MW Chapter 2027

Chapter 2027 – War Report

Darkmoon grabbed onto Lin Ming’s hand, her large watery eyes seeming as if they could speak.

Seeing Darkmoon’s response, Lin Ming was startled. Highsun and Fairy Blue Lotus’s reactions were within his anticipation, but he never expected that such a True Divinity disciple who had been arrogant and haughty since birth would actually have no bottom line.

“Your acting isn’t too bad, I almost fell for it.” Lin Ming gloomily said. “In order to escape the destiny of being a slave you seem willing to do anything.”

“I… what I said was true, you can even give me an order now…” Darkmoon panicked. But at this time, Lin Ming had already thrust the flesh and blood of Famine into her stomach. Darkmoon emitted an ear-piercing screech, one that spread out over an incredibly great distance. It was hard to imagine that even in a situation where her blood vitality was blocked she could still emit such a cry.

“It’s unfortunate, but I would rather believe in the flesh and blood of Famine, otherwise wouldn’t you try to tear me apart when I meet Astral Vault God King? With the flesh and blood of Famine implanted in you, I can at least drag you in front.”

Lin Ming dropped this sentence then no longer...

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