MW Chapter 2023

Chapter 2023 – God King Phantom

After more than 6000 years passed, Lin Ming once again encountered the person who had hunted him down in the past. At this time, the Soaring Feather God King in front of Lin Ming wore a layer of light gauzy clothes, a veil over her face. As she raised her hands and stepped upon the air she seemed like a celestial maiden riding upon the surging waves.

Amongst the saint race’s three True Divinities, she was the most low-key and mysterious one.

No matter which True Divinity it was, they were all characters that stood high in the clouds above the highest heavens, overlooking the common world.

Not to mention the giant disparity that existed between True Divinities and Empyreans, just the talent of a True Divinity belonged to the class of unrivalled geniuses in the 33 Heavens. At the very least they would be at the level of Emperor Shakya.

With such a talent combined with the superiority of cultivation, this made it so that there were no Empyreans capable of fighting a True Divinity.

In their hands, a grain of sand could shatter the vault of heaven and a single feather could sunder the galaxy.

And now, such a feather was floating before Lin Ming, and it had also transformed into the phantom of Soaring Feather God King.

“Soaring Feather’s incarnation?”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. This was an incarnation left behind by a True Divinity.

Moreover, Fairy Blue Lotus was a lower Empyrean. In addition to her talent, her strength was amongst the top echelons of Empyreans. If Soaring Feather God King left behind an incarnation then its strength would definitely surpass the realm of a peak Empyrean, otherwise it wouldn’t be of much use.

In other words, if Soaring Feather God King wanted to create an incarnation that could protect the life of someone on the level of Fairy Blue Lotus then she would need to use a great deal of her cultivation and blood vitality.

Without a doubt, this feather contained Soaring Feather God King’s blood essence; it was extremely precious.

Lin Ming never thought that Soaring Feather God King would place such importance on this disciple of hers.

At this time, Soaring Feather God King was already holding a blade of energy and slashed down at Lin Ming!

Soaring Feather God King’s incarnation only contained a minor part of her consciousness. At this time, her expression was calm and a strange charm flashed in her eyes.

The sword pressed down like a divine mountain, seeming as if it could crush the world apart. Lin Ming felt the surrounding space immediately lock down, preventing him from avoiding.

But, Lin Ming never planned to defend to begin with. He wanted to see just how strong Soaring Feather God King’s incarnation was.

Lin Ming instantly summoned the power of the Asura blood within him. Black scales covered his body as the Black Dragon Spear emitted a keening cry, thrusting outwards!

At this moment, a Heretical God Tree phantom appeared behind Lin Ming. Thunder and flames howled into the air, twining around the spear shaft in a vast sea of red and purple. Even if a God Beast were to fall into this horrifying sea of energy it would be reduced to ashes!

However, Soaring Feather God King’s expression was still indifferent. She stepped upon the sea of thunder and flames. No matter how much the thunder and flames tumbled and roiled, all it did was gently pass over Soaring Feather God King’s body, unable to harm her or affect her at all, as if she were located in a completely different time and space. At this time, she truly seemed like an eternal celestial maiden that stood above the surging waves, as ethereal and elegant as flowing dust.

But, this scene contained a brutal killing intent, one that filled the body with unease.

Soaring Feather God King’s sword separated the sea of thunder and fire.

The sword energy slashed straight down at Lin Ming!

As Fairy Blue Lotus watched this her heart had long since tightened. Before, she had attached the feather atop the sword in a sneak attack because only the incarnation of her master would be able to directly fight against Lin Ming. She was afraid that even her master’s incarnation wouldn’t be able to strike him down, but as she saw Soaring Feather God King sunder the sea of thunder and fire that Lin Ming used, hope began to light up in her heart.

As Lin Ming watched this whistling sword energy, he rapidly drew backwards. His eyes shimmered with seals of the Asura Laws. At the same time, the Daevic Eye Dao Palace opened from between his eyebrows.

He was well aware that the power of thunder and fire wouldn’t be able to damage Soaring Feather God King. It wasn’t because it lacked in power, but because his opponent had reached the level of a True Divinity and their attainments in the Laws were incredibly high.

This incomplete Heretical God Force was simply unable to touch Soaring Feather God King.

After his testing strike failed, Lin Ming no longer held back. His pupils contracted. As he opened the Daevic Eye Dao Palace, he also opened the Three Lives Pupils’ All Existence to Void!

Within the vision field of the daevic eye and the Three Lives Pupils, the energy flows in Soaring Feather God King’s incarnation become utterly clear. Lin Ming drew a yin yang chart with his hands, causing a flow of black and gold energy to twist together.

The black energy was thick with dark demonic intent, and the golden energy was like a shining sun.

The two flows of energy connected. In that instant, all the Laws and origin energy in the surrounding space began sweeping up towards him, as if Lin Ming’s hands were the center of all Laws in the universe.

A massive yin yang vortex slowly formed, like a primal chaos yin yang diagram. But, the heights of these Laws had actually far surpassed the Yin Yang Laws.

This vortex violently collided with the sword light of Soaring Feather God King’s incarnation!

Chi chi chi!

Sword light shattered. On the face of Soaring Feather God King’s incarnation, a hint of shock flashed over her features!

Although this was but a wisp of one’s self used to form an incarnation and was only an incomplete body of consciousness, it still possessed intelligence and thoughts, similar to a person.

The vortex of divinity and demons continued forwards with unstoppable momentum, rolling over all. Soaring Feather God King’s incarnation protected her body with sword light but in the end she was nothing but an incarnation, unable to summon measures capable of resisting Lin Ming.


The final layer of sword light was smashed apart. The incarnation’s protective astral essence shook like a ship’s sail in a raging storm even as it was slowly torn apart.

Lin Ming roared out loud. Behind him, the phantom of nine stars appeared. Starlight began gathering onto his body. As he erupted with strength no weaker than the Black Dragon, he brutally thrust his spear through Soaring Feather God King’s protective astral essence.


The spear penetrated the protective astral essence and then pierced through Soaring Feather God King’s chest!

The white clothes were stained red with blood, like vivid red plums falling onto a plain of white snow. Soaring Feather God King’s lips overflowed with blood and the sword in her hand had long since fallen away, turning into energy light before vanishing into nothing. Soaring Feather God King gripped the shaft of the Black Dragon Spear with her hands, her ghostly blue eyes looking at Lin Ming with disbelief.

At this time, she was only a mere foot away from Lin Ming. Her eyes began to slowly lose their brilliance. As she gazed upon Lin Ming’s face that seemed carved by a saber, his eyebrows that were as sharp as swords, and his deep and profound eyes, confusion appeared on her face. This youth seemed familiar, but in the end he was only a stranger…


Soaring Feather God King’s body exploded into countless motes of light. These motes of light were like 20 million fireflies that flew off into the void, all of them vanishing from the world.

And from the center of these motes of light, a feather floated down.

Lin Ming reached out and took this feather in his hand.

The strange feather was only half a foot long, as if it were the plume of a white crane. It shined with a crystalline light, and the feather was stained with a beautiful line of red blood.

Although Soaring Feather God King’s incarnation was destroyed by Lin Ming, he could still feel a powerful strength contained within it. It continued to shine with a rainbow of lights, as if it wanted to jump out from his grip.

Lin Ming exerted his strength and formed numerous seals that bound the feather in layers of barriers until it could no longer move.

After finishing this, Lin Ming looked up at Fairy Blue Lotus, a smile on his face.

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