MW Chapter 2023

Chapter 2023 – God King Phantom

After more than 6000 years passed, Lin Ming once again encountered the person who had hunted him down in the past. At this time, the Soaring Feather God King in front of Lin Ming wore a layer of light gauzy clothes, a veil over her face. As she raised her hands and stepped upon the air she seemed like a celestial maiden riding upon the surging waves.

Amongst the saint race’s three True Divinities, she was the most low-key and mysterious one.

No matter which True Divinity it was, they were all characters that stood high in the clouds above the highest heavens, overlooking the common world.

Not to mention the giant disparity that existed between True Divinities and Empyreans, just the talent of a True Divinity belonged to the class of unrivalled geniuses in the 33 Heavens. At the very least they would be at the level of Emperor ...

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