MW Chapter 2022

Chapter 2022 – Blue Lotus’s Counterattack


With another punch, the power of divinity and demons within Lin Ming’s body rumbled into Xishen through his fist. This power locked onto Xishen’s blood vitality, making it so that he lost nearly all his fighting strength.

Lin Ming didn’t plan on killing Xishen. He still had uses for him, and this would also be the beginning of his miserable fate…

As Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon watched this occur, it seemed as if they weren’t witnessing a battle between Empyrean level powerhouses. Normally, battles between Empyreans should rend the heavens and sunder the earth, their attacks capable of destroying planets. The scenes of battle should be far-reaching and incredible.

But now, the battle between Lin Ming and Imperial Prince Xishen was nothing but a flurry of fists. Lin Ming was completely beating up Xishen, just like a martial artist beating up a mortal on the city streets.

The only difference was that every time Lin Ming attacked Xishen, the shockwaves of his punches were able to shatter the surrounding void. This reminded everyone just how terrifying the strength contained in every strike...

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