MW Chapter 2012

Chapter 2012 – The Burden of a Leader

Through over 6000 years, Xiao Moxian had already forgotten how many times she had touched the Thousand Mile Heartlink or had tried to use it to contact Lin Ming.

And now, the Thousand mile Heartlink’s sealed divine runic symbol was near the point of collapse and yet there still wasn’t any news of Lin Ming.

After gently stroking this necklace that had lost its luster, Xiao Moxian’s thoughts and mood began to waver up and down. If she were to use this necklace but a single time more, than after a short period of use the divine runic symbol sealed away in the necklace would shatter into nothing. As for this divine runic symbol, besides Lin Ming there likely wasn’t anyone in the 33 Heavens capable of drawing it up again…

After countless attempts failed, all she had was a single chance. With just a single chance, how could she possibly reach him…?

Xiao Moxian let out a deep sigh. At this time, she heard a sound come from outside the room, followed by fast and chaotic footsteps.

A group of people had arrived. Xiao Moxian put away her necklace and hid away the sorrow that etched her face.

A group of 7-8 people had come. Each one of them was the backbone of Demon Fairy Celestial Palace. The black-clothed man standing at their head was Xiao Moxian’s son – Lin Huang.

Ever since...

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