MW Chapter 2020

Chapter 2020 – Counter Control

These array flags were spread in all directions. Some were high and some were low, some were above Lin Ming’s head and some were below his feet. Black flows of energy connected them together, finally gathering into an incredibly massive net of black light. This net covered Lin Ming and his Black Dragon within.

This was the God Locking Array, the first step in Fairy Blue Lotus’s trap. It was all done in order to prevent this mysterious person from escaping!

“So it’s a sealing array…”

Lin Ming looked at this giant black net of light that surrounded him and instantly judged the terrifying energy contained within it. If one didn’t have the strength of a True Divinity then it would be impossible to piece through it.

In a war that involved two races, peak masters were important figures. But, results of war had never been purely decided by the number of masters or whose peak masters were stronger.

When several thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of Holy Lords, World Kings, and Great World Kings joined together in an array formation, the battle strength they could display would be unimaginable, enough to reverse the tide of war.

What lay in front of Lin Ming was such a scene.

And as the God Locking Array was readied,...

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