MW Chapter 2025

Chapter 2025 – The Angered Soaring Feather

Soaring Feather God King had been fighting with Empyrean Divine Dream for many years. But in truth, the number of times they had directly faced each other was extremely low, and they had never wholeheartedly attacked each other.

For most of the time, the two of them used arrays to break arrays, comparing their Laws and comprehending the battle with their spiritual seas.

Of the two of them, one dual cultivated energy and divine and the other dual cultivated essence and divine. Their cultivation systems were inextricably linked with their mental strength and spiritual sea, making it so that they used all sorts of fighting methods. A single battle of the soul could continue for several years on end.

For peerless masters, finding an opponent that was similar in strength and Laws was incredibly hard, especially upon reaching the level of Soaring Feather or Divine Dream. There were few people capable of making them use their full strength in this universe.

But if a martial artist were to only go into dark seclusion to cultivate and meditate on the Laws, then they would inevitably lack things they needed. They required an appropriate environment and opponents that were on their level. This was also one of the reasons why humanity’s martial...

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