MW Chapter 2027

Chapter 2027 – War Report

Darkmoon grabbed onto Lin Ming’s hand, her large watery eyes seeming as if they could speak.

Seeing Darkmoon’s response, Lin Ming was startled. Highsun and Fairy Blue Lotus’s reactions were within his anticipation, but he never expected that such a True Divinity disciple who had been arrogant and haughty since birth would actually have no bottom line.

“Your acting isn’t too bad, I almost fell for it.” Lin Ming gloomily said. “In order to escape the destiny of being a slave you seem willing to do anything.”

“I… what I said was true, you can even give me an order now…” Darkmoon panicked. But at this time, Lin Ming had already thrust the flesh and blood of Famine into her stomach. Darkmoon emitted an ear-piercing screech, one that spread out over an incredibly great distance. It was hard to imagine that even in a situation where her blood vitality was blocked she could still emit such a cry.

“It’s unfortunate, but I would rather believe in the flesh and blood of Famine, otherwise wouldn’t you try to tear me apart when I meet Astral Vault God King? With the flesh and blood of Famine implanted in you, I can at least drag you in front.”

Lin Ming dropped this sentence then no longer bothered with Darkmoon.

He approached Xishen. Xishen’s eyes were dark and lightless. He looked at Lin Ming, humorlessly smiling without speaking another word.

Lin Ming didn’t waste time. He directly placed the flesh and blood of Famine into the open wound on Xishen’s chest.

After another incense stick of time, the flesh and blood of Famine had thoroughly fused with the four saint generals. As for the runic seals that Lin Ming had placed in these people’s bodies, he slowly lifted them as well as freeing the power of their blood vitality.

Afterwards, the powerful mortal body functions of the saint race began to reveal themselves. The wounds that the flesh and blood of Famine had bitten open began to slowly regenerate without even leaving a scar behind. Even the most heavily injured Imperial Prince Xishen started to restore his strength and ability to walk, his skeleton loudly stitching itself together.

After another four hours, the four people had recovered. They all knelt in front of Lin Ming.

“Subordinate Blue Lotus greets Master.”

“Subordinate Darkmoon greets Master.”

“Subordinate Highsun greets Master.”

“Subordinate Xishen greets Master.”

“Very good. You all can continue cultivating for now. I will issue orders to you later. Xishen, tell me, what is this black book? Where does it come from?”

Lin Ming took out the black book from his inner world.

Xishen respectfully replied, “Reporting to Master, this book is something that this subordinate obtained within an ancient tomb in the Primeval Realm Ruins. As for what exactly it is, I do not know. But, I cannot open this book nor can I read the writings. I only know that it contains a demonic strength, and if used in battle can greatly increase my strength. But, after using it I will feel particularly exhausted. It is because of this that I tried not to use this black book as much as possible in order to avoid any permanent wounds or leave behind any hidden dangers…”

Xishen explained everything he knew to Lin Ming, without concealing anything at all. Lin Ming frowned; what Xishen knew basically wasn’t useful to him at all.

“So it's something obtained in the Primeval Realm Ruins. This Primeval Realm Ruins seems to contain some secret…”

Lin Ming had already heard of the Primeval Realm Ruins multiple times before. It was a world that was separate from the 33 Heavens, and some people believed that it was the shattered fragments of a world left behind after some ancient world collapsed, and it was only because of its connection to the Dark Abyss’s enchantment that it didn’t completely break apart.

This was because the entrance to the Dark Abyss was located within the Primeval Realm Ruins. And this entrance seemed to have existed since time immemorial, even making the associated Primeval Realm Ruins stable.

The Primeval Realm Ruins were under the control of the saints. It was a land filled with heaven-defying lucky chances but also incomparably perilous dangers. If one had a great destiny as well as a great strength, then it wouldn’t be strange to find the inheritance of an upper True Divinity master within it.

Lin Ming began earnestly studying the black book. He continued to pour in various energies, including true essence, spirit essence, astral essence, the power of divinity, and even the power of demons. But, none of his attempts were effective.

Lin Ming then tried to use the Laws of the Holy Scripture and Asura Sutra. But, the Law runes he sent out were eventually destroyed as they entered the misty cover of the black book, disappearing without a trace.

Thus, Lin Ming had no choice but to temporarily give up on studying this black book. He threw it back into his inner world and continued to suppress it with the Ancient Elysium Seal.

With another thought, Lin Ming took out Soaring Feather God King’s feather from the Magic Cube space.

This feather was only half a foot long and seemed like a spear cast from cold iron. Lin Ming didn’t doubt that if he were to use this feather as a weapon, it would be able to penetrate through the mortal body of a saint Empyrean!

This was a life feather of Soaring Feather God King. It was a wonderful treasure and Lin Ming didn’t plan on wasting it.

However, Lin Ming discovered that Soaring Feather God King had laid down some Law curse seals within the feather. If anyone were to tamper with it then the feather would self-destruct.

Although Lin Ming was confident in his abilities to unravel the curse seals, he didn’t want to waste the time.

Now, the saints and humans were at war, and every moment meant more corpses. His time was extremely precious, and he estimated that if this were normal times and he wanted to refine this life feather, it might take around a year. This was time that he couldn’t afford to use up.

His thoughts stirred. He looked towards Fairy Blue Lotus.

