MW Chapter 2016

Chapter 2016 – The Enigma of the Mysterious Man

Within an asteroid field of Potala Galaxy, a giant buddha statue quietly floated. This buddha statue was in truth a spirit ship, a True Divinity level spirit treasure that had been accumulated through the history of Mount Potala.

Potala Galaxy was named after Mount Potala and was where their original members were stationed.

When Divine Dream headed towards another universe to battle with Soaring Feather God King and Astral Vault God King, Mount Potala became the de-facto command center of humanity.

However, although this was a command center, transmission of information was a problematic issue. Not every star territory that had been blockaded by the saints managed to stay in communication with Potala Galaxy. For instance, the Hidden Dragon Galaxy where Xiao Moxian was had already been severed from contact for a long time.

The saints possessed an overwhelming superiority on nearly all fronts. Blocking all possible routes of contact with force fields wasn’t difficult.

Because of Emperor Shakya was at Mount Potala, it could be called extraordinarily strong amongst the various human influences.

The saint race armies sent to Potala Galaxy were also the strongest. Besides the Good Fortune Saint Son who wasn’t here, Soaring Feather God Mountain’s...

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