MW Chapter 2017

Chapter 2017 – Fairy Blue Lotus

When it came to the war that the saints began in the wild universe, even humanity had to acknowledge that compared to the saints themselves, humanity’s strength was no different from an egg to a stone.

For the last 6000 plus years, humanity had been making many preparations. But these preparations mostly consisted of array formations and layouts in order to conceal and hide, and to engage the saints in guerilla warfare.

As for truly increasing their strength, not much occurred. This was because the last 6000 some years of time was simply far too short when compared to a martial artist that could live for tens of millions of years.

However, as humans became stronger, the saints also became stronger.

The war in the wild universe had gone on for several hundred years. The saints had several great mountains that pressed down upon humanity, crushing them and leaving them gasping for breath.

The first mountain was the saint race’s three True Divinities!

The second mountain was the nearly immortal and indestructible Famine, a being that could swallow the Heavenly Dao Laws, carve a way through the God Lamenting Wall, and during its peak, was rumored to not be much weaker than the Asura Road Master in strength!

This was the horrifying abyssal demon that not even the Empyrean...

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