MW Chapter 2013

Chapter 2013 – The Overture of War

Hidden Dragon Galaxy –

In an opulent grand hall, the Good Fortune Saint Son sat upon a throne. He looked at a battle array disc projection that showed a vast star map.

He wore golden war armor, and a thick cloak fell down his back and pooled onto the floor. One hand held a cup of precious wine as he sipped and swished it. Periodically, he would point at a position on the map and a beautiful maid would then take up a gem and mark the spot that he referred to.

The gem itself had a variation of force field around it that allowed it to float in the air.

Slowly, half the star map was half filled with gems.

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at this map and grinned.

“Ji Xian’er, I want to see just how you’ll escape from my grasp this time!”

The most suspicious regions of the Hidden Dragon Galaxy already had detection force fields laid down. If any humans were to traverse across these detection force fields then the saints would discover their presence and chase after them like a hunter chasing down a rabbit.

Now, what the saints had to do was to continue searching and narrow the possibly inhabited areas.

With the support of absolute strength, the feeling of encircling Xiao Moxian and hunting her down caused the Good Fortune Saint Son to be filled with all sorts of pleasant thoughts.

“Xiao Moxian, there will be a day when you become mine!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son diabolically grinned as he subconsciously grasped with his hands, as if he could squeeze Xiao Moxian between his fingers.

The truth was that after living for such a long time, the Good Fortune Saint Son had already enjoyed all the physical pleasures that could be offered in this world. He had once craved peerless women and had even conquered several of them, but now all these desires had dimmed away.

The only thing that that could satisfy him now was his deep ambition to become the singular ruler of the 33 Heavens.

But Xiao Moxian was different. Xiao Moxian was his shame, a stain that would eternally mark his heart, the subject of which he was continuously ridiculed about amongst the saints.

At his engagement party he had been made a cuckold; this already challenged the limits of a man. But that wasn’t even the end. What was worse was that as he tried to recover his face, he had then been brutally beaten by a man that was far younger than he was.

Even if all the shames and dishonor that the Good Fortune Saint Son had experienced in his life were to be added together, it still wouldn’t compare to that day at the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast.

As the Good Fortune Saint Son thought of Lin Ming, he felt his teeth itch.

The Good Fortune Saint Son was much stronger than he had been in the past and was considered invincible amongst Empyreans. He truly hoped that Lin Ming was still alive so he could cruelly stomp Lin Ming beneath his feet.

But what a pity, Lin Ming was already dead. Since he couldn’t recover his honor by defeating Lin Ming then he would do the next best thing and wrest away Xiao Moxian, the woman that Lin Ming loved. He would turn Xiao Moxian into his whore and vent all his frustrations upon her body, devastating and humiliating her so that he could resolve the hatred in his heart.

To catch Xiao Moxian was the same as pulling out the thorn in his heart. With this, his mental state would reach perfection and he would be able to attack the realm of True Divinity.

As the Good Fortune Saint Son was savoring his wine with a smug smile, a group of people suddenly rushed in. They fell to their knees in a fluster, saying, “Your Highness Saint Son, a problem has occurred.”

“Stop your panicking!” The Good Fortune Saint Son frowned as his happy mood was disturbed. With the saints triumphantly pushing forwards, these so-called problems were usually issues with the saint armies in chasing down others or perhaps even some prisoner camps had been captured. “What is it?”

The several saint disciples glanced at each other. Then, one braced himself and said, “The Blue Horn Galaxy has been attacked by some unknown force and the losses are serious. Nearly all of our people at the Holy Lord realm and above have been annihilated!”


The Good Fortune Saint Son’s wine cup burst apart. The bright red juice dyed the floor scarlet, as if flesh and blood were spilling out. “What did you say!?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes flashed with disbelief.

Ever since the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had gone into seclusion to use Famine to swallow the Nine Divine Shifts Heavenly Dao, a part of the command of the saint armies had been passed to him. He was well aware of the forces that had been dispatched to the Blue Horn Galaxy. There was an upper Empyrean personally attending that area and a lower Empyrean should have also caught up by now too.

In addition, there were three Great World Kings that had fused with Famine’s flesh and blood. At a critical moment, if they were to undergo body metamorphosis then they absolutely should be able to display combat strength equal to an Empyrean.

In other words, that was the same as five Empyreans being stationed at Blue Horn Galaxy!

