MW Chapter 2013

Chapter 2013 – The Overture of War

Hidden Dragon Galaxy –

In an opulent grand hall, the Good Fortune Saint Son sat upon a throne. He looked at a battle array disc projection that showed a vast star map.

He wore golden war armor, and a thick cloak fell down his back and pooled onto the floor. One hand held a cup of precious wine as he sipped and swished it. Periodically, he would point at a position on the map and a beautiful maid would then take up a gem and mark the spot that he referred to.

The gem itself had a variation of force field around it that allowed it to float in the air.

Slowly, half the star map was half filled with gems.

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at this map and grinned.

“Ji Xian’er, I want to see just how you’ll escape from my grasp this time!”

The most suspicious regions of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy already had detection force fields laid down. If any humans were to traverse across these detection force fields then the saints would discover their presence and chase after them like a hunter chasing down a rabbit.

Now, what the saints...

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