MW Chapter 2021

Chapter 2021 – Violently Beating the Imperial Prince

Divine light recklessly swallowed everything and all sound disappeared. Within the surrounding space there was only a brilliant sphere of light that spread outwards at an inconceivable speed.

It was like a rapidly inflating sun that possessed an incomparably terrifying might. Wherever it went, large tracts of space would be destroyed, causing horrific space storms to sweep outwards.


The sphere of light radiated out for a trillion miles. In the deep darkness of space, this was a brilliant glow that shined with a dazzling beauty.

Large sections of the nebula shattered to pieces. The center of the explosion caved in, forming a giant energy hollow.

The Heavenly Palace that the saints had established in the Blood Cloud Galaxy, their spirit ships, their massive space fortresses, all of it was swallowed up by the divine light and blown away like flies in a storm, completely shattering to pieces. Then, they disintegrated layer after layer until all that was left behind was dust that floated in space.

As for the saint martial artists, they had instantly died in the explosion; it was impossible for anyone below the Empyrean level to survive.

The blinding divine light continued for over a dozen breaths of time before slowly fading away.

When it was over, the entire starry space had been emptied out. Everything within a million miles had been cleanly swept away. The saint race’s Heavenly Palace, their spirit ships their fortresses, all of it vanished without a single trace left.

It could be said that the saints’ base within Blood Cloud Galaxy had been utterly eradicated.

Kuh –

Highsun held his chest, limping as he stepped through space. He had suffered tremendous wounds from the energy fluctuations and numerous bones had been fractured through his body. His organs had been damaged in countless places and a bloody wound was exposed on his chest. That explosion had done astonishing damage to him.

Yet, he still couldn’t respond to what had just occurred.

As for Darkmoon, she had been sent flying away from Highsun’s shoulder during that explosion. Luckily, her figure was small and petite and the area she needed to protect was much smaller than Highsun, thus her wounds were also slightly less. Her face was blushed with a strange red color; she had clearly needed to use the power of her blood vitality to resist that explosion just now and the consumption had been incredible.

“This… just what is this…”

Darkmoon looked at Fairy Blue Lotus.

Blood flowed out from the corners of Fairy Blue Lotus’s lips. She had completely lost her calm and her armor and long dress had been left in tatters. Even her hair bun had been scattered, making her look extremely distressed.

Looking at the scene before her, the normally calm Fairy Blue Lotus lost all color from her face. She just didn’t know what problem had occurred just now.

“Why, why would this happen?”

Fairy Blue Lotus muttered to herself. At this time, the Legion of Famine still stood in front of her!

The Legion of Famine’s 60,000 members had been the source of the explosion. Since they were located in the center of the array formation it had been equal to standing in the eye of the storm, making it so that they didn’t suffer any impact of the attack at all.

This was also reasonable. Otherwise, the Legion of Famine’s attacks would have been no different from kamikaze strikes.

But at this time, Fairy Blue Lotus also saw that most of the Legion of Famine had completed their body metamorphosis.

They had stimulated their Famine bloodline and had used the strength of this transformation to strike out!

This was the same as 180 of the weakest Empyreans, over 2000 Great World Kings, and numerous peak Holy Lords joining together in a devastating attack!

If it weren’t for the fact that this attack had indiscriminately surged outwards and didn’t target anyone in particular, so that she didn’t come under much impact, then this attack would have turned her to dust!

“For this attack they actually underwent body metamorphosis…”

Fairy Blue Lotus hadn’t issued orders to undergo body metamorphosis at all. Her original plan was to send out a probing strike to see what cards this opponent had in their hands before she considered having the Legion of Famine do so. But now, as Fairy Blue Lotus expected, this mysterious person truly did have a card in their hands, and this card caused all the courage she had to crack apart!

Fairy Blue Lotus looked at Lin Ming. As their eyes met, she felt as if she had fallen into an icy lake!

“He can… take over control of the Legion of Famine!”

Fairy Blue Lotus’s few words left Highsun and Darkmoon dripping with a cold sweat.

Take over control of the Legion of Famine? How was that even possible!? The Legion of Famine was a force that was under the direct control of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Besides the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign there should be no one capable of erasing their will and directly commanding them.

For instance, although Fairy Blue Lotus could order around the Legion of Famine, this was all because the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had granted her certain military authorities. Fairy Blue Lotus commanding the Legion of Famine was no different from a mortal general commanding soldiers; each one would have their own thoughts in the battlefield and there might even be some soldiers that didn’t listen to orders in war and tried to escape or even betray their people.

But now, the Legion of Famine that was controlled by this mysterious person was clearly not in such a situation.

Because at this time, the Legion of Famine had already turned towards the few people who had survived that gigantic explosion. Each of these 60,000 martial artists had blood red eyes that were filled with killing intent; they had lost all brightness and clarity.

Without a doubt, the Legion of Famine had been thoroughly controlled by this person and had lost their will. They were now nothing but puppets. If this mysterious person wanted them all to commit suicide then they wouldn’t even blink in doing so!

To be able to control the Legion of Famine and also have incomparably formidable strength, just who could he be?

“You… are you a man, or are you an abyssal?”

