MW Chapter 2026

Chapter 2026 – The Wonderful Use of Captives

Seeing that dark star Lin Ming, the four saint generals felt their hearts tighten.

“What do you plan on doing to us?”

Fairy Blue Lotus asked. After reaching such a cliff, she couldn’t imagine any way to escape. Now the only way she could live was if she used this mysterious person’s greed against him. Since he had caged them here he inevitably must be plotting some scheme, otherwise he would have long since killed them.

Lin Ming didn’t reply. Fairy Blue Lotus sent Highsun and Darkmoon a sound transmission, “Follow my lead and don’t speak…”

Highsun and Darkmoon inwardly nodded. At this time they could only depend on Fairy Blue Lotus. As for Xishen, he could be entirely ignored. Right now, he couldn’t even speak.

Lin Ming remained silent. He stepped through the void and appeared right in front of Fairy Blue Lotus. He stood high above her in a commanding position, overlooking her below.

This was the suppression brought by the overwhelming disparity in strength. Fairy Blue Lotus held her breath. Facing a mysterious powerhouse like Lin Ming as well as the aura that rolled off his body, she felt as if she were gasping for breath every moment.

She was even afraid that Lin Ming would let loose his bestial nature in the next moment and return to his demonic origins. If so, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Fairy Blue Lotus bit her lips, her complexion slightly pale. “If you have any conditions, speak them.”

Fairy Blue Lotus was highly familiar with the weaknesses of the heart. Of course, this was entirely based upon the premise that this demon in human form also had a human-like disposition.

She already decided that no matter what conditions this person proposed, she wouldn’t fully agree nor would she fully reject.

This was the method of negotiations with the highest chance of survival.

If she were to directly reject him so that this person didn’t see any hopes of success, he might kill them off.

At the same time, if she were to agree to readily and allow him to easily achieve his goal, then he also might kill them off to erase all witnesses.

She had to look for that singular balance point between agreeing and refusing, so that this person would see hope but also not obtain victory immediately.

This balance point was what her life stood upon!

“This is the greatest test I have encountered in my life. I must calculate his mindset…”

Fairy Blue Lotus thought to herself. However, she never imagined that not only would Lin Ming not say any words, but he would instead reach out his hand, revealing four floating balls of meat above his palm!

These balls of meat slowly wriggled and crept, as if they were four hearts.

However, tiny tentacles danced around them like those of a jellyfish, all of them continuously waving about.

No matter what Fairy Blue Lotus could calculate, she would never calculate such a situation occurring. She didn’t need to use her sense to immediately understand that this was the flesh and blood of Famine!

Immediately, Fairy Blue Lotus’s face turned paper white!

She didn’t need to be a genius to understand just what this person was planning to do – he wanted to implant the flesh and blood of Famine within their bodies!

After personally experiencing this mysterious person’s ability to control the Legion of Famine, Fairy Blue Lotus didn’t doubt that as long as he implanted the flesh and blood of Famine within her, she would completely become his puppet. She would accept all orders obediently and lose all independent will.

If he wanted her to kneel then she would kneel. If he wanted her to die then she would die. If he wanted her to offer up her primordial yin then she would offer up her primordial yin. She would turn into the most loyal and most pitiful servant, one with no thoughts of her own.

She would rather die than be reduced to such a slave.

“Just kill me!”

Seeing the flesh and blood of Famine slowly float above Lin Ming’s palm, Fairy Blue Lotus felt her heart shrink in her chest.

Behind Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun and Darkmoon, and even the half-dead Xishen felt as if they had fallen into any ice lake. This was truly a fate more horrifying than death.

“You want to die? Keep on dreaming.”

Lin Ming grabbed Fairy Blue Lotus’s neck and reached out his hand. The flesh and blood of Famine followed.

This flesh and blood of Famine had been taken out from a part of the Legion of Famine’s saint martial artists. It was the most distilled essence, capable of controlling an Empyrean level powerhouse!

Lin Ming wanted to know; once these four saint general top-level geniuses were fused with the flesh and blood of Famine, just what kind of combat strength would they be able to display?

The flesh and blood of Famine utterly obeyed Lin Ming’s command. After implanting it, he would gain four loyal and devoted super minions. To have them sweep away the saint armies would be no problem at all.

Of course, if Lin Ming wanted to he could take out the flesh and blood of Famine at any moment, restoring their freedom of will.

To possess such an ability was truly convenient. Lin Ming even felt a bit of envy towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s methods.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign planned to use the flesh and blood of Famine to slowly take control of the entire world.

Then, why couldn’t Lin Ming do the same?

“You! You… my master will not let you go!”

Fairy Blue Lotus said between clenched teeth, her voice difficult to hear. For her to use her master as a threat already proved that her fear had reached the extreme, otherwise she wouldn’t use such a cheap and shameful threat. This was the same as a tussle between children, and then one of the children running away while screaming for their mother.

But at this time, Lin Ming had already grabbed Fairy Blue Lotus’s neck and had lifted her up.

