MW Chapter 2011

Chapter 2011 – Xiao Moxian of 6000 Years Later

Within the wild universe was a massive galaxy named the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

The Hidden Dragon Galaxy was incredibly complex. It was filled with endless distortion force fields, space-time storms, space cracks, as well as fundamentally invisible black holes that could annihilate an Empyrean if they were to fall into one.

Two influences of human elites had gathered in the depths of this titanic galaxy.

Several hundred years ago when the saints broke open the great gates into the wild universe, humanity had already split up and hidden themselves in different locations.

With humanity’s understanding of the wild universe as well as the cover of the various galaxies, they were able to skirt around the saints. But slowly, there would always be some human influences that were discovered.

This was because human influences were simply far too large. The populations of these influences often reached into the quadrillions and quintillions and the star territories they occupied had dozens and hundreds of planets.

Originally, a great number of humans had fled to the wild universe. Then, the leaders of humanity also adopted population-related policies that encouraged having more children. Like this, through several hundred generations, the population of humans in the wild universe exploded.

This massive population base also involved countless Heavenly Palaces, spirit ships, sects, as well as a gargantuan number of low level martial artists. To have this giant force engage in guerilla warfare was easier said than done.

Although those that evacuated to the wild universe were all elites of humanity, after over 6000 years of reproduction passed, there would always be some human descendants whose talent wasn’t particularly high. Although they would be capable of cultivating to the Revolving Core realm or Life Destruction realm, when it came to the great clashing waves of two races warring against each other, and in this wild universe that was filled with unspeakable dangers, they weren’t any different from mortals.

In truth, these types of people were the overwhelming majority of humans that lived in the wild universe.

Thus, once a planet that had all its elites withdrawn was discovered by the saints, what occurred next would be brutal plundering and massacre!

The survivors of the carnage would become slaves, slaves that were reared in pens by the saints. They would become cannon fodder used to further expand their control of the wild universe in the future.

Since the wild universe was already opened to them, the saints had decided to simply eat this piece of fat meat and make it their territory.

Like this, after another hundred million years passed, this wild universe would become the saint race’s ninth universe. If they managed to also wrest away the Asura Decree that was in the hands of Divine Dream, then they would also be able to easily open more paths into new universes and establish routes and bases in those new lands. The saints would be able to lay down seeds throughout the 33 Heavens until they finally became the number one race in existence!


There was a celestial palace of white jade floating amidst an asteroid belt within the Hidden Dragon Galaxy. A woman in black war armor stared out a window of this celestial palace, looking at a peaceful blue planet deep in the starry space.

She gently sighed. Her ink black hair flowed down her back like a waterfall, brushing against her icy cold armor.

She gently touched the window. From the surface of the crystalline window glass, her vague figure was reflected back. Although she was beautiful to behold, she seemed thin and haggard.

She was Lin Ming’s wife – Xiao Moxian.

And as she looked out the window and gazed upon that deep blue planet far off in space, what she was looking at was New Ming Planet, a planet filled with her subjects.

Xiao Moxian now had subjects of her own…

900 years ago, Xiao Moxian broke into the Empyrean realm. From the human younger generation, besides Frost Dream, she was the first one to step into the Empyrean realm.

To become an Empyrean meant that Xiao Moxian could no longer follow behind the elders and be a youth that was protected. Now, she shouldered the heavy mantle of duty and was responsible for her own vital tasks.

In the wild universe, every enclave of humanity needed an Empyrean to assume personal command. This was because wherever humans had gathered there was also the chance that an ancient Empyrean level vicious beast would come to raze and devour the cities. Without an Empyrean standing on guard the consequences would be unimaginable.

The day Xiao Moxian broke into the Empyrean realm she had accepted the mission of protecting a land that had been developed by humanity. At the same time, she also gained her own subjects.

Because Xiao Moxian hadn’t been an Empyrean for too long, her territory consisted of a mere single planet – New Ming Planet.

This planet was named by Xiao Moxian.

Everyone who first gathered at New Ming Planet had voluntarily come from other human enclaves. They were the first group of residents who decided to inhabit this wasteland and develop the planet.

They sowed the seeds of humanity. Through their hard work and constant construction, New Ming Planet slowly became more and more prosperous.

Xiao Moxian knew the reason these people followed her and came here was because of their trust in her.

So, she also needed to be responsible for her own subjects!

She told herself she would use her two hands to protect her people and allow them to enjoy good and happy lives. Husbands and wives would give birth to many children, increasing the population with every generation.

Until slowly, the surrounding star territory also started to become developed and the inhabited lands became increasingly large, allowing humanity to bloom all throughout the wild universe.

However… a mere 200 years after New Ming Planet was established, the saints had come!

A heavy and gloomy pressure suddenly pushed down on Xiao Moxian’s delicate shoulders.

As the overlord of this planet she had to protect her subjects from the chaos of war. They had come here because they had trusted her! How could she toss them away and flee by herself?

The war between the humans of the wild universe and the saints had already gone on for hundreds of years. Because the wild universe was far too vast and the inner workings of the galaxies were too complex and dangerous, as well the fact that some humans had already moved into another wild universe using the Asura Decree, the battlefield was just far too wide a stage. Searching for anyone was extremely burdensome, thus the advance of the saints was forced to slow down precipitously.

But no matter how slow the saints were, they still only took several hundred years to find this place!