Fairy Blue Lotus coldly asked. Her question caused the hairs all over Highsun and Darkmoon to rise. They certainly knew about the existence of abyssals. But as for what the origins of the abyssals were or what their secrets were, they didn’t know. All they knew was that the abyssals were mind-bogglingly powerful life forms filled with mysteries. They were also the natural enemies of all intelligent life in the 33 Heavens. This knowledge left them shivering with fear.

Yes… this mysterious person that came from nowhere, whether it was in terms of strength or the ability to control the Legion of Famine, everything could be explained if he were an abyssal.

It was extremely likely that this mysterious person was a high level abyssal demon who already possessed the ability to take the form of a person. Moreover, just from looking at them it was impossible to find any flaws.

In the center of the 60,000 strong Legion of Famine, Lin Ming simply smirked as he heard Fairy Blue Lotus’s question. Even within the densest fog, this woman was still capable of making the most reasonable judgment. This was the ability that a truly qualified commander should have. If she faced a normal opponent then she would have been able to easily accomplish her mission.

Unfortunately, her match was Lin Ming. Everything that was reasonable speculations in her eye was in truth all wrong.

This was because no matter how fantastic her imagination was, she would never have thought that the man who had been killed by her master in the past would suddenly return with his strength having sharply risen and also having unsealed, fused, and controlled the soul of Famine of 3.6 billion years ago.

“My spear and also the Black Dragon, it seems none of this arouses her suspicious. Looks like Soaring Feather God King believes that I have died…”

Lin Ming guessed that it was the Soul Emperor who had taken action to fool Soaring Feather God King.

Over 6000 years ago after Sheng Mei had taken away his Eternal Soul, Soaring Feather God King had vanished without ever appearing again.

The most likely scenario was that the Soul Emperor had used his soul force and mental strength that far surpassed any other powerhouse to create illusions that faked his death. He had used unimaginable tricks of the world of consciousness to accomplish this and fool Soaring Feather God King into thinking he had died.

This was because the Soul Emperor also didn’t want him to be found by the Soaring Feather God King. If so, then Soaring Feather God King would see that his Eternal Soul had been seized and all his strength had been wasted away as a result. If this occurred, then that would arouse the suspicions of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

In the dark game of shadow chess that the Soul Emperor was playing, no one knew what his grand plan was. Not even Lin Ming could find any clues about it.

As all these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, he suddenly sneered. With a slight movement his figure vanished!

Seeing Lin Ming vanish from within the Legion of Famine, Fairy Blue Lotus, Darkmoon, and Highsun’s pupils all contracted. They rapidly drew backwards, their first thought being that Lin Ming was attacking them.

However, Lin Ming simply didn’t appear before them. His figure teleported 10,000 miles away. Within the deep starry skies, his fist came smashing out!


The void shook and shattered. With a pitiful cry, a person that was hiding in a space distortion was sent tumbling away like a dead dog.

This person vomited a great mouthful of blood, his body sent rolling away like a sack thrown down from the top of a mountain.

This person was Imperial Prince Xishen.

Imperial Prince Xishen was still holding that mysterious black book in his hands and his entire body was covered in blood and wounds. His plan had been to make it appear that he had been turned into dust in that giant explosion and then escape through a space distortion. Such an amateur method was easily seen through by Lin Ming.

In fact, the moment after the large explosion occurred, Lin Ming had already spread out his divine sense and locked onto every survivor.

He didn’t find the Empyrean who should have been guarding the Blood Cloud Galaxy; it seemed that this person had already been sent away. Luckily for him, this move allowed him to escape this calamity.

As for the other survivors, they were all basically standing before him.

Now, Lin Ming absolutely could not have news of him being able to control the Legion of Famine be leaked outwards. Otherwise it would be difficult to implement the plan he had come up with. At the very least, the Good Fortune Saint Son wouldn’t dare to bring the avatar of Famine to challenge him.

Thus, Lin Ming would not allow anyone who witnessed this to escape.

At this time, Imperial Prince Xishen’s hair was disheveled but his eyes still gleamed with a dark and poisonous light. As a chosen pride of heaven he possessed a swollen sense of arrogance; just when had he ever been humiliated like this?


With another punch to the face, Imperial Prince Xishen was sent hurtling away, his face covered in blood.


Xishen howled. His hair scattered and his mortal bodily released loud crackling sounds. He wanted to use his saint race bloodline to undergo body metamorphosis!

The overwhelming majority of high level saint martial artists were capable of undergoing body metamorphosis. This type of body metamorphosis was different from the demon body metamorphosis brought about by using the flesh and blood of Famine. The saints didn’t need to pay a price in order to undergo their bloodline body metamorphosis.

Xishen naturally possessed this ability.

“You still think you can finish your body metamorphosis?”

Lin Ming coldly sneered and punched at Xishen’s chest. This fist contained a dark and potent energy. As he struck Xishen, this energy permeated through his organs and meridians.


With Xishen’s body as the center, all surrounding space caved in. Xishen started bleeding from his head and all the strength he was gathering for his body metamorphosis was scattered.

Seeing this, the other three saint generals all paled.

Xishen was one of the most brilliant geniuses amongst the younger generation of the saints. Although he was considered the weakest of the five saint generals because of his age, he wasn’t much weaker. Now, beneath Lin Ming’s hands, he was being played around with like putty, being pinched like dough.

The disparity was just too great!


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