MW Chapter 2014A

Chapter 2014A – Fire God Galaxy

Lin Ming rapidly traveled through the starry skies. He had already obtained what he wanted from the dead Empyrean Thundercloud – extremely detailed information that involved the distribution of the saint race’s armies.

A great deal of this information wasn’t even recorded in jade slips; much of it was within Empyrean Thundercloud’s mind and it was all thanks to the Magic Cube that Lin Ming easily obtained this.

Currently, it could be said that Lin Ming had a comprehensive understanding of the war between the saints and the humans in the wild universe.

Now, he was headed towards a star territory called the Fire God Galaxy. There was another saint influence there that he planned to utterly exterminate.

He would strike at the rear of the saints and begin a horrifying storm of blood and slaughter. With a single breath he would overturn the heavens and earth and make it so that the five saint generals had no choice but to turn their attention towards him.

Lin Ming knew that because the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was controlling Famine to swallow the Heavenly Dao Laws, he simply wasn’t able to extricate himself from that process.

As for Soaring Feather God King and Astral Vault God King, they were battling against Empyrean Divine Dream in some far off place and similarly couldn’t withdraw.

In truth, Lin Ming even suspected that Empyrean Divine Dream might not be a match for these two God Kings. After all, those that could reach the heights of a True Divinity were all incredibly talented, at least at the level of Emperor Shakya. None of them were weak. And though Divine Dream dual cultivated essence and divine, perhaps giving her a tad more strength, she still couldn’t face two alone.

Lin Ming speculated that Soaring Feather God King and Astral Vault God King simply weren’t willing to work themselves to death for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Although they were meddling in the war of saints and humanity because of some unknown reasons, they still wouldn’t take this time to withdraw from their battle against Divine Dream and chase after some unknown enemy.

True Divinities were all proud and arrogant individuals. An enemy that suddenly emerged from nowhere wouldn’t be enough to arouse their interest.

Then, if one ignored these three True Divinities, the one most likely to strike at him would be the overly confident Good Fortune Saint Son.

Lin Ming understood the Good Fortune Saint Son. They had been opponents for many years and he had a good idea of the Good Fortune Saint Son’s strengths and weaknesses.

He could use the Good Fortune Saint Son’s own cocky confidence to draw him here. Once that occurred, he could display his plan and have his strength rise in a short period of time!

“Fire God Galaxy… hah!”

Lin Ming looked at a great dark vortex-shaped galaxy that was deep in the distance. A murderous light flashed in his eyes. In the next moment he tore through the void and disappeared.

Lin Ming quickly soared through the skies and teleported forwards. He remembered the detailed maps of the saint race influences and hurtled straight forwards like a speeding dragon!

Several days later, Lin Ming finally arrived at his destination. From far away, he could see a group of gathered planets. He knew that these planets were human living areas that had been captured by the saints. Over 10 quadrillion humans lived here.

In the words of the saints, this was nothing but a giant naturally formed jail. This was a human camp, the ‘slave concentration camps’.

After entering the wild universe, Lin Ming had heard again and again of the human captives and slaves. But, he had never seen the conditions in which they lived.

The saint race influences were stationed near these planets. Above every planet floated 12 saint race Holy Palaces. These Holy Palaces gathered together and formed a force field that wrapped around the entire planet.

Such a force field was not something that the human captives living on these planets could ever hope to break.

Rather, it was more accurate to say that these weren’t war captives at all, but commoners.

This galaxy was named Fire God Galaxy. The human Heavenly Palaces in this galaxy had already fallen in the war against the saints. Now, all that was left over were some non-combatants, none of which reached the Divine Transformation realm.


The truth was that Fire God Galaxy had already been held by the saints for over 100 years.

To a martial arts master, this hundred plus years might merely be a bout of meditation or a period of seclusion. But to the average person, this was a whole lifetime…

The human commoners left behind in the Fire God Galaxy didn’t have high degrees of talent to begin with. And beneath the iron rule of the saints, they had no means to practice martial arts. This caused their overall strength to rapidly plummet.

And over 50 years ago, a group of saint race pioneers had arrived at Fire God Galaxy.

These people came from universes native to the saints. To be blunt, they were a ragged pack of people who didn’t manage to mix well in the saint race. Many of them were bandits, vagabonds, thieves, and other such types. Because it was difficult for them to survive in Saint Convocation Heaven, they voluntarily came to the human race’s wild universe to develop this ‘virgin land’.

If one was an individual who lived a good life of wealth and honor amongst the saints already, then who would want to come to such a seemingly barren and remote land?

And the so-called ‘developing the virgin soil’ that the saint pioneers did was actually to rob, kill, and plunder throughout the Fire God Galaxy. The resources that had already been established here, such as medicinal fields, mines, spiritual lands, all of these were taken for themselves.

The saint race armies tacitly consented to all of this. Their goals in invading the wild universe were already obvious.

First was to further expand the territory of the saints, develop more resources, and if possible, seize the Asura Decree that could pierce through the barriers of the God Lamenting Wall so that they could help supply the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign with what he needed to restore Famine to its past peak state.

Second was to cut off the inheritance of humanity to sever all troubles by the roots, thoroughly crushing all future hopes and chances that the humans had to counterattack in the future!


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