The Hidden Dragon Galaxy now faced its own great war!

Xiao Moxian and the lives of the hundreds of billions of people that followed her and were shouldered by her, now stood against the army of the saints.

Currently, Xiao Moxian’s only advantage was that New Ming Planet was hidden extremely well and was covered in violent space flows and concealing array formations. It would be difficult for the legions of the saints to find this place.

However, no matter how well-hidden this planet, all mysteries were eventually grinded away by the saints through the use of time. Ten years ago, a saint race legion had sailed into a star domain near New Ming Planet.

Xiao Moxian made a decisive choice. She took the initiative to lead the disciples of her Demon Fairy Celestial Palace to a place far away from New Ming Planet. Then, she purposefully revealed some flaws to the armies of the saints, allowing them to discover her before she escaped and led them away.

Like this, Xiao Moxian was able to forcefully lead away the legions of the saints that had arrived at her doorstep.

The saint legions that chased after Xiao Moxian weren’t easy to deal with. They had two middle Empyreans in their ranks and they were also skilled in tracking techniques. Xiao Moxian with her vast number of disciples as well as her fleet of spirit ships was ultimately unable to rid herself of this tracking. So, after bringing the fleet of the saints to a desolate part of space that was quintillions of miles away and leaving the Hidden Dragon Galaxy, her forces suddenly turned around and engaged the saints in a life or death battle!

This battle had been cruel and tragic. The two saint race Empyreans were completely killed off and their fleets were almost completely annihilated, but her Demon Fairy Celestial Palace also paid a deep price.

Those brave warriors of Demon Fairy Celestial Palace who died in that battle were Xiao Moxian’s most loyal followers who had served her before New Ming Planet was even established…

However, they died in the battlefield of the starry skies, their ashes forever interred in space…

Regarding this, Xiao Moxian grieved in her sorrow. Without experiencing war it was impossible to understand the feeling of only being able to stare helplessly on as one’s comrades died all around them.

But, even though Xiao Moxian’s heart was pained she quickly stood up and brushed herself off. This was because she knew that her followers all hoped to see a stronger her. So, she would carry their dying wishes upon her shoulders and continue leading the battle to protect New Ming Planet.

However, good fortune never came in pairs and misfortune never came alone. After these saint legions were destroyed by Xiao Moxian, an even stronger enemy approached.

The one to come this time was… the Good Fortune Saint Son and the Legion of Famine!

During her battle with the two middle Empyreans, Xiao Moxian had already disguised her appearance and she had even killed off her two opponents. Finally, she cleaned out the battlefield. Xiao Moxian thought that her own identity hadn’t been leaked, but the arrival of the Good Fortune Saint Son meant that her whereabouts had likely been made known to him.

Some matters were impossible to explain. Xiao Moxian didn’t know how the Good Fortune Saint Son had discovered her. Perhaps it was his intuition, perhaps he had found some clues, or perhaps his arrival was simply a coincidence.

But in short, what Xiao Moxian now had to face was the head of the saint race’s five saint generals, the Good Fortune Saint Son, as well as the terrifying Legion of Famine!

Xiao Moxian originally didn’t fear the Good Fortune Saint Son at all. But presently, the Good Fortune Saint Son was in control of Famine’s avatar!

Famine’s true form was at the True Divinity rank, and even at the top of the True Divinity rank. As for Famine’s avatar, although it was weaker than its main body, it still had war strength close to that of a middle True Divinity.

In the hands of the Good Fortune Saint Son, the power that Famine’s avatar could display was greatly limited. Still, it must possess a strength similar to the weakest of True Divinities.

And a True Divinity was in the end a True Divinity. When facing Empyreans, they were absolutely invincible!

In addition, the Legion of Famine led by the Good Fortune Saint Son was undoubtedly the most elite of elite forces within the saint race army!

The officers of the Legion of Famine were often World Kings and Great World Kings that had fused with the flesh and blood of Famine.

In particular, those Great World Kings. After undergoing their Famine-induced body metamorphosis, they would be able to fully contend with the weakest of Empyreans!

Compared to the Legion of Famine, Xiao Moxian’s Demon Fairy Celestial Palace wasn’t at the same level at all. Once both forces met, the battle would be no different from an egg trying to crack open a rock; there were no mysteries as to what would happen at all!

And even with all this, Xiao Moxian didn’t request any help from humanity’s headquarters.

None of the human Empyreans were a match against the Good Fortune Saint Son; not even Emperor Shakya could deal with Famine’s avatar.

The only person who could was Divine Dream. However, Divine Dream had to face the diversion of the two other True Divinities of the saint race – Soaring Feather God King and Astral Vault God King. As one person facing two, she was already burdened enough in dealing with them.

So Xiao Moxian could only rely on herself.

She knew that a grievance existed between her and the Good Fortune Saint Son. The Monster Emperor’s great longevity banquet from over 6000 years ago was a thorn that forever pierced him. When given the chance to pull out this thorn, how could the Good Fortune Saint Son give up such an opportunity?

Xiao Moxian’s eyes looked out the porthole. It was like she could already see the evil and cruel sneer that hung permanently across the Good Fortune Saint Son’s face.

Xiao Moxian clenched her teeth and subconsciously traced her chest.

In her clothes was an ancient necklace, one that had long since lost its luster. This was a gift Lin Ming had given her – the Thousand Mile Heartlink.


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