In addition to that, there were also many Holy Lords and World Kings, and even a hundred some members of the Legion of Famine whose lowest cultivation was at the peak Holy Lord realm.

This was a terrifying force. If any of the several strongest human influences in the wild universe were to attack such a force, they would be hard-pressed to win, much less totally annihilate their enemies!

Moreover, the Good Fortune Saint Son was well aware of the approximate positions of the influences that posed any threat at all, such as Mount Potala, the primal god race and the other remnant races, Skyrend God Palace, and other such influences that had peak Empyreans leading them. He didn’t believe that with the saint race’s seven Heavens and their war strength that was over ten times greater than humanity’s, there would be a peak Empyrean influence that could quietly arrive at the Blue Horn Galaxy and deliver such a crippling blow to them.

This left the Good Fortune Saint Son feeling frustrated. Did the human race produce some unknown peak Empyrean in these past years?

Peak Empyreans were not cabbages that could be found anywhere. If he didn’t include the celestial race’s Battle Sovereign and the primal god race’s Diwuhen, then he could count the number of human peak Empyreans with his hands. As for Xiao Moxian, even though she had broken into the Empyrean realm she still might not have the combat strength of a peak Empyrean.

“How many people do our enemies have and what cultivation methods do they use? Do we have any samples from the battlefield?” The Good Fortune Saint Son asked these three questions, but the replies he received left him even more enraged.

“We don’t know their exact numbers or what cultivation methods they use. Those that have seen the true appearance of these killers have… have almost all been killed. But, some disciples that survived on the edges were able to transmit some information to us. At the time, a giant black vortex appeared in the skies as if a black hole had appeared. As for the enemies… there… there should be… possibly four… four people…”

“What? There are four people?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son grabbed the collar of this subordinate. If there were truly four peerless masters, then killing Empyrean Thundercloud and Empyrean Timebright wouldn’t be difficult at all. But to annihilate the entire army stationed at Blue Horn Galaxy, that was just too terrifying.

This proved that this enemy force had reached almost unattainable heights in the art of array formations and force fields.

Or, it could be that the strength of these four people had reached… the peak Empyrean realm?

Thinking of this latter possibility, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s complexion became increasingly grim. When did humanity suddenly have four peak Empyreans pop out from amongst their ranks? To face an unknown enemy and have no information on them was the most terrifying aspect of all.

As for the identity of these four people, the Good Fortune Saint Son even thought of the spiritas. Could the spiritas be playing tricks in the back, trying to secretly subvert them?

The spiritas were an opponent that the Good Fortune Saint Son continued to dread. Let alone the Good Fortune Saint Son, even the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign feared that old freak, the Soul Emperor. He always believed that in the future, the most terrifying enemy the saints would have to face would be the spiritas.

“It shouldn’t be. If the spiritas were going to do something they would have started long ago. Over 6000 years ago in the great war between us and humanity, if they wanted to interfere then we would never have been able to capture the Divine Realm. At that time, his Majesty the Sovereign Ancestor paid a price to trade for the Divine Realm. Now that we have already seized the Divine Realm, just what meaning is there for the spiritas to extinguish some middling Empyrean force?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son immediately shot down this idea. Although he didn’t know what the spiritas were up to these past years, he still believed that with the spiritas remaining quiet for such a long time, once they erupted then the wild storms would stir up the world; it might even involve a heaven-shaking plot. It was impossible for the spiritas to send out forces to deal with some minor nobodies – and in comparison to the entire spiritas race, Empyrean Thundercloud and Empyrean Timebright were truly only nobodies.

“Your Highness Saint Son, the people in charge of the star territories neighboring the Blue Horn Galaxy have already transmitted messages to us. They would like to inquire as to how you wish to proceed. Would you desire that they assist in tracking down the background of this unknown force?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son pondered for a moment. “Have them stand by and wait for orders. If this unknown force can quietly destroy the entire army at the Blue Horn Galaxy then catching them might not be possible. Issue orders to hasten the search through the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. Once we solve our problems there then I will personally go and meet this so-called mysterious enemy. Humph!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes shimmered. Xiao Moxian was reaching a dead end and he was closing in on her. With her so close, he definitely wouldn’t give up his search in the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. Otherwise, Xiao Moxian just might fly past his lips. If he wished to find her again in the massive wild universe, then that wouldn’t be an easy task at all.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Son never imagined that his nightmare was only just beginning…

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