MW Chapter 2010

Chapter 2010 – Blue Horn Galaxy

The 33 Heavenly Daos.

Within them, two of the Great Daos were suitable for humanity to train in.

First was the body transformation system’s Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Second was the essence gathering system’s Nine Divine Shifts.

3.6 billion years ago, Famine swallowed humanity’s Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, an event equal to severing one of humanity’s arms. And this time, Famine would swallow the Nine Divine Shifts, humanity’s essence gathering system.

This was the same as sentencing humanity to death!

If Famine were to swallow humanity’s essence gathering system, then would the human martial artists who controlled the power of it lose their strength?

Lin Ming recalled the time he broke into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. In Bai Qi’s tomb he had been blocked by a dao diagram of the Heavenly Dao. It was only after crushing through this Heavenly Dao...

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