MW Chapter 2024

Chapter 2024 – Suppressing the Chosen Prides of Heaven

By this time, Fairy Blue Lotus’s face had turned paper white.

Her talent was extraordinary. Since her childhood she had been the direct disciple of Soaring Feather God King. For the last several thousands of years, she was someone that existed at the center of all environments. Never in her life had she been so ruthlessly suppressed by someone as she was today.

No matter how much she wracked her mind, no matter what hidden card she used, she wasn’t even able to cause a single injury to her opponent.

“You still want to fight?”

Lin Ming calmly asked. Fairy Blue Lotus bit her lips. But, before she could think of how to deal with this situation, Lin Ming suddenly erupted with killing intent, instantly becoming the manifestation of some wild and savage animal as he rushed straight in front of her!

His face was vicious as his fist came smashing down!


This fist solidly crashed into Fairy Blue Lotus’s stomach. Her protective astral essence burst apart and her body curved like a dried up shrimp!

In that instant, blood vessels covered her eyes as if they were nearly going to pop out of her head. She could feel...

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