“I want to refine your master’s life feather. Do you have any shortcuts you can provide me with?”

Fairy Blue Lotus’s mind shook. Pain and hesitation seemed to flash through her limpid eyes. She wanted to comply with Lin Ming’s order, but doing so seemed as if it would cause her to lose something precious in her heart, making her incomparably sad.

Lin Ming was surprised by the feelings that flitted through Fairy Blue Lotus’s eyes. This wasn’t simple at all. Even though the flesh and blood of Famine had invaded her spiritual sea and she was also being controlled by his overwhelming mental strength, she still managed to retain a faint trace of her self-awareness.

But what a pity, her will was no match for his own.

Lin Ming had passed through six cycles of reincarnation and had comprehended the impermanence of the world. With his strong faith added in, the differences between their mental strengths were far too great.

“Can you? Or can’t you?”

Lin Ming quietly said, his voice swift and fierce. Fairy Blue Lotus shook and the brightness in her eyes blurred and faded once more.

She knelt to the floor and obediently said, “Reporting to Master, in order to undo my honorable master’s curse seals that she placed in this life feather, the process involves the inheritance of my Soaring Feather God Mountain’s True Divinity cultivation method – the Feather Conversion Art. Although I have looked through the entire Feather Conversion Art, my cultivation is limited and I am unable to repeat it to Master. But, repeating a portion of it so that Master can use it to undo the Law curse seals within the life feather in a shorter period of time is still possible.”

“Good!” Lin Ming was overjoyed. “If I can refine your master’s life feather then I will record that as a merit for you. I will reward you in the future so that your strength can rise to another level.”

Lin Ming casually promised. Fairy Blue Lotus had followed Soaring Feather God King for many years, and what Soaring Feather was able to teach her had likely already been taught. All that was left over was for Fairy Blue Feather to perceive it on her own. If Fairy Blue Lotus wanted to find any particular point to improve on in the martial arts road that Soaring Feather God King had guided her down then it wouldn’t be easy. But, if she followed Lin Ming then he could share some of his exclusive Laws, in particular the principles he grasped atop the Soul World’s shrine platforms, allowing her to obtain more inspirations.

Of course, if Fairy Blue Lotus were to hear about these so-called rewards when she still had her own will, then she would likely be so mad that she would start smoking.

But to the current Fairy Blue Lotus, Lin Ming’s words were like an imperial decree.

She appeared incredibly flattered, “Working for Master’s glory is what should be done. I do not dare to claim any credit.”

As she spoke, she took out a jade slip of the Feather Conversion Art and then began to pass on a portion of the Feather Conversion Art’s contents to Lin Ming’s mind with a sound transmission.

The Feather Conversion Art jade slip in Fairy Blue Lotus’s hands only contained a part of it. And, this part was sealed with layers upon layers of encryptions. Without Fairy Blue Lotus explaining the jade slip then it would be impossible to see what was recorded within.

As Lin Ming listened, he watched at the same time. This Feather Conversion Art jade slip seemed to contain infinite illusions, as if there were a kaleidoscopic world within.

Lin Ming praised in his mind. What a wonderful Feather Conversion Art! In terms of the Great Dao Laws, although it was much worse than the Holy Scripture, it specialized in different things. The Holy Scripture elaborated on the paths of life and death, but the Feather Conversion Art focused on the mind, illusions, and divine sense attacks. The Feather Conversion Art detailed many attack methods, and in this it actually reached the peak.

The layers upon layers of the Great Dao of Illusions were entirely comprehensive. With a single step one could see another landscape, leaving one dizzied and unable to take it all in.

“If Master has any questions, please ask me. I will always be awaiting your orders.”

After another two hours, Fairy Blue Lotus finally finished her sound transmissions and bowed.

“Very good!” Lin Ming waved a hand. “I will go into seclusion for ten days. You may all recuperate from your wounds and acts as protectors outside!”

The four saint generals bowed and withdrew, leaving behind only Lin Ming. As he took stock of his harvests from this battle, it could be described as colossal.

Lin Ming had obtained four loyal and devoted super minions, the Legion of Famine, the mysterious black book, as well as the life feather and Feather Conversion Art of Soaring Feather God King!

With so many advantages, this was truly a great gift that the saints had given him!

Lin Ming settled his mood and rapidly entered the fused martial intent state. Behind him, a Bodhi Tree quietly appeared, its branches and leaves spreading out as an independent pure land of ultimate bliss grew around him.

Lin Ming was shrouded in infinite starlight. At this time he looked like a celestial from the highest heavens.

The Feather Conversion Art jade slip as well as Soaring Feather God King’s life feather slowly floated around him, seething up and down as it was bathed in the crystalline starlight…


As Lin Ming was refining Soaring Feather God King’s life feather, he didn’t know that everything that occurred in Blood Cloud Galaxy had been discovered by scouts, and this information was slowly passed throughout the wild universe!

Potala Galaxy, in a grand hall –

Humanity’s Emperor Shakya, Great Limitless Buddha, Jun Bluemoon, the primal god race’s Diwuhen, the celestial race’s Battle Sovereign To Bagui, the female god race Empyrean Lanlu that entered the Asura forbidden land with Lin Ming in the past, as well as numerous other human officers and important figures had gathered.

This was a routine military meeting. The primary purpose of this meeting was to hear the newest combat reports and then discuss the next war plan.

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