MW Chapter 2020

Chapter 2020 – Counter Control

These array flags were spread in all directions. Some were high and some were low, some were above Lin Ming’s head and some were below his feet. Black flows of energy connected them together, finally gathering into an incredibly massive net of black light. This net covered Lin Ming and his Black Dragon within.

This was the God Locking Array, the first step in Fairy Blue Lotus’s trap. It was all done in order to prevent this mysterious person from escaping!

“So it’s a sealing array…”

Lin Ming looked at this giant black net of light that surrounded him and instantly judged the terrifying energy contained within it. If one didn’t have the strength of a True Divinity then it would be impossible to piece through it.

In a war that involved two races, peak masters were important figures. But, results of war had never been purely decided by the number of masters or whose peak masters were stronger.

When several thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of Holy Lords, World Kings, and Great World Kings joined together in an array formation, the battle strength they could display would be unimaginable, enough to reverse the tide of war.

What lay in front of Lin Ming was such a scene.

And as the God Locking Array was readied, Fairy Blue Lotus shouted out once more, “God Killing Array!”

The void began shifting. Winds howled and energy wildly flowed. Outside of the God Locking Array, another 72 Great World Kings emerged, each of them holding a blood red array disc in their hands. They then stood atop these array discs, as if they were standing on altars stained with blood.

As they firmly stood upon 72 spots, the atmosphere within the God Locking Array began to change, becoming filled with thick killing intent!

This feeling was as if the entire area had become a blood pond of hell. Any martial artist nearby could feel the aura of the God Killing Array, making them feel as if their entire bloodline was constrained, making it difficult for them to breathe.

This feeling came from just the collateral waves of energy emitting from the God Killing Array; it could be imagined just how terrifying a pressure Lin Ming had to withstand within the center.

The God Locking Array and God Killing Array could perfectly fuse together. The God Locking Array’s three-dimensional sealing capabilities wouldn’t block the offensive traits of the God Killing Array. Both arrays complemented each other.

Lin Ming stood above the head of the Black Dragon. He slowly drew out the Black Dragon Spear!

This spear had already been modified by Lin Ming and its brilliance had been hidden away. Others shouldn’t recognize it but they should at least be able to see its shape.


Looking at this spear, Fairy Blue Lotus’s pupils shrank. Seeing this type of weapon caused her to remember someone from the distant past.

Over 6500 years ago, that person had appeared and forced all young heroic elites of the 33 Heavens beneath his feet. Even though Fairy Blue Lotus was deep in seclusion within Soaring Feather God Mountain and hadn’t left, she had still heard his name.

At the time, the saints were at the height of their power and defeating Great World Kings of humanity one after another. The Good Fortune Saint Son suppressed the morale of the humans and even defeated their powerhouses, making it so that they lost any face they had!

Although she wasn’t willing, she had no choice but to admit that at that time, she was still slightly worse than the Good Fortune Saint Son. She knew that whether it came to talent, Laws, strength, or potential, she was fully suppressed by Lin Ming.

This person, when he was at the mere Holy Lord realm, had caused even her own honorable master to come out of seclusion to personally hunt him down!

As this black spear appeared in the hands of the mysterious person, Fairy Blue Lotus inexplicably thought back to Lin Ming. For a moment, she even suspected that this person could be Lin Ming himself.

This was simply a thought based purely on her own intuition. Even so, she knew that Lin Ming had already been killed by her master.

“No matter who you are, you will not leave here today!”

Fairy Blue Lotus thought to herself. Cold light flashed in her eyes. With a wave of her hand, outside of the God Locking Array formed from 108 Great World Kings and the God Killing Array formed from 72 Great World Kings, another 1024 World Kings appeared on both sides.

This was the equivalent of 2048 ordinary World Kings, all of them pouring strength into the God Locking Array and God Killing Array.

Then, outside of those 2048 World Kings, another 54,000 Holy Lords appeared!

The Holy Lords passed their strength into the World Kings, and the strength of those World Kings supported the Great World Kings!

Layer upon layer, each layer superimposed on each other. As all of this strength gathered together, a single strike from this would be enough to destroy any existence below a True Divinity.

Seeing this scene, even though Lin Ming was in an invincible state he still couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Before now, although Lin Ming had sensed the existence of the Legion of Famine, he had no idea what type of array formations Fairy Blue Lotus had prepared to use against him. Only now when he saw this trap for himself did he understand it was the union of a sealing array and killing array.

Moreover, the number of martial artists and the diagram in which they lined up all seemed to resonate with the rules of the Heavenly Dao. Though there were 2500 World Kings and 60,000 Holy Lords, the ones that remained served as replacements. In such a battle there were sure to be some World Kings and Holy Lords that died, and those that died could be substituted with others in order to ensure the array formation maintained its strength.

Within the union of this God Locking Array and God Killing Array, no matter how amazing one’s strength was, whether one could burrow into the earth or ascend into the heavens, whether one could fight dragons with their bare hands, all of that was useless. There was simply nowhere to escape!

This was a move carefully planned on the basis of his movements, an inescapable net to perfectly trap him!

