MW Chapter 2010

Chapter 2010 – Blue Horn Galaxy

The 33 Heavenly Daos.

Within them, two of the Great Daos were suitable for humanity to train in.

First was the body transformation system’s Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Second was the essence gathering system’s Nine Divine Shifts.

3.6 billion years ago, Famine swallowed humanity’s Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, an event equal to severing one of humanity’s arms. And this time, Famine would swallow the Nine Divine Shifts, humanity’s essence gathering system.

This was the same as sentencing humanity to death!

If Famine were to swallow humanity’s essence gathering system, then would the human martial artists who controlled the power of it lose their strength?

Lin Ming recalled the time he broke into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. In Bai Qi’s tomb he had been blocked by a dao diagram of the Heavenly Dao. It was only after crushing through this Heavenly Dao dao diagram that he was able to step into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Moreover, he was able to freely use the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace up to the present.

This meant that the 33 Heavenly Daos could never truly vanish. Rather, for some unknown reason, they were sealed away.

If Famine swallowed humanity’s essence gathering system, then the likely result was that the human martial artists who had cultivated the essence gathering system wouldn’t have any change to their original strength.

But for martial artists that had yet to reach that point, they would suffer arduous difficulties one after another during their future cultivation. When they tried to make a breakthrough, they would likely encounter the same Heavenly Dao dao diagram that had hindered Lin Ming.

At the same time, if other masters wanted to take a step further, for instance if Emperor Shakya wished to break into the realm of True Divinity or if Lin Ming wanted to break into the Empyrean realm, it might be even more difficult!

This sort of feeling was as if Famine was swallowing the causal relationship, the karmic ties that bound humanity together with the 33 Heavenly Daos. This was the same as swallowing the great destiny of an entire race.

Then, humanity would be abandoned by the Heavenly Dao!

After realizing this, Lin Ming’s mind shook!

Since the beginning of time, there had been no race that could stand atop the river of history for eternity. They would decline for all sorts of reasons.

For instance, the primal god race or the celestial race, they were slowly declining due to their inability to reproduce.

Many primal god race powerhouses would have hundreds or even thousands of wives, yet, they never managed to leave behind a single descendant. Like this, they could only look helplessly on as the primal god race declined in number until they finally withered away to nothing.

If so, then was it possible that there was some abyssal similar to Famine that had swallowed or reversed the destinies of the primal god race and celestial race? So that these races which once stood at the peak of the era 10 billion years ago slowly lost their ability to reproduce until they finally perished?

Lin Ming felt more and more that this was a likely possibility.

This abyssal likely feared the primal god race and wished to erase the entire race from existence!

And humanity seemed to be stepping onto the same road that the primal god race traversed in the past. If the two roads of the essence gathering system’s Nine Divine Shifts and the body transformation system’s Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were to be suffocated and sealed away, then all that remained for humanity would be their prodigious ability to reproduce.

But if so, how would they be any different from common farm animals?

If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign were to succeed then humanity would be frozen where they were, forever unable to raise their heads high. And the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would also be able to rid himself of all future troubles.

Lin Ming felt increasingly pressed for time.

However, the only thing worth rejoicing for from this matter was that swallowing the 33 Heavenly Daos would require an immense amount of Famine’s strength as well as a considerable period of time. During this period of time, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would need to go into seclusion.

This was also Lin Ming’s chance.

Without the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, the saints were like a tiger without its fangs.

As these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind he continued to sift through Timebright’s memories. Soon, he found a great deal of additional valuable information.

This was information concerning Famine.

During these past years, Famine had swallowed an uncountable amount of resources and had already grown itself its own giant avatar. This avatar was now under the control of the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Meanwhile, Famine had bred a great deal of flesh and blood essence similar to the demon relic. This flesh and blood essence was divvied off to some Holy Lords and World Kings. After swallowing it they would gain the ability to undergo a new body metamorphosis, thus establishing the Legion of Famine.

The Legion of Famine naturally followed the orders of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. But with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in seclusion, the Legion of Famine was now under the command of the five saint generals.

Lin Ming had once heard the names of the five saint generals during the second time he joined the Asura Road’s final trial. At the time, they were called the four saint marvels.

They were the Good Fortune Saint Son of the Good Fortune Saint Palace, Soaring Feather God King’s disciple Fairy Blue Lotus of Soaring Feather God Mountain, as well as Astral Vault God King’s two great direct disciples, Highsun and Darkmoon.

But in truth, Highsun and Darkmoon had ordinary level of talents. In the past they were able to rely on their superiority of age and rise into the Empyrean realm a step earlier, thus standing on par with the Good Fortune Saint Son and Fairy Blue Lotus.

Now, the Good Fortune Saint Son and Fairy Blue Lotus had both stepped into the Empyrean realm; Highsun and Darkmoon were placed in a precarious position.

However, before they could sit steady in their positions as third and fourth ranked amongst the five saint generals, their positions became shaky once more.

The youth that was originally ranked in fifth place was already starting to catch up; he was Imperial Prince Xishen who was in the limelight at the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

This Imperial Prince Xishen even seemed to have talent beyond that of the Good Fortune Saint Son.

His cultivation was at the half-step Empyrean realm, but in terms of combat strength, he could already defeat many saint Empyreans of the older generation.

Of the five saint generals, the Good Fortune Saint Son and Fairy Blue Lotus served as the leads, and as a group, they each neared the strongest force within the saint race. They were the great enemies of humanity, and through these years countless human martial artists had died beneath their hands.

While there was much bad news, there was also some good news worth being thankful for; that was that news concerning Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and the others was all completely unknown to Timebright. This also meant that they were alive but their hidden locations were still unknown.

In order to