“No… no…”

Even though Fairy Blue Lotus was normally calm, she had already lost her composure and was panicking, wildly struggling about. The ball of meat continued to wriggle about in Lin Ming’s hand, extending its small tentacles towards her. In her eyes, this was the most terrifying demon in the world.

“Just happily be my servant.” Lin Ming indifferently said, his words causing Fairy Blue Lotus to wish that she could commit suicide. At the same time, Lin Ming grabbed the flesh and blood of Famine and then placed it above Fairy Blue Lotus’s chest.


Fairy Blue Lotus miserably cried out!

All she felt was numbness at her chest. The flesh and blood of Famine had bitten open her chest and was drilling into her body.

It was a strange and macabre feeling to know that she was losing herself. She felt itchy all over even as her entire body tingled with numbness.

This bizarre feeling nearly caused Fairy Blue Lotus to bite off her tongue in response; she would rather the process be agonizingly painful so she could faint here.


The flesh and blood of Famine continued to wriggle onwards. Fairy Blue Lotus’s eyes turned blood red. Her delicate body violently shook as she took great gasping breaths.

However, no matter how she struggled she couldn’t change her destiny.

“You… you… you… don’t…”

Fairy Blue Lotus could no longer form complete sentences. Fragrant drops of sweat rolled down her body, soaking her clothes.

And at this time, Lin Ming continued to grab onto Fairy Blue Lotus’s neck, his eyes so cold that they caused one to shiver.

His gaze fell upon Highsun, Darkmoon, and Xishen. All of them began to sweat all over. They finally realized that after falling into the hands of this demon, even dying might be an impossible hope!

Slowly, Fairy Blue Lotus’s struggles died down. Drool leaked out from the corners of her lips. Lin Ming released her, allowing her to slump onto the ground like a wet noodle.

Lin Ming looked at her. At this time, the flesh and blood of Famine had already turned into tiny threads that permeated her heart and every other inch of her body. Even her spiritual sea was invaded by the flesh and blood of famine.

The flesh and blood of Famine had thoroughly fused with her body.

As the more formidable life form, after Fairy Blue Lotus and Famine’s mortal body fused together into a single being, the flesh and blood of Famine naturally took command of her body and mind.

If Lin Ming wanted to he could have the flesh and blood of Famine remain in a slumbering condition so that Fairy Blue Lotus was no different from normal, and there would also be no influence on her thoughts. But once he activated the flesh and blood of Famine, she would become his most loyal slave.

Lin Ming looked at Fairy Blue Lotus. With a thought, he activated the flesh and blood of Famine.

Fairy Blue Lotus trembled. Bewilderment flashed in her eyes. She dazedly looked at Lin Ming with confusion. Slowly, this confusion turned into reverence.

This feeling was like a low level life form seeing the king of their own race. This was an obedience and respect that came from the depths of their bloodline.

She crawled up from the ground and knelt before Lin Ming. She lovingly kissed his feet, saying, “Blue Lotus greets Master.”

“Very good.”

Lin Ming smiled. With four Empyrean level super minions as well as over 90% of the remaining Legion of Famine, he would have an even greater advantage in his crusade against the saints!

Moreover, these four saint generals, in particular Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon, would make it so that Astral Vault God King and Soaring Feather God King would be wary of acting against him, in fear that they would harm their disciples. These were truly multi-purpose servants!

At this time, Lin Ming turned towards Highsun, Darkmoon, and Xishen.

Highsun’s eyes stuck out of his head and he gasped like a cow. He had personally seen Fairy Blue Lotus’s fate and his body trembled with anger and fear. “You beast, if you have the guts then kill me! Do you dare to kill me? Come on! If you have the courage then kill me!”

Highsun pointed at his own neck, his eyes blood red. “You motherfucker, you fucking beast, if you don’t kill me today then there will surely be a day when I chop off your head and feed it to the… guh…!”

Highsun cried out pitifully. Because just now, the flesh and blood of Famine had been tossed out by Lin Ming and had flown in between his lips.

It had gone straight into his throat!

“Kah! Kuh!”

Highsun desperately grabbed at his neck, the blood vessels already sticking out like worms. But, he couldn’t stop this thing from crawling into his body.


Highsun spat out with difficulty. He flew backwards and landed on the ground, slamming his head into the floor and punching his chest. But, all his efforts were for naught.

He wanted to curse at Lin Ming but because his throat was filled his words became a blur.

“You want to goad me into anger so that I will kill you in a rage? Not even a child would fall for such little tricks.”

Lin Ming coldly looked at Highsun as he tumbled about on the ground. Because Highsun’s energy and blood vitality had been sealed away, he couldn’t even commit suicide by severing his meridians. With Highsun’s intelligence, he could only think of goading Lin Ming into anger as a way to find death. However, Lin Ming didn’t even care about his words.

Then, Lin Ming turned to Darkmoon.

Darkmoon had already started crying, truly crying. Great teardrops fell down like rain, making her seem pitiable.

She miserably looked at Lin Ming and held her hands against her chest. With her short height and slim figure, she looked like a 14-15 year old girl who had developed too early.

“N-no, don’t do it, I’ll do anything you want. You don’t need to implant anything in me. I am willing to be your servant, I beg you, I’ll do anything you…..”

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