MW Chapter 2016

Chapter 2016 – The Enigma of the Mysterious Man

Within an asteroid field of Potala Galaxy, a giant buddha statue quietly floated. This buddha statue was in truth a spirit ship, a True Divinity level spirit treasure that had been accumulated through the history of Mount Potala.

Potala Galaxy was named after Mount Potala and was where their original members were stationed.

When Divine Dream headed towards another universe to battle with Soaring Feather God King and Astral Vault God King, Mount Potala became the de-facto command center of humanity.

However, although this was a command center, transmission of information was a problematic issue. Not every star territory that had been blockaded by the saints managed to stay in communication with Potala Galaxy. For instance, the Hidden Dragon Galaxy where Xiao Moxian was had already been severed from contact for a long time.

The saints possessed an overwhelming superiority on nearly all fronts. Blocking all possible routes of contact with force fields wasn’t difficult.

Because of Emperor Shakya was at Mount Potala, it could be called extraordinarily strong amongst the various human influences.

The saint race armies sent to Potala Galaxy were also the strongest. Besides the Good Fortune Saint Son who wasn’t here, Soaring Feather God Mountain’s Fairy Blue Lotus, the two Empyreans Highsun and Darkmoon, as well as four other veteran peak Empyreans were here, composing a formidable war council.

Even the Legion of Famine’s main force was stationed at Potala Galaxy.

Emperor Shakya felt an enormous pressure when facing so many powerhouses. He didn’t dare to relax for even a moment. In particular, the existence of the Legion of Famine left Emperor Shakya especially nervous.

The Legion of Famine had a total of 3000 World Kings and 80,000 Holy Lords! Within these 3000 World Kings, 200 were Great World Kings.

To a peak Empyrean, a World King powerhouse wasn’t anything at all. But if 3000 World Kings gathered together, especially World Kings that had fused with the flesh and blood of Famine, and then laid down a joint attack battle array, their might could be imagined!

If they all underwent body metamorphosis together, then for a short period of time this saint force would have a super war strength equal to 200 of the weakest Empyreans!

With such a terrifying force, Emperor Shakya only had a single choice to make if he were to see them – that was, to run!

But there was a silver lining. Every time the Legion of Famine underwent body metamorphosis it would be greatly damaging to their blood vitality and would even reduce their lifespan. Thus, the Legion of Famine wouldn’t easily undergo body metamorphosis.

With the Legion of Famine posing such a monumental threat, Mount Potala didn’t dare to engage the saints in frontal combat. Fortunately, the primal god race and celestials were also within Potala Galaxy, and the two peak Empyreans of Diwuhen and the Battle Sovereign were able to aid Mount Potala. But even so, as it stood, Mount Potala was barely able to hold on against the saints!

But since they didn’t dare to fight head-on, the human forces had always played the passive role. If they were accidently surrounded somehow then they would lose everything!

At this time, within a giant discussion hall in the great buddha spirit ship, Emperor Shakya, Great Limitless Buddha, Jun Bluemoon, Hang Chi, as well as many other eminent monks and arhats of Mount Potala had gathered. They were analyzing the current war situation. Just a day ago, an exciting piece of news had been passed onto them.

“In the last three months, the saints have had five continuous bases annihilated and seven of their Empyreans have died. They even lost around 300 members of the Legion of Famine! I really have no idea who did this…”

Hang Chi laid down a combat report jade slip. He looked at Emperor Shakya and Great Limitless Buddha, wanting to elicit an opinion from the two leaders.

Great Limitless Buddha didn’t speak. He slowly tugged at his buddha beads, waiting for Hang Chi to continue speaking.

“Originally, I thought that the saints’ continued disastrous defeats were just a smokescreen that they deliberately put out to lure us in. But from the intelligence that our scouts have transmitted to us, this shouldn’t be the case. We have a fragment of a saint race Heavenly Palace that our scouts brought back.”

As Hang Chi spoke he took out a piece of debris and pushed it towards Great Limitless Buddha and Emperor Shakya. The two of them both looked at this fragment but it was hard to say just what type of cultivation method had been used to damage it.

From the aura emitted by this fragment, the energy used to destroy the Heavenly Palace was extremely complex. It seemed divine, yet tainted with an evil aura. It was difficult to discern just what Laws it contained.

“Grandmaster, have you discovered anything?”

Jun Bluemoon suddenly asked. He rarely spoke.

Great Limitless Buddha continued twisting his buddha beads and quietly whispering buddhist chants. “What a shame. Since childhood, this old monk has read through the book collections gathered within Mount Potala. Although my talent is lowly, I must confess that I believe my knowledge to be rich. But, the energy aura in this fragment is something that not even I can determine… it seems to contain a few characteristics of the power of divinity, yet that is also all I can judge from this…”

After hearing Great Limitless Buddha’s thoughts, everyone in the meeting hall sucked in a breath of cold air. Of those present, Emperor Shakya was considered the strongest. But in terms of experience, Great Limitless Buddha far outstripped everyone else. He had lived for an incredibly long time and was also experienced in Mount Potala’s rich accumulated history and knowledge. It was hard to imagine that such a knowledgeable Great Limitless Buddha still wouldn’t be able to analyze any clues about what this energy was.

Even fragments left behind by attacks from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign weren’t difficult to identify. This was because no matter how strong the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was, his powers primarily belonged to astral essence, the strength of one of the three great cultivation systems in the world.

“This really feels strange…”

Hang Chi was curious as to just who this mysterious person was.

