MW Chapter 2018

Chapter 2018 – Mysterious Ancient Book

Fairy Blue Lotus had no good impression of Imperial Prince Xishen. The Good Fortune Saint Palace’s two peak disciples, the Good Fortune Saint Son and Imperial Prince Xishen, were both incredibly ambitious individuals.

Both of them were extremely dangerous.

Although the Good Fortune Saint Son was domineering, wildly reckless, and murderous, he had always gone straight to the point and never engaged in little schemes and intrigues.

Of course, in Fairy Blue Lotus’s eyes, this was entirely because the Good Fortune Saint Son’s combat strength was ridiculously high, thus making it so that his intelligence in certain areas was only average.

Yet Imperial Prince Xishen was not only cruel but acutely sinister. He was like a viper always hiding in a bush, leaving Fairy Blue Lotus no choice but to dread him.

If Imperial Prince Xishen suddenly appeared here it was naturally in order to struggle for military merits. He wanted to accumulate more military service merits to become more valuable to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in the future.

Fairy Blue Lotus coldly eyed Xishen and honestly said, “If you want to join us then show us what value you have! I don’t believe that your strength can pose any threat to this mysterious person.”

“Haha! Senior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus doesn’t beat around the bush, wonderful.” Imperial Prince Xishen chuckled. “My strength is naturally far from Senior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus’s, and of course the disparity to that mysterious person is even greater. But…”

As Imperial Xishen spoke he pulled out a thick black book from his spatial ring and placed it before Fairy Blue Lotus. It was a strange ancient book and the cover had the pattern of a blood red eye. This eye seemed as if it were alive. No matter what angle it was viewed from, Fairy Blue Lotus felt as if this blood red eye was staring at her.

There were all sorts of mystical patterns surrounding the eye as well as worm-like seals. These seals seemed to be some form of writing, but Fairy Blue Lotus had never seen such writing before.

Within the entire 33 Heavens, the most ancient writing was likely the common language used by the primal god race and celestial race. But, the writings on this black book seemed completely different from that.

This was an ancient book filled with mysteries and evil. As Fairy Blue Lotus looked at it, she felt an inexplicable sense of fear and dread, as if there were some contagious and ominous curse lurking within it.

“This is an ancient book obtained from the Primeval Realm Ruins?” Fairy Blue Lotus asked.

“Yes!” Imperial Prince Xishen frankly acknowledged. This mysterious ancient book clearly didn’t belong to this era, but it contained a disturbing and terrible power. If so, then it could only originate from the Primeval Realm Ruins. Imperial Prince Xishen wasn’t surprised by Fairy Blue Lotus’s guess at all.

“This book… is evil.” Highsun frowned. This ancient book seemed to possess some kind of demonic charm, calling out for him to open it and peer through its pages. This subconscious feeling of being drawn in and misled by a book left Highsun restless.

“Hehehe… this book that Junior-apprentice Brother Xishen took out really tickles my interest. How about opening it so that we can all take a look?”

Darkmoon tittered atop Highsun’s shoulder. Xishen scratched his chin and then shook his head, saying, “It’s a shame, but I cannot open this book…”

These words left everyone startled. Their eyes fell on this ancient book. This book couldn’t be opened? Just what was in it?

Everyone became increasingly curious.

“You can join us!” Fairy Blue Lotus made her decision. When Xishen took out this ancient book and also poured his astral essence into it, she had already felt the changes in the surrounding energy fluctuations; she clearly sensed the power of this ancient book.

Although she didn’t want to divide any merits to Xishen, all her plans were based upon the premise that they could kill this mysterious person. If Xishen were here then their chances of success would rise by another 10%. She naturally wouldn’t reject such a condition.

In this way, a tight and aggressive deployment of troops began throughout Blood Cloud Galaxy.

The Legion of Famine and various array formations were arranged in approximately ten days. For this mission alone, the saints had used a total of 108 Empyrean spirit treasure level array flags!

In order to lay down a 108 Empyrean spirit flag God Locking Array and prevent the mysterious person from escaping, Fairy Blue Lotus also used an unimaginable amount of violet sun crystals, blood demon crystals, and other such energy stones that had been plundered from the wild universe.

And just two days ago, the mysterious person’s sixth strike had begun. As expected, the neighboring Red Yang Galaxy had been attacked. The mysterious person’s methods were clean and tidy and the entire saint race army stationed within Red Yang Galaxy had been wiped away!

This also confirmed Fairy Blue Lotus’s suspicions. If there wasn’t an accident, then in several more days the mysterious person would arrive at this next destination – Blood Cloud Galaxy.

The trap had already been laid. Now, the mysterious person simply needed to walk into their own doom.

“Hahaha! Senior-apprentice Sister’s strategies are truly divine!”

Highsun laughed. They great formations they arranged could be called an inescapable net through the heavens or earth. He couldn’t think of a single scenario in which the mysterious person could escape.

“I’m really anticipating this battle. With the diversion of the array formations and the coordination of the Legion of Famine, perhaps I can even fight one on one against that mysterious person!”

As Highsun spoke he slammed his heavy swords together. The clear sound of striking metal rang through the air. As he thought about battling such a master he felt his blood seething with vivid excitement.

On his shoulder, Darkmoon giggled, as if she were also impatient.

“The battlefield is constantly evolving; no one can accurately predict what will happen. I can only assure that we have the highest possibility of victory.”