Lin Ming acknowledged that this Fairy Blue Lotus was a formidable opponent. She was able to utilize the Legion of Famine under her control to the limit. If anyone else were there then they would have certainly died.

“The Legion of Famine is truly terrifying!”

Such a well-coordinated army had become the meat grinder in the war of the saints against the humans. The number of human martial artists that died to their hands was far greater than those that had died to the saint Empyreans or saint True Divinities.

“When the Legion of Famine swallows the strength of humans, I wonder if they use this method to provide the Saint Sovereign with flesh and blood essence and origin energy?”

Lin Ming immediately thought. Perhaps the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had created the Legion of Famine and produced avatars of Famine so that he could use them to separately plunder more flesh and blood, energy, and soul force, all in order to complete his own ambitions!


“At this time he’s still remaining so calm and steady. I really hate such people who put on airs even in the face of death. It makes me want to tear off his face.”

Imperial Prince Xishen casually remarked from nearby Fairy Blue Lotus. He spoke each word as if he were biting them off. He traced his spatial ring and took out the black book inlaid with an eye image.

Standing near Imperial Prince Xishen, Highsun and Darkmoon had also prepared themselves, ready to attack at any moment.

“Junior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus, why don’t you issue an order? I’m getting impatient!” Highsun grasped his two swords and slammed them together, their sharp metallic ringing echoing through the air.

Fairy Blue Lotus ignored Highsun. She continued looking at Lin Ming, an uneasy feeling continuing to swirl in her heart. She still couldn’t think of any hole in her plans.

As she determined yet again that there was no problem with the plan she had formed and also confirming that Lin Ming didn’t have strength at the True Divinity level, Fairy Blue Lotus’s eyes began to fill with killing intent. “I don’t believe you have any chance of reversing the outcome in such a situation. Begin!”

Fairy Blue Lotus issued an order. In that moment, 54,000 Holy Lords exploded with their greatest strength, pouring it into the bodies of the 2024 World Kings. Then, this increased strength was like limitless waves as the strength of the World Kings pressed further in, slamming into the bodies of the 180 Great World Kings like an endless tide.

For a time, it was as if many suns were erupting within the world. All the stars in the skies were covered by this blinding light!

Beneath this light, Lin Ming remained as calm as a placid lake. He seemed to swim in the sea of his consciousness. Within the world of his mind, there was endless darkness, and in the dark skies above him glittered 60,000 blood red stars.

All of these stars were close to Lin Ming.

Behind Lin Ming, a blood red sphere appeared. This sphere had a hundred tentacles waving around it like a distorted sun.

This was a phantom projected from Famine’s soul.

Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly flashed open. In that instant, a flaming bright divine light shot out from between his eyebrows. Tens of thousands of soul force fluctuations gushed out from Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, all of them shooting towards the surrounding 60,000 red stars.

Puff! Puff!

As this soul force shot into the center of these stars and pierced through their spiritual seas, all sorts of chaotic and complex information flooded into Lin Ming!


Lin Ming violently trembled. It was like 10 million thunderbolts had crashed near his ears. His face paled and he felt his spiritual sea nearly fall into delusion!

This was the terrifying impact of colliding with 60,000 soul forces. Although Lin Ming had prepared himself, he still felt as if his soul would be crushed to pieces!

Blue veins stuck out on his forehead. He withstood this soul-rending pain and then completely suppressed all of this soul force, placing them beneath the yoke of his will one at a time!

To control 60,000 individuals simultaneously was an extremely difficult challenge for Lin Ming. He had undergone six reincarnations and had tempered himself for thousands of years; his soul sea had long since become ridiculously powerful. In addition, after fusing with the soul of Famine the depth and width of his spiritual sea had increased ten times over. It was only with all of this that Lin Ming managed to smoothly accomplish what he did, regardless of the pain he felt.

All of this chaos that occurred within his spiritual sea was in reality just a mere instant!

As the energy accumulated within the God Killing Array and God Locking Array reached the limit, everyone thought that Lin Ming would be blasted to bits. But then, the giant array formation suddenly reversed. The wild and tyrannical strength within suddenly flushed outwards, crazily radiating into the world!

It was like a supernova had gone off in the center of the array formation. This horrifying energy cut through the world like endless divine swords, sweeping through a trillion miles of space!


Imperial Prince Xishen originally had a sly and demonic smile on his face, but now, all of that had been replaced by shock as he was no longer able to maintain his calm. He cried out in misery as the black book in his hands emitted a black and red light that covered and protected him.

Nearby, Fairy Blue Lotus also immediately paled. She drew backwards as she formed sign after sign with her hands. A giant blue lotus appeared around her, protecting her.

As for Highsun who had already warmed himself up and was waiting to rush in after the giant explosion, as he saw this supernova which covered the world he was completely panic-stricken, unable to determine just what was occurring.

“Fool, hurry and block it!”

Darkmoon shouted at Highsun, her complexion already changing colors. Highsun then responded, bringing up high two great swords and crossing them together, forming a cross of astral essence to protect himself.

However, because he was just a step too slow, there was a single ringing explosion as his astral essence shield burst apart. His bear-like body tumbled away and he violently spat out a mouthful of blood.

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