh and blood of Famine was destroyed then the spirit marks would naturally disappear. As for someone capable of counter-controlling the flesh and blood of Famine, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had never met such an existence before.

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