MW Chapter 2019

Chapter 2019 – Surrounding Lin Ming

When news of the great defeat in Potala Galaxy reached Fairy Blue Lotus, she didn’t even ask how high the casualties were. Instead, she simply laid down the combat report jade slip and said to the messenger, “I understand. Draw back.”


The messenger bowed and then retreated. Highsun watched with wide eyes, already anxious. Another half month had passed and it had been far too long.

“What do we do? Junior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus, you must give an answer for this! While we were waiting here for this fellow we suffered a defeat in Potala Galaxy; that is the same as sticking out our butts and allowing these scumbags to slap us! If anyone learns of this then we’ll be the ones laughed to death, and that Good Fortune Saint Son will definitely use this matter against us! Do we just continue waiting here?”

Highsun had a short temper and was someone who liked going directly to the point. To discard Potala Galaxy like this, and not because they lacked the strength but because they threw it away on their own initiative, was something that left him feeling aggrieved.

“Could you be wanting to kill your way back to Potala Galaxy so you can recover some of your face?” Fairy...

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