MW Chapter 2026

Chapter 2026 – The Wonderful Use of Captives

Seeing that dark star Lin Ming, the four saint generals felt their hearts tighten.

“What do you plan on doing to us?”

Fairy Blue Lotus asked. After reaching such a cliff, she couldn’t imagine any way to escape. Now the only way she could live was if she used this mysterious person’s greed against him. Since he had caged them here he inevitably must be plotting some scheme, otherwise he would have long since killed them.

Lin Ming didn’t reply. Fairy Blue Lotus sent Highsun and Darkmoon a sound transmission, “Follow my lead and don’t speak…”

Highsun and Darkmoon inwardly nodded. At this time they could only depend on Fairy Blue Lotus. As for Xishen, he could be entirely ignored. Right now, he couldn’t even speak.

Lin Ming remained silent. He stepped through the void and appeared right in front of Fairy Blue Lotus. He stood high above her in a commanding position, overlooking her below.

This was the suppression brought by the overwhelming disparity in strength. Fairy Blue Lotus held her breath. Facing a mysterious powerhouse like Lin Ming as well as the aura that rolled off his body, she felt as if she were...

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