Still, one couldn’t blame Great Limitless Buddha for not being able to analyze anything concrete from this fragment. This was because Lin Ming’s strength was fused with the power of divinity and the power of demons. This strength could be called unprecedented in history, something that perhaps not even the Asura Road Master or Immortal Sovereign possessed.

In addition, the Laws that Lin Ming used were a fusion of the Asura Laws and Holy Scripture Laws. In front of the people in this hall, these two Laws stood at a peak of martial arts that they couldn’t even hope to see.

A strange strength, the peak of Laws, this left even the vastly experienced and knowledgeable Great Limitless Buddha at a loss.

“Concerning this mysterious person, we have a pitiful understanding about him. All we have are some eyewitness accounts. According to what they said, when this mysterious person destroyed the saints at Fire God Galaxy, a life form similar to a dragon appeared. It had a body that was a thousand miles long and its strength was astonishing! From descriptions it is similar to a Black Dragon with a royal bloodline, but its rear area is covered with spikes and its wings are as sharp as sabers. Its appearance is fiercer than could be imagined. From the way it was described, this life form could more appropriately be called a demon dragon.”

Hang Chi took out a battle array disc and activated it. A small projection cast a display in the air, showing an image of the Black Dragon. This was an image drawn up by Mount Potala’s scouts according to the descriptions of some eyewitnesses.

As everyone saw this giant monster that seemed like a demon, they were shocked speechless. Could this be a species of the wild universe?

The wild universe was far too large. It wasn’t strange for there to be variation God Beasts that they had never seen before.

But at this time, Jun Bluemoon actually had a thoughtful expression on his face. After a long period of silence, he spoke up, and his words were shocking enough to fluster those present.

He said, “You all may or may not remember, but over 6000 years ago when Lin Ming was at the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast and began a gambling fight with the Good Fortune Saint Son, one of the stakes he took out seemed to have been… a dragon egg…”

“Lin Ming? Dragon egg!?”

Hang Chi was dumbfounded. He stood up. “You can’t be thinking that this Black Dragon that suddenly appeared is the dragon hatched from Lin Ming’s dragon egg!”

There were far too many dragons in this world. If one had to say that this demonic dragon was hatched from the dragon egg that Lin Ming took out over 6000 years ago, this sort of association was simply too forced.

“It’s just a thought that I had. Even for a peak Empyrean it is impossible to destroy five saint race bases in three months and also kill seven saint Empyreans at the same time. Even the numerous powerhouses of the saints were unable to escape… perhaps the saints are also confused and have thought that our human race have somehow managed to raise a secret ultimate weapon, but… we are well aware of our own matters. This is not the action of any of our human powerhouses. If so, then this matter is somewhat suspect. Only if…”

“Are you saying that Lin Ming is alive!?” At this time, not just Hang Chi was shocked, but everyone else in the meeting hall was too.

Jun Bluemoon’s speculations were far too wild and outlandish.

Hang Chi pondered with a frown. “If Lin Ming is alive then how come we haven’t seen him for so many years? It’s true that he needs to hide from the saints but there is no reason for him to conceal the truth from us… and right now, we don’t even know if the life form that appeared in Fire God Galaxy was a dragon. Even if it is a dragon, then according to the time that Lin Ming revealed the dragon egg, over 6000 years have passed. It is utterly impossible for a dragon egg to hatch and also for the dragon to grow to over a thousand miles long in this period of time…

“Moreover, Soaring Feather God King personally confirmed Lin Ming’s death. No matter how fierce Lin Ming was, he still shouldn’t have had some heaven-piercing method to deceive Soaring Feather God King when he was at the Holy Lord realm, right?”

As Hang Chi finished speaking, Jun Bluemoon fell silent.

Indeed. No matter how strong Lin Ming was it would be impossible for him to feign death against Soaring Feather God King.

Perhaps, this might only be one-sided wishful thinking…


To have a nail suddenly appear in their rear, the saints wouldn’t simply stand by and do nothing.

But, the crux of the issue was just how would they find him?

This other party seemed to consist of only four individuals and a strange-looking Black Dragon. They came without a clue and left without a trace, and no one knew where they would appear next.

Moreover, what the Good Fortune Saint Son couldn’t figure out the most was just how did this other party know the exact position of their saint race armies?

The wild universe was an extremely complex terrain. While this terrain served to shield humanity, it also shielded the saint race armies.

And any information regarding the locations of the saint race forces was the highest military secret of the saint race. Sometimes, this information wasn’t even recorded in jade slips. This was because every army was continuously travelling and their positions were only revealed when the commanders contacted each other, and this was also only during times they needed to coordinate their movements. In other words, this information was all stored in the minds of the army commanders, so how would the mysterious person know this information?

This person, just who could they be?

The Good Fortune Saint Son wanted to go out and eliminate this trouble himself, but he couldn’t give up on Xiao Moxian when he was so close to obtaining her.

In the end, the Good Fortune Saint Son grit his teeth and endured the frustration. The appearance of the mysterious force only caused him to hasten his search.

But at this time, Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon, who were facing off against Mount Potala, suddenly left Potala Galaxy in secret. They rode a spirit ship, flying towards the rear of the saint race armies…

And what they brought with them was the main force of the saint race’s Legion of Famine – 2500 World Kings and 60,000 Holy Lords!

The remaining Legion of Famine and the four peak Empyreans were more than enough to guide the troops and destroy their enemies in Potala Galaxy.

As for Fairy Blue Lotus and the others, they planned to use lightning quick methods to find this mysterious force and then kill them off.


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