MW Chapter 2025

Chapter 2025 – The Angered Soaring Feather

Soaring Feather God King had been fighting with Empyrean Divine Dream for many years. But in truth, the number of times they had directly faced each other was extremely low, and they had never wholeheartedly attacked each other.

For most of the time, the two of them used arrays to break arrays, comparing their Laws and comprehending the battle with their spiritual seas.

Of the two of them, one dual cultivated energy and divine and the other dual cultivated essence and divine. Their cultivation systems were inextricably linked with their mental strength and spiritual sea, making it so that they used all sorts of fighting methods. A single battle of the soul could continue for several years on end.

For peerless masters, finding an opponent that was similar in strength and Laws was incredibly hard, especially upon reaching the level of Soaring Feather or Divine Dream. There were few people capable of making them use their full strength in this universe.

But if a martial artist were to only go into dark seclusion to cultivate and meditate on the Laws, then they would inevitably lack things they needed. They required an appropriate environment and opponents that were on their level. This was also one of the reasons why humanity’s martial arts civilization began to prosper 10 billion years ago.

Thus, for these past years, Soaring Feather and Divine Dream came to a tacit understanding in their ongoing battle. As they fought they constantly deepened their understandings into their spiritual sea and mental strength.

Originally, Soaring Feather didn’t place much importance on the war between the saints and humanity. She simply didn’t care about whether the saints won or not. The only reason she participated in this war was because the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had given her sufficient incentives, and at the same time she also believed that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign might rule all beneath the heavens later and achieve a higher boundary so she didn’t want to offend him.

Her being able to keep Divine Dream busy in this different universe was already extremely beneficial to the saints’ war efforts. And, there was another advantage; that was that Soaring Feather could rest assured as she allowed Fairy Blue Lotus to partake in the war between the humans and saints.

Soaring Feather God King was confident that with Fairy Blue Lotus’s strength and intelligence, the incarnation that she had left with her, as well as the Legion of Famine that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had allowed her to command, there was no one in the entire wild universe who would be able to do anything to her.

She would be the strongest fist of the saint armies. Not even Emperor Shakya would be able to contend with her.

And in every great calamity, although there would be disasters and tribulations that sweep through the 33 Heavens, this also meant that it would be an era where geniuses from all the various races would rapidly grow.

In a war that involved all universes, this would be the best battlefield for Blue Lotus to temper herself.

In Soaring Feather God King’s eyes, the greatest benefit of the war between saints and humanity was that her own disciple could adventure and gain experience within it.

As for Divine Dream, the opponent of Soaring Feather God King, she was actually not as calm or happy with the situation. In fact, Divine Dream could be said to be burning with impatience!

But no matter how anxious she was about humanity’s war, at this time she had nothing else she could do. She couldn’t do anything to Soaring Feather God King and definitely could not fight the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. And, if she wanted to meddle in the battles between Empyreans then she knew that Soaring Feather God King and Astral Vault God King would not allow her to.

Thus at this time, besides continuing to battle Soaring Feather God King and taking hold of every chance to increase her strength, there was no other road she could take.

She knew that humanity’s ultimate enemy was in the end just one person – the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. This was also an enemy that she would inevitably have to face in the future.

Perhaps there might be a day when she could emulate the actions of Empyrean Divine Seal of the past, burning away her life to cause heavy damage to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. To Divine Dream, this was already the best result she could think of.

But there was only the slimmest of hopes in accomplishing such a goal. The more the war drummed on, the more Empyrean Divine Dream was able to feel just how strong Empyrean Divine Seal had been in the past. When he faced the extreme True Divinity level Famine he also had to face the previous Saint Sovereign who was no weaker than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Even then, Divine Seal was able to turn the tides of war and achieve an impossible miracle.

Divine Dream knew that there still existed a massive gap between her and Empyrean Divine Seal.

For a short period of time Soaring Feather God King wouldn’t be able to break through Empyrean Divine Dream’s dreamland space. Soaring Feather God King fell into contemplation. In truth, Empyrean Divine Dream didn’t place much soul force into this array formation and it was poor in intensity. If Soaring Feather God King wished for it, she could erase this array formation with absolute strength. But she didn’t do so. Rather, she slowly deduced its mysteries to exercise and further enhance her Laws.

But before even a third of the required time passed for Soaring Feather God King to unravel these Laws, her hands suddenly shook. She looked up, shock and disbelief flashing in her eyes.

Just now, she felt that the incarnation she had prepared for Fairy Blue Lotus had been shattered by someone else!

Soaring Feather God King had condensed a wisp of her life’s blood essence into her incarnation. Amongst Empyreans, her incarnation was nearly invincible.

Just who was it that had managed to break apart her incarnation?

How was that even possible!?

Then what about her disciple, Fair Blue Lotus?

In Soaring Feather God King’s eyes, Fairy Blue Lotus, who should not have encountered any truly perilous situations, must have suffered some disastrous defeat! Otherwise there was no way she would use her final trump card.

In order to ensure the integrity of Fairy Blue Lotus’s divine soul so that she would be able to break through boundaries more perfectly in the future, Soaring Feather God King didn’t have Fairy Blue Lotus leave behind a wisp of her soul in a lifesoul jade slip. So, she didn’t know what had happened to her.

