MW Chapter 2019

Chapter 2019 – Surrounding Lin Ming

When news of the great defeat in Potala Galaxy reached Fairy Blue Lotus, she didn’t even ask how high the casualties were. Instead, she simply laid down the combat report jade slip and said to the messenger, “I understand. Draw back.”


The messenger bowed and then retreated. Highsun watched with wide eyes, already anxious. Another half month had passed and it had been far too long.

“What do we do? Junior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus, you must give an answer for this! While we were waiting here for this fellow we suffered a defeat in Potala Galaxy; that is the same as sticking out our butts and allowing these scumbags to slap us! If anyone learns of this then we’ll be the ones laughed to death, and that Good Fortune Saint Son will definitely use this matter against us! Do we just continue waiting here?”

Highsun had a short temper and was someone who liked going directly to the point. To discard Potala Galaxy like this, and not because they lacked the strength but because they threw it away on their own initiative, was something that left him feeling aggrieved.

“Could you be wanting to kill your way back to Potala Galaxy so you can recover some of your face?” Fairy Blue Lotus rhetorically asked, her question leaving Highsun choked.

“We will continue waiting…”

Fairy Blue Lotus continued. A brilliant hunter needed not only accurate marksmanship but also sufficient patience!

Then, Highsun left.

It wasn’t just Highsun, but even the Holy Lords and World Kings in the Legion of Famine were anxious. Their Legion of Famine was prestigious, with a list of illustrious merits behind them; since when had they suffered such humiliation before?

Only Imperial Prince Xishen seemed completely uncaring about what occurred in Potala Galaxy and Blood Cloud Galaxy. He would calmly twiddle with the nameless ancient book in his hands, occasionally looking at the eye on its cover as a strange smile spread over his face.

Time always seemed longer than usual when waiting. In particular, waiting for unclear results after betting everything on a single toss of the dice was bound to leave one flustered.

Finally, a month and 20 days had passed. On this day, the fidgety Highsun raised his swords and began patrolling around the Heavenly Palace.

As for the members of the Legion of Famine, they idled away their time around the array formations, some of them cultivating and some of them resting. Even for a Great World King, it was impossible to manage an array formation for months on end without moving a single step.

The bright sun began fading across the shadow of a planet. Just as Highsun thought he had wasted yet another day, a horrifying explosion suddenly echoed throughout Blood Cloud Galaxy, reverberating through the edges of the Heavenly Palace!


Using heaven and earth origin energy as a medium, a horrifying sound wave spread out, directly crushing apart the Heavenly Palace’s astral essence barriers!

Dark snakes of fire swept out. Flows of dreadful chaotic energy surged into the skies, crudely smashing apart approaching saint spirit ships.

At the same time, a resounding dragon’s cry boomed through the world like endless billowing thunder, blasting through the horizons!

Enemy strike!

Warnings sounded throughout the Heavenly Palace. Seeing this terrifying explosion and hearing the ear-piercing alarm, Highsun wasn’t surprised or panicked at all. On the contrary, he was so happy that he hopped upwards. “You bastard, I’ve already waiting a boring 50 days for you and now you’ve finally come. I will show you just how bad my temper can be!”

Highsun drew his two great swords and rushed out!

In the direction of the saint race Heavenly Palace’s grand hall, Fairy Blue Lotus also stood up. Although she had appeared extremely calm these past days, the truth was that she was also fervently hoping this mysterious person would appear.

Otherwise, all of her efforts and even her cold-blooded sacrifice of a saint race Empyrean influence would be denounced by all others. Though she was indifferent, she still needed others to recognize her!

Fairy Blue Lotus wasn’t flustered. She released her divine sense and carefully probed outwards.

“It’s him!”

The truth was that she didn’t need to use her sense. Just by looking through the crystalline windows, she could make out that demonic Black Dragon that was over a thousand miles long as well as the black-clothed youth who stood above its head.

In that moment, across the far off distance, the eyes of Fairy Blue Lotus and the eyes of the youth who stood atop the demonic Black Dragon suddenly met. They looked at each other, as if completely ignoring the distance through space.

Fairy Blue Lotus even thought that at this moment, she was only separated from this mysterious man by a single table, both of them standing in this grand hall.

She even felt as if she could see her own image clearly reflected in this other person’s pupils!

His eyes were like a bottomless abyss, tunnels that led to another universe, another world, as if another endless space and time were dwelling within them.

Fairy Blue Lotus immediately felt her heart shake. Just who was this person!? Where had he come from!?

She couldn’t see through his cultivation but could be absolutely sure that he wasn’t a True Divinity.

She suddenly closed her eyes and severed that mysterious spiritual connection between her and the black-clothed man. “He’s discovered me!”

Fairy Blue Lotus’s eyelids jumped back up. This black-clothed man exuded an unfathomable feeling. Although he wasn’t a True Divinity, the pressure he emitted was no less than that of a True Divinity!

Even through all this chaos, even with so many enemies, this opponent had managed to see into her secret chambers, piercing through the layers of force fields and protective barriers to see her. Just how keen must his sense be!?

Fairy Blue Lotus realized that even though the Legion of Famine was invincible in this battle, it still wouldn’t be easy.

