MW Chapter 2015

Chapter 2015 – The Smile of Destiny

“What happened?”


“Prepare for combat!”

High in the skies, the saint race Heavenly Palaces had already descended into chaos.

To them, a beast tide erupting outside some nameless human city was just a minor matter not worthy of caring for. But, that terrifying Black Dragon roar brought with it a dreadful pressure that struck their fortress. They could sense just how formidable it was!

The Heavenly Palace shivered. As the spirit ships of these saint race ‘pioneers’ were about to reach the Heavenly Palace, they were all blown away and sent tumbling by a brutal storm.

“Motherfucker, what is going on!?”

A giant one-eyed leader of the saint pioneers shouted, incensed. Because of the shaking and tumbling ot the spirit ship just now, a number of high quality stones containing energy of the wild universe had tumbled to the floor. He thought one of his subordinates had operated the spirit ship incorrectly and had struck a meteor of some sort.

However, before he could continue cursing, he suddenly shut up. His eyes widened as he saw that in front of the bow of their spirit ship, several miles away, a giant Black Dragon head was poking out form the thick clouds.

“This… this…”


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