MW Chapter 2021

Chapter 2021 – Violently Beating the Imperial Prince

Divine light recklessly swallowed everything and all sound disappeared. Within the surrounding space there was only a brilliant sphere of light that spread outwards at an inconceivable speed.

It was like a rapidly inflating sun that possessed an incomparably terrifying might. Wherever it went, large tracts of space would be destroyed, causing horrific space storms to sweep outwards.


The sphere of light radiated out for a trillion miles. In the deep darkness of space, this was a brilliant glow that shined with a dazzling beauty.

Large sections of the nebula shattered to pieces. The center of the explosion caved in, forming a giant energy hollow.

The Heavenly Palace that the saints had established in the Blood Cloud Galaxy, their spirit ships, their massive space fortresses, all of it was swallowed up by the divine light and blown away like flies in a storm, completely shattering to pieces. Then, they disintegrated layer after layer until all that was left behind was dust that floated in space.

As for the saint martial artists, they had instantly died in the explosion; it was impossible for anyone below the Empyrean level to survive.

The blinding divine light continued for over a dozen breaths of...

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