And with things having reached this stage, they had already leapt past the point of no return. There was no choice but to continue marching onwards!

“Line up!”

Fairy Blue Lotus’s simple and elegant voice was like the cry of a phoenix, rapidly spreading over everyone around her!

At the same time, she leapt upwards and broke past the vault of the Heavenly Palace. Like a fairy of the wind she suddenly appeared in the skies.

Behind Fairy Blue Lotus, Imperial Prince Xishen also appeared. The strange black book was in his hands.

As for Highsun, the muscles on his arms had already bulged outwards, ready for battle. The blood vessels on his arms twisted like thick earthworms about to explode at any moment.

Although he fervently wished to rush towards this mysterious person and battle them, he tamped down his impatience; he realized that he wasn’t a match for this fellow.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Without warning, throughout different places of the saint race Heavenly Palace, 108 array flags suddenly appeared!

These array flags were all pitch black with a blood red dragon drawn upon them. This was the design of Famine’s tentacles.

These 108 array flags were separately controlled in the hands of 108 Great World Kings.

Lin Ming didn’t need to look to know that these 108 Great World Kings were all members of the Legion of Famine. This was because he could feel the flesh and blood essence of Famine within their bodies!

As these 108 array flags and the Legion of Famine suddenly appeared, Fairy Blue Lotus’s brilliant eyes stared at Lin Ming. She wanted to see the panic that flashed through his eyes so that he understood he had walked into a trap. No matter how calm a person was, it was impossible for them to not feel any panic or trepidation upon learning they had entered into a death trap.

Moreover, this trap was laid down by the elites of the Legion of Famine. Even if someone more powerful than Emperor Shakya were to appear here, as long as they weren’t at the True Divinity level then they couldn’t escape even if they had wings!

But, she was left disappointed.

This mysterious person continued standing atop the dragon. His body was straight and sharp like a spear. No matter what explosions rang around him or much how chaotic energy there was, or how those 108 array flags flapped against the wind, his expression remained calm!

Seeing this, Fairy Blue Lotus felt her heart suddenly sink…

The truth was that a month ago, Lin Ming had already arrived at Blood Cloud Galaxy. In these past days he had stirred up storms and shaken up the rear of the saint armies. Although his actions seemed wild and reckless, he was in fact incredibly careful in his movements. Before he attacked a place he would use his sense to investigate the area.

Fairy Blue Lotus was a qualified general and she wouldn’t commit such a low level mistake like exposing her trap. She had gathered the power of the Legion of Famine and deployed concealing array formations all over to carefully hide away her trap. No matter how amazing Lin Ming’s divine sense was, as long as he wasn’t a True Divinity then he wouldn’t be able to discover anything.

If anyone else had come then they would have fallen for this trap and Fairy Blue Lotus would have smoothly completed her plan to encircle and kill them.

But what a pity, her opponent was Lin Ming. Besides investigating with his divine sense, Lin Ming also had another special ability that Fairy Blue Lotus would never have expected no matter what.

That was that he possessed an acute sensitivity towards the flesh and blood of Famine.

As long as he was within a certain range, then with the soul of Famine within him as well as his proficiency in using the power of demons, Lin Ming could penetrate past the countless array formations to sense the existence of the flesh and blood of Famine.

And if Lin Ming left his own spirit mark in the flesh and blood of Famine, then he could feel this distance no matter how far away it was.

This was an elite Legion of Famine with approximately 2500 World Kings and 60,000 Holy Lords.

But in Lin Ming’s eyes, these people were like 62,500 red spheres of light that glowed in the skies, scattered through the heart of the saint race Heavenly Palace. They were no different from blazingly bright stars that shined in the night sky.

Lin Ming could even judge the size and brightness of these red spheres of light to judge how much demon essence was contained within them. Thus, from this, he could infer the strength of the powerhouses that had fused with the flesh and blood of Famine.

Although Lin Ming didn’t fear the Legion of Famine, he still had to remain vigilant against the saint race’s trap. He had secretly investigated this trap that was prepared for him, and in these past days he had seen the flustered look in the eyes of Highsun and the others.

At this time, Lin Ming and Fairy Blue Lotus stared at each other. Fairy Blue Lotus felt a restlessness surge in her heart. She knew that this mysterious person wasn’t faking his calm. Could this person have already discovered her trap?

How was that possible? She had used the Legion of Famine to lay down a grand formation of concealing arrays. Unless one were a True Divinity it was simply impossible to discover it.

At this time, Fairy Blue Lotus no longer had time to think about where the holes in her plan had been. Facing this mysterious party that consisted of one man and one dragon, and where neither of them were True Divinities, she couldn’t come up with any possible reason for how she could lose here.

This was a battle she would win!

“God Locking Array! Seal him up!”

Fairy Blue Lotus shouted out. 108 Great World Kings waved their array flags. For a time, demonic energy filled the air with shrieks and howls, as if endless pained spirits were dancing through the air. What was locked in here were the souls of the dead.

Flag or streamer-type spirit treasures often sealed away the souls of martial artists to increase their own strength. This was the so called ghost flag, ghost streamer. When these 108 array flags had been refined, it was unknown just how much blood they had been tainted with.

Array flag after array flag exuded a dark energy that connected each one together!

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