MW Chapter 2011

Chapter 2011 – Xiao Moxian of 6000 Years Later

Within the wild universe was a massive galaxy named the Hidden Dragon Galaxy.

The Hidden Dragon Galaxy was incredibly complex. It was filled with endless distortion force fields, space-time storms, space cracks, as well as fundamentally invisible black holes that could annihilate an Empyrean if they were to fall into one.

Two influences of human elites had gathered in the depths of this titanic galaxy.

Several hundred years ago when the saints broke open the great gates into the wild universe, humanity had already split up and hidden themselves in different locations.

With humanity’s understanding of the wild universe as well as the cover of the various galaxies, they were able to skirt around the saints. But slowly, there would always be some human influences that were discovered.

This was because human influences were simply far too large. The populations of these influences often reached into the quadrillions and quintillions and the star territories they occupied had dozens and hundreds of planets.

Originally, a great number of humans had fled to the wild universe. Then, the leaders of humanity also adopted population-related policies that encouraged having more children. Like this, through several hundred generations, the population...

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