Thinking of this, Soaring Feather God King’s eyes that were filled with disbelief began to turn icy cold!

She reached out with her sense, wanting to perceive her feather that had been suppressed. But what surprised her was that although she could sense that her feather still existed, it seemed to be sealed away in some mysterious space. The Laws of this mysterious space blocked out everything, making it so that she couldn’t lock onto her feather’s position.

Moreover, she could clearly feel that the blood essence she attached to this feather was being slowly refined by someone else!

This caused a thick killing intent to burst out from her eyes!

This was her source blood vitality from after she had broken into the True Divinity realm. If she were to lose it then it would be a tremendous attack upon her cultivation!

“Who could it be!?”

Soaring Feather God King grit her teeth, all sorts of thoughts rapidly racing through her mind.

She first thought of Emperor Shakya.

Amongst the humans, the only one capable of breaking apart her incarnation was Divine Dream. Since Divine Dream was being delayed here, then that meant her incarnation was invincible amongst humanity.

Unless Emperor Shakya were to make another breakthrough.

But as she thought of Emperor Shakya’s age, Soaring Feather God King didn’t think that this was possible. Emperor Shakya was just too young. According to his current battle strength and talent, it was completely unreasonable for him to suddenly break into the True Divinity realm.

But no matter who it was, Soaring Feather God King would not forgive this person!

If they harmed Fairy Blue Lotus then Soaring Feather God King would chase them to the ends of the world!


Soaring Feather God King’s palm thrust out with strength. The dreamland array formation that Empyrean Divine Dream laid down suddenly burst apart, turning into countless motes of light.

At this time, Soaring Feather God King didn’t have any thoughts of slowly unraveling this array formation, but instead shattered it with absolute strength.

Soaring Feather God King was anxious to return. She stepped on the void, wanting to instantly leave this star territory. But at this time, force fields began to twist around her, causing the Space Laws to change so that she couldn’t use the great void shift.

In the next moment, purple fog gathered together once more, surrounding Soaring Feather God King and locking her in.

The difference now was that this purple fog was no longer a superficial comparison of Laws; rather, a truly terrifying amount of power was poured into it.

This was the divine dream space!


The divine dream space gently quivered. Not too far away from Soaring Feather God King, a blue-clothed woman seemed to lift apart a curtain of stars, stepping through the surging space to appear in front of Soaring Feather God King.

This woman was similar to Soaring Feather God King in temperament and was similarly a goddess of her generation. She sat upon the throne in the highest heavens, overlooking the mortals below.

“Divine Dream!” Soaring Feather God King’s eyes blazed with anger. “You want to block my way?”

Empyrean Divine Dream faintly smiled. “Just now, I felt that there were tremendous fluctuations in your mood within the divine dream space, and you even broke apart my force field with absolute strength. Naturally, I had to come take a look. It seems as if… you have some urgent matters to attend to?”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s clothes fluttered around her. Her tone was not slow or hurried, like a warm spring through winter, beautiful to the ears.

But as these words fell into Soaring Feather God King’s ears, they were actually grating to hear.

“Get out of my way!”

Soaring Feather God King coldly said.

“I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen.” Empyrean Divine Dream gently raised her right hand, a flower petal slowly revolving around her fingertips. She faintly guessed that it was something related to battles between the juniors that had startled Soaring Feather God King so. And if it was bad news to Soaring Feather God King, then it was definitely good news to her. In any case, she couldn’t easily allow her to withdraw.

“The rivers run 30 years east and then 30 years west. Since you held me back here before so that I couldn’t return to the wild universe, it’s my turn to repay the favor.”

Soaring Feather God King flung out her sleeves, her face an icy mask. “Do you think that with Astral Vault God King also coming, you will still be able to hold me here?”

“To have you stay for a moment is another moment won.” Divine Dream’s voice was indifferent as she slowly pulled out a sword…


The faint and ethereal starry skies were limitless and without end. Floating within these starry skies was a continent, and this continent was covered with spirit springs and wonderful treasures of heaven and earth.

This was a land contained within Lin Ming’s universe.

At this time, four of the saint generals – Highsun, Darkmoon, Blue Lotus, and Xishen, had all been thrown onto this continent after having their blood energy completely locked away.

Their bodies were bound with Law curse seals; even moving the tiniest fraction was difficult.

“Motherfucker, this hurts!” Highsun struggled to twist his neck, causing his bones to emit loud crackling sounds. “This damned demon, I have no idea what he plans to do with us.”

Highsun cursed. Considering things, he was in a relatively good situation; at the very least he was able to stand. The most pitiful one was Xishen. All of Xishen’s bones had been broken and he was lying on the ground like a puddle of meat, only able to emit weak groans.

At this time, Fairy Blue Lotus was carefully observing Lin Ming’s inner world. As she investigated the world around her, she began to discover the differences here.

“This world seems… like it doesn’t have any difference from the outside universe… could we really be in an inner world?”

Fairy Blue Lotus muttered, unsure of herself. Could this be the inner world of an abyssal demon? The Laws, matter, and origin energy here were so real…

Before Highsun and Darkmoon could respond, space began to distort in front of them. A black-clothed Lin Ming appeared, his spear in hand. As Lin Ming arrived on this continent, he firmly stood a hundred feet away from the four.


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