Chapter 202 - Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo

Chapter 202 Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo.


Chapter 202 – Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo

Looking at this red thunder bamboo, Lin Ming was able to feel a formidable power emanating from it.

Feeling exuberant, he prepared to pick the bamboo. However, he immediately paused. Was there a taboo in picking this sort of valuable material?

He had never seen this thunder bamboo before, but maybe the black-clothed martial artist might have heard about it. With this thought, Lin Ming called out to the black-clothed martial artist to come in.

The black-clothed martial artist had been waiting patiently outside the cave, feeling a bit perturbed. He was afraid that he had guessed wrong and had aroused Lin Ming’s wrath because of that. Although Lin Ming had said it didn’t matter if he was right or wrong, no one could guarantee that Lin Ming wouldn’t turn hostile against them.

At this moment, he heard the voice of Lin Ming sound in his ear, speaking only a few words, “Enter the cave and check this for me.”

The black-clothed martial artist’s heart tightened. He grit his teeth and told the twin sisters and the Viscera Training stage youth, “Come in with me.”

The group cautiously entered on their tippy-toes. Due to the dim lighting in the cave, as the twin girls were walking deeper, they...

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