MW Chapter 2018

Chapter 2018 – Mysterious Ancient Book

Fairy Blue Lotus had no good impression of Imperial Prince Xishen. The Good Fortune Saint Palace’s two peak disciples, the Good Fortune Saint Son and Imperial Prince Xishen, were both incredibly ambitious individuals.

Both of them were extremely dangerous.

Although the Good Fortune Saint Son was domineering, wildly reckless, and murderous, he had always gone straight to the point and never engaged in little schemes and intrigues.

Of course, in Fairy Blue Lotus’s eyes, this was entirely because the Good Fortune Saint Son’s combat strength was ridiculously high, thus making it so that his intelligence in certain areas was only average.

Yet Imperial Prince Xishen was not only cruel but acutely sinister. He was like a viper always hiding in a bush, leaving Fairy Blue Lotus no choice but to dread him.

If Imperial Prince Xishen suddenly appeared here it was naturally in order to struggle for military merits. He wanted to accumulate more military service merits to become more valuable to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in the future.

Fairy Blue Lotus coldly eyed Xishen and honestly said, “If you want to join us then show us what value you have! I don’t believe that your strength can pose any threat to this mysterious ...

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