MW Chapter 2028

Chapter 2028 – News Worth Celebrating

Emperor Shakya’s troops had managed to rout the Legion of Famine that had stayed in Potala Galaxy after their main force left. Although they didn’t manage to kill much of the saint armies, they still managed to completely recapture Potala Galaxy.

Outside of Empyrean Divine Dream, Mount Potala’s forces could be called the most formidable amongst humanity.

Since they had managed to stabilize their foothold they naturally wouldn’t think of hiding in this tiny little corner of the world. Rather, they would venture outwards and strike at the saints on their own initiative!

Now they were even preparing their attack plans.

“Everyone, we have now managed to bring together a considerable force. I believe that what we must first do is rescue our companions!

“Because we had to delay for time, many of our people dispersed and hid in the most hidden corners of the wild universe. Although this naturally made it much harder for the saints to find us, once they did find anyone then the only result was utter defeat. If this continues, then as long as the saints have enough time, they will sooner or later exterminate us all.

“We cannot sit by and idly wait for death; we must move immediately and rescue our fellow humans who have been forced into hopeless situations!”

Emperor Shakya iterated...

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