MW Chapter 2017

Chapter 2017 – Fairy Blue Lotus

When it came to the war that the saints began in the wild universe, even humanity had to acknowledge that compared to the saints themselves, humanity’s strength was no different from an egg to a stone.

For the last 6000 plus years, humanity had been making many preparations. But these preparations mostly consisted of array formations and layouts in order to conceal and hide, and to engage the saints in guerilla warfare.

As for truly increasing their strength, not much occurred. This was because the last 6000 some years of time was simply far too short when compared to a martial artist that could live for tens of millions of years.

However, as humans became stronger, the saints also became stronger.

The war in the wild universe had gone on for several hundred years. The saints had several great mountains that pressed down upon humanity, crushing them and leaving them gasping for breath.

The first mountain was the saint race’s three True Divinities!

The second mountain was the nearly immortal and indestructible Famine, a being that could swallow the Heavenly Dao Laws, carve a way through the God Lamenting Wall, and during its peak, was rumored to not be much weaker than the Asura Road Master in strength!

This was the horrifying abyssal demon that not even the Empyrean Divine Seal of the past had been able to destroy, even at the cost of burning away his own life and using numerous human powerhouses as a blood sacrifice. Facing Famine, humanity simply couldn’t summon the courage to engage it frontally.

As for the third mountain, that was something that came from Famine – the Legion of Famine!

The first two mountains could be called threats. They were existences that were placed there so humans could feel a nearly insurmountable distance between them, so that humanity would lose all resistance and confidence to strike back.

As for the third mountain, the Legion of Famine, that was the true executioner that would strangle humanity to death!

In these past hundreds of years, countless human masters had died to the Legion of Famine!

The Legion of Famine was proficient in battle arrays. In crucial moments they could undergo body metamorphosis so that every single member of their legion leapt up an entire rank in combat strength. In addition, they were led by the five saint generals as well as many peak Empyreans. They were the absolute nightmare of the human Empyrean influences.

Outside of Empyrean Divine Dream, Mount Potala and the primal god race were the two strongest influences of humanity. But even if they joined forces they could only engage the Legion of Famine in guerilla war. They simply weren’t able to directly fight them, not even once.

Fortunately, producing even a single member of the Legion of Famine wasn’t easy at all. First one had to willingly become part of the Legion of Famine; only a minor portion of saint race masters were willing to do this. Many saint powerhouses were unable to accept such strange changes occurring in their bodies and they were worried that they would be controlled by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in the future. The saint Empyreans were especially worried.

Secondly, one required the flesh and blood essence of Famine, and this required consuming a tremendous amount of energy from Famine itself. And the higher quality the flesh and blood essence, the more energy it required to produce. For instance, to branch out flesh and blood essence that could be used by Great World Kings and Empyreans, this would greatly consume the energy of Famine’s body. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would not produce such flesh and blood essence in unlimited amounts.

Thus, through the accumulation of all these years, the Legion of Famine consisted of around 100,000 members.

Currently over half of them and all the elites had gathered in Blood Cloud Galaxy, awaiting the hunt.

As the for captain of this hunt, that was Fairy Blue Lotus.

The influence that was originally stationed at Blood Cloud Galaxy had already been taken over By Fairy Blue Lotus.

At this time, in a grand hall, Fairy Blue Lotus was holding a simple military meeting.

“Are you sure that person will come to Blood Cloud Galaxy?”

Across an ash gray table, a man with thick red hair and red armor spoke with a rumbling voice. This man was the same as an iron tower, and even if he were to sit in a chair he would still be half a head taller than most other people. If he were to stand up, he would be fifteen five high; he was simply a giant.

This man’s wild and thick mane of red hair swished around him, making him seem like an angry lion. Near his hands, a red great sword was placed there. This great sword had a hilt that was over three feet long and it was almost impossible for an average person to wrap their hands around it. But, this the red-haired man used this great sword with one hand and also used two of them.

This man was Astral Vault God King’s direct disciple, Highsun!

And at this time, a young girl was sitting on the man’s shoulder.

This young girl was extremely peculiar. Even though there was a chair available to her, she still chose to sit on the man’s shoulder. Moreover, she had always done this. The two of them were nearly inseparable.

She served as a complete contrast to the man. She was small and delicate, cute and tiny, and her body was slender and her legs thin and straight. Her hips were narrow and her chest might not be bulging, but they were still beautifully sized. Her face also neared perfection. Compared to the average saint race girl, she was much shorter. As she wore her viridian clothes and had a set of exquisitely fine war armor, she looked like a pixie from a drawing, mystical and spiritual.

This young girl was Highsun’s little sister – Darkmoon.

The two of them were considered young elites of the saint race. Although their talent was inferior to Fairy Blue Lotus’s they were skilled in combining their attacks. Once they joined forces, even Fairy Blue Lotus would be hard-pressed to resist them.

“There’s no way for me to be absolutely sure, but we have no other choice.” Fairy Blue Lotus gently pointed at an array disc in front of her. Then, in front of them, a complete space map projection appeared.

“The last galaxy base that this mysterious person destroyed was the Ancient Rhythm Galaxy. Ancient Rhythm Galaxy has five neighboring galaxies that it borders, but only the Red Yang Galaxy and Golden Cicada Galaxy have recently undertaken military operations that coordinated with the Ancient Rhythm Galaxy in the last month. Many Empyrean influences would have their positions change as they continue their search. If I was this mysterious person then I would choose a nearby galaxy. This is to prevent a scene where the enemy would have already disappeared by the time I arrived.

