MW Chapter 2022

Chapter 2022 – Blue Lotus’s Counterattack


With another punch, the power of divinity and demons within Lin Ming’s body rumbled into Xishen through his fist. This power locked onto Xishen’s blood vitality, making it so that he lost nearly all his fighting strength.

Lin Ming didn’t plan on killing Xishen. He still had uses for him, and this would also be the beginning of his miserable fate…

As Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon watched this occur, it seemed as if they weren’t witnessing a battle between Empyrean level powerhouses. Normally, battles between Empyreans should rend the heavens and sunder the earth, their attacks capable of destroying planets. The scenes of battle should be far-reaching and incredible.

But now, the battle between Lin Ming and Imperial Prince Xishen was nothing but a flurry of fists. Lin Ming was completely beating up Xishen, just like a martial artist beating up a mortal on the city streets.

The only difference was that every time Lin Ming attacked Xishen, the shockwaves of his punches were able to shatter the surrounding void. This reminded everyone just how terrifying the strength contained in every strike was.

As Fairy Blue Lotus saw this she became increasingly sure that Lin Ming was an abyssal demon. Otherwise, with Xishen’s variation bloodline and mortal body intensity that belonged to the saint race, how could he possibly be beaten up to such a dilapidated state?

And what scared Fairy Blue Lotus the most was that after another period of time, such a flurry of punches would fall onto her next.

“What do we do?”

Darkmoon rapidly asked. She didn’t want to fall into the hands of this ‘abyssal’. Since this youth could control the Legion of Famine then he might also come from the same lineage as Famine. As she thought of Famine’s tentacles, she felt a shiver creep up her spine.

If this youth that was the incarnation of an abyssal were to tie her up with those tentacles then she would be eaten without even her bones remaining.

“Let’s bet everything against him. Since we’re going to die then I’d rather die with honor!” Highsun grit out as he looked towards Fairy Blue Lotus. Though he was a crude and simple person, he wouldn’t recklessly flush onto the battlefield without a care for his life. Rather, he would follow Fairy Blue Lotus’s lead, because in these past years her performance on the battlefield had won his admiration.

At this time, Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon all felt that this was a nearly hopeless situation.

Not only did this opponent possess strength far surpassing their own but he even controlled the 60,000 strong Legion of Famine.

How could they possibly win in such a situation?

Although Highsun looked at Fairy Blue Lotus, he actually didn’t expect her to have any methods to survive this situation.

Fairy Blue Lotus had slowly restored her previous calm demeanor. She quietly traced her spatial ring and said with a sound transmission, “We have a chance…”

“There is a chance?” Highsun’s eyes lit up.

“The Legion of Famine is fierce, but the individual strength of the members is relatively poor. In order to display their greatest striking power they have to arrange themselves in a great array. To start such an array requires several breaths of time or even a dozen some breaths of time at the very least. In other words, we have to sneak attack him and compress all our combat strength into ten breaths of time, or better yet five breaths of time!

“He is too strong. There is no way for us to kill him, but, there is a chance that in this five breaths of time we can cause damage to his spiritual sea. As long as we can make him lose his mind for a short period of time and separate the Legion of Famine from his control, then I can use the Legion of Famine to kill him instead! In order to do this everything must be perfect and we even need luck on our side. But in truth, our actual chances might not even be equal to 10%...”

Fairy Blue Lotus revealed her plan, causing Highsun’s heart to heat up.

“Even 10% is more than enough!” Highsun said, fighting intent boiling over in his tone.

“Good. Then you only need to attack with everything you have. I will manage the rest. Everyone attack together!”

Fairy Blue Lotus issued an order. The three people assumed a triangle formation and hurtled towards Lin Ming!

Whether it was Highsun, Darkmoon, or Fairy Blue Lotus, everyone was attacking with everything they had!

Highsun exploded with a roar as he burnt his blood essence without hesitation. Within the saint race, Highsun possessed the sovereign sun bloodline. Once he combusted his blood essence his strength would double.

At this time, his body lit up with flame totems. He emitted scorching flames as hot as the sun, appearing as a blazing war god of fire.

As for Darkmoon, she took out a pair of crescent moon sickles. As she waved her sickles, she formed an icy cold lunar edge. Space quietly separated, forming broken space in the form of crescent moons that cut towards Lin Ming’s neck.

Between the two was Fairy Blue Lotus. She grasped a long sword and thrust out without any fancy movements at all. Compared to Highsun and Darkmoon, Fairy Blue Lotus’s strike seemed simple and plain, without anything special to it at all. However, if one knew of Fairy Blue Lotus then they would know that this final desperate attack of hers would be no trifling matter.

Facing this swift and raging strike that came from three directions, Lin Ming didn’t move at all. A loud roar ripped through the air and the Black Dragon beneath Lin Ming soared upwards, its spiked demon tail sweeping out.

After remaining quiet for so many years, the Black Dragon had swallowed a massive amount of Famine’s flesh and blood essence. Now that it erupted with this strength, even a planet would be shattered.


Highsun, burning with sun-like flames, brutally collided with the Black Dragon’s tail!

He emitted an earth-shaking roar. His blood began to boil over like lava and his blood vessels twisted like worms, rupturing because they were unable to withstand the burden!

Even so, Highsun was slapped flying away by the Black Dragon’s tail, its cold spikes nearly piercing clean through him.

At this time, Darkmoon’s twin crescent moons also slashed towards the Black Dragon’s eyes. Although the Black Dragon possessed an incredibly potent mortal body, its eyes were still a weakness. As it was forced to defend, the Black Dragon’s offensive slowed down and it used its two giant claws to crush apart the crescent moons.

Like this, of the attacks from three saint generals, Highsun and Darkmoon were both blocked by the Black Dragon.

And now the only one to reach Lin Ming was Fairy Blue Lotus.

Fairy Blue Lotus against Lin Ming!

Without a doubt, this was a matchup that had completely disproportionate levels of strength.

Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear and thrust outwards. This strike contained the momentum of the heavens and earth. For a time, it was like the power from all the billions and trillions of stars was poured into Lin Ming’s spear, making its might incomparably great!

No one doubted that once Fairy Blue Lotus clashed with Lin Ming’s spear, the result would be that she would suffer heavy losses and spit out blood.

However, Fairy Blue Lotus didn’t seem to fear this at all. Her sword continued cutting towards Lin Ming. The moment that her sword came into contact with the Black Dragon Spear, a dark light suddenly flashed out. This dark light shot straight towards Lin Ming’s spiritual sea; Fairy Blue Lotus’s goal was actually Lin Ming’s spiritual sea!

By now, Lin Ming had discovered that Fairy Blue Lotus had erupted with an incredibly powerful soul force. It was unknown what method she had used to suppress it before this so that no one else realized, but she was a martial artist who dual cultivated essence and divine!

The universe’s 33 Great Daos could be divided into the three main categories of essence, energy, and soul. The saints excelled in the body transformation system but were lacking when it came to the soul forging system. But, that didn’t mean there couldn’t be some heaven-defying genius who possessed the talent to dual cultivated essence and divine. For instance, Divine Dream cultivated energy and divine, and Lin Ming also triple cultivated essence, energy, and divine.

“So you still have such a hidden move! Do you want to wound my spiritual sea and retake the Legion of Famine?”

Lin Ming didn’t retreat; the disparity in strength was simply too great, and he possessed no weakness in this battle. Fairy Blue Lotus’s combined material and soul attack was indeed a wonderful move to sneak attack his spiritual sea, but all that occurred was that Lin Ming was left slightly surprised.

This was just like two people playing chess and one player having nearly no chess pieces left. No matter how miraculous their moves were they would still only suffer disastrous defeat.

Even so, Lin Ming wasn’t careless. He continued to pour his soul force into his spiritual sea, making it impregnable. Like this, even if he didn’t defend against Fairy Blue Lotus’s soul attack he still wouldn’t receive any wounds.

But the moment that Fairy Blue Lotus’s sword fell down, Lin Ming’s complexion changed and he was immensely shocked.

In the dazzling beam of light, Lin Ming discovered that a vague shadow was attached to the end of Fairy Blue Lotus’s sword. This was… a feather!

He was extremely sensitive towards feathers. He would never forget that over 6000 years ago,  such a feather had nearly taken his life!

Without a doubt, this feather came from Fairy Blue Lotus’s master – Soaring Feather God King!

The truth was that Fairy Blue Lotus never thought her combined material and soul attack would be able to accomplish anything. To start off with a physical attack and then erupt with a powerful soul attack midway, this was all done in order to distract Lin Ming and make it seem that this had been her final trump card.

But the true killing move was the feather attached to the blade.

As it was attached to the back of the sword and in addition to the blinding light and incredibly fast speed of attack, the average person simply wouldn’t discover it. And even if they did, they would still be unable to determine what this feather was.

From the beginning of the strike, to the change in move, then to the final killing strike.

Fairy Blue Lotus had done everything perfectly and her attack would inevitably hit. As for Lin Ming, he instantly reacted. He erupted his energy to the limit and drew back even as he swept his spear outwards!


Fairy Blue Lotus’s long sword was sent flying away. With a cough her palm cracked open and blood flowed out!

In that moment she felt a wild and brutal energy break into her body. Her complexion turned dark red as blood energy swelled up within her.

Lin Ming’s strike wasn’t mainly aimed at Fairy Blue Lotus, but the energy flows contained within the Black Dragon Spear still wounded her.

Shock flashed over Fairy Blue Lotus’s expression. Although she knew that Lin Ming would be difficult to deal with, she didn’t think it would be difficult to such a degree. He had instantly discovered the feather.

Still, this feather had now flown in front of Lin Ming!

Though it seemed slow and humble, it contained a thick killing intent. And, this killing intent had locked onto Lin Ming.

The feather fluttered downwards. From appearances, this feather was no different from any other feather. But as it reached within three feet of Lin Ming, it suddenly transformed into the phantom of a woman. This woman was… Soaring Feather God King!

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