As Fairy Blue Lotus spoke, a faint restlessness stirred up in her heart. She had no idea just where this restlessness came from. It was something that was purely a sixth sense, a feeling against dangers that one felt when the destiny upon their bodies was great enough.

However, she had considered her plans repeatedly and couldn’t find any flaws in them. She shouldn’t be mistaken in her speculations of this mysterious person’s strength also.

If so, then just where was the problem?

Was it related to that ancient book?

Fairy Blue Lotus shook her head, not thinking about it any further. After all, she had paid a great price for all these preparations and it was all in order for this single battle. If she were to give everything up based upon a faint illusory feeling then that would be far too ridiculous.

She could only wait.

However, this wait continued for an entire month. That mysterious person still hadn’t appeared in the Blood Cloud Galaxy…

According to the calculations of previous times, this other party should have come after 10-20 days, but they still hadn’t arrived…

Those within Blood Cloud Galaxy could only impatiently wait.

Highsun lifted his two great swords every day and patrolled back and forth across the square of the Heavenly Palace. Once in a while he would look up into the starry skies and even his lips would turn dry with waiting. After spending so much effort and even sacrificing an Empyrean level influence to create this trap, if nothing were to come of it then they would all be made jokes of.

He didn’t want to be mocked by the Good Fortune Saint Son.

“Junior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus…” Highsun frequently ran over to Fairy Blue Lotus’s seclusion area, but, she would only have a single word to reply to him with. That was  wait!

Regarding this, Imperial Prince Xishen simply sat in the commander’s hall and stroked the black book in his hands. He didn’t ridicule Fairy Blue Lotus over her plans and whether she had misjudged the situation because he knew that no matter how smart a commander was, it was impossible to perfectly factor in every situation and predict what would occur. At the very least, if he had sat in Fairy Blue Lotus’s spot then he wouldn’t have done anything better.

However, slowly, after Fairy Blue Lotus left Potala Galaxy, the troop-concealing arrays that she had left behind started to arouse the suspicions of Emperor Shakya.

The monks of Mount Potala often prayed to buddha and lived simple lives; they did not excel in war matters. The information that their scouts sent back had many problems that caused Emperor Shakya and Great Limitless Buddha to have difficulties in their analyses of the battlefield.

Although many monks believed that the fortresses had been emptied, they were also worried that the truth was that the saints had set up a trap so they would walk into it.

At this time, no one dared to recklessly push forwards. Otherwise, if a single error in judgment were to be made then total annihilation was possible.

It was only one day that Emperor Shakya single-handedly rushed into the area controlled by the saints!

This could be called the actions of a man with courage and who also trusted in his own skills. Only by himself would he have the freedom to come and go as he pleased. Even if he were to walk into some elaborate trap formed by the saints he believed that he could retreat.

As a result, he discovered that the Legion of Famine, as well as the saint race commanders such as Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon, had long since vanished from their positions!

Emperor Shakya stirred up a great war in the saint encampment and even called in the armies of Mount Potala and the primal god race to come help him. But at this time, the remnants of the defeated saint armies passed through a transmission array that had been prepared beforehand and escaped. Although humanity was successful in this battle, they didn’t actually manage to kill many people.

Seeing such a scene, Emperor Shakya felt his heart drop to his stomach.

“This saint race scum, how could they have emptied out from this area?”

Battle Sovereign To Bagui cursed. The god race and celestial race had coordinated with Mount Potala ahead of time and had prepared to arrive with help. After being suppressed by the saints for so many years and being left without a chance to catch their breaths, they had finally managed to counterattack after a great deal of trouble. But, to find that their fists were hitting nothing but air, this left To Bagui feeling unwell.

Great Limitless Buddha frowned. He thought for a moment and then slowly said, “Amitaba. If this old monk isn’t wrong then Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, Darkmoon, and the others have already left with the saint armies ahead of time and have relocated somewhere else to fight. If there is something they would take so seriously, then that is likely our mysterious benefactor who has appeared in their backlines…”

Great Limitless Buddha’s words left them all feeling chilled. Towards this ally that had appeared from nowhere, they were both curious and grateful. Thanks to this mysterious ally diverting the attention of the saints, humanity had been granted a moment of respite.

But if the Legion of Famine were to turn around, then how could this ally, whether it was one person or several people, possibly hope to resist the saints?

This was the Legion of Famine!

Let alone a single person, even if the entirety of Mount Potala and all its disciples were to be encircled by the Legion of Famine, total annihilation was a possibility!

“We have to inform him!” But just as To Bagui spoke these words he realized how ridiculous they were. They didn’t know who this mysterious person was and he was also thousands of quintillions of miles away; how could they possibly hope to contact him?

For a time, the human powerhouses were at a loss of what to do. All their previous happiness had faded away.

Now, they could only stare helplessly on as this mysterious person collided with the Legion of Famine.

“Fairy Blue Lotus is not some common person of her generation. The Legion of Famine’s array formations are an inescapable net. With the Legion of Famine being commanded by Fairy Blue Lotus, the war strength they can display is incredibly terrifying. Perhaps…” Diwuhen nervously said.

“Pray, pray…” Great Limitless Buddha began reciting buddhist scriptures. “May buddha bless him, that it is a blessing and not a curse, and if it is a curse then he can avoid it. But, everything is already in the hands of fate…”


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