“As for Red Yang Galaxy and Golden Cicada Galaxy, Red Yang Galaxy has greater overall military strength and their Empyreans are also stronger. According to my simple understanding towards this mysterious person, he is extremely confident in his own strength. Moreover, his goal seems to be to stir up as much chaos in the shortest time possible. If so, then he should go towards the place where there are more people and stronger people.

“Red Yang Galaxy and Golden Cicada Galaxy are close to each other. Just now, I already had the people of Blood Cloud Galaxy contact Empyrean Blue Cosmos in the Red Yang Galaxy so that he knows of our coordinates in the Blood Cloud Galaxy. I believe that in several days, that mysterious person will appear in the Red Yang Galaxy and completely destroy our base there. After that, he will use the special method he’s been using to obtain information regarding our position. Afterwards, it will be impossible for him to let the big piece of fat that is the Blood Cloud Galaxy get away. After all, out of the neighboring galaxies, it is the one with the most saint race forces gathered. With his confidence, I believe he will not make another choice.

“The only thing I don’t understand now is just what method he is using to obtain his information. To search the soul of an Empyrean that has an incredibly powerful spiritual sea isn’t easy at all…”

Fairy Blue Lotus calmly revealed her plan, and this plan left those who heard it in fearful apprehension.

“Are you saying that you will sacrifice our troops in the Red Yang Galaxy?”

Highsun frowned. Sometimes sacrifices were required in war. But, Fairy Blue Lotus had spoken with such cold indifference, to the point that it seemed perfectly natural to her. Her words and tone left Highsun feeling uncomfortable.

And indeed, such a cold-blooded Fairy Blue Lotus was truly the most qualified commander to lead the battlefield. War had never been about ideals or benevolence or justice, but was a slaughter that involved the most brutal and despicable means, where one resorted to any means possible to win.

“We have no other choice. I also thought of deploying our forces to Red Yang Galaxy, but we just don’t have the time. We can only sacrifice Red Yang Galaxy so that they can strive to give us more time. Although these actions may seem a bit callous and brutal, you should all be aware that if we don’t remove that mysterious person as soon as possible then the losses to our armies will only be greater.”

“Very well…” Highsun shook his head, speechless.

Darkmoon giggled. “What little sister Blue Lotus says is true. But, are you sure that the Legion of Famine can kill him?”

“There are no absolutes in this world. I can only say that our chances are extremely high. I estimate that this mysterious person has strength nearing the True Divinity realm. If so, then peak Empyreans cannot do anything to him. Even if we gathered four peak Empyreans in addition to ourselves, although we could join forces and defeat him, we couldn’t keep him from fleeing.”

“Are you sure he isn’t a True Divinity?” Darkmoon asked with interest.

“The possibility is low.” Fairy Blue Lotus shook her head. “In the 33 Heavens, there are far too few True Divinities. Us saints control seven Heavens and in the last several hundred millions of years, we have only had three True Divinities appear in our ranks. As for the humans with their one universe, it is already extraordinary that they could have a single True Divinity in Divine Dream. For another True Divinity to appear, and also one that came from nowhere, this is a nearly impossible possibility. This is the first reason.

“The second reason is that this war in the wild universe has gone on for several hundred years, yet this opponent has only appeared now. This is the greatest proof that he is not a True Divinity level powerhouse. When the Good Fortune Saint Son directed the saints to advance into the wild universe, Divine Dream remained hidden in a concealing array formation, not daring to emerge. It was only when his Majesty the Saint Sovereign lost his patience and entered into seclusion to swallow up the Nine Divine Shifts Heavenly Dao did Divine Dream appear and then begin engaging in guerilla warfare with my honorable master and Senior Astral Vault God King. Likewise, it was only after my honorable master and Senior Astral Vault God King were distracted did this mysterious person choose to appear.

“This means that he is someone who can be treated seriously by a True Divinity powerhouse, but his strength isn’t high enough to do battle with a True Divinity. The greatest possibility is that he is some unrivalled genius who is sure to become a True Divinity in the future. Thus, he is afraid that a True Divinity will come and kill him and only takes action at this key moment to cause confusion and divert our attention. If he truly is a True Divinity then he should be above killing ordinary Empyreans and causing such minor chaos.

“In other words, if we use the Legion of Famine then we will already be in an invincible position. And, with the aid of the God Locking Array and the God Destroying Array, and also the use of the ultimate war strength of the Famine body metamorphosis, killing this mysterious person is already over 80% assured.”

Fairy Blue Lotus explained in a single breath. Her words were wise and reasonable and those present couldn’t help but be convinced.

“Amazing, truly amazing.”

Suddenly, the door to the meeting hall opened. A beautiful youth clapped his hands and walked in. An evil smirk hung across his face, and his dark hair and pale skin were exquisite enough to arouse the envy of women.

“Senior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus is truly a heroine amongst us all. I must say that if Fairy Blue Lotus were to replace my useless senior-apprentice brother and take control of Famine’s avatar as well as wield the supreme authority of the war effort in the wild universe, then humanity would have already perished by now!”

Hearing this beautiful youth’s praise, Fairy Blue Lotus frowned. At this time, there was only one person with the authority to enter this highest-level military meeting room in the Red Cloud Galaxy and who was also hostile to the Good Fortune Saint Son.

This was the last of the five saint generals – Imperial Prince Xishen.

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