MW Chapter 2014B

Chapter 2014B – Black Dragon Roars to the Moon

Song Yan was an average human of the Fire God Galaxy. He was already 200 years old and had just barely broken through to the Xiantian realm. Amongst the masses, he was considered standard for commoners.

When he was born, the war between the saints and humans within the wild universe had already begun.

And when he came of age, the flames of war had reached his home and the Fire God Galaxy fell to its enemies. Thus, from that day forth, he along with his 10 quadrillion plus human compatriots were all reduced to slaves.

When Song Yan was a child, he had read through a history book and learned about the history of his fellow humans from 6500 years past. Because the Divine Realm was conquered, humanity was in dire circumstances.

But this time of over 6000 years ago was simply too distant a period for Song Yan. As for him, he never thought that the destiny and life of slavery would arrive so quickly and descend upon him.

This was a horrifying nightmare!

Song Yan had always held his own dreams and desires. He wanted to become a warrior that fought for the human race. He never hoped to become the most dazzling talent in the world that was respected by all, but rather, becoming the most ordinary and common warrior in Fire God Heavenly Palace would have been more than enough.

However, the most basic qualification to become a warrior of Fire God Heavenly Palace was to step into the Divine Transformation realm before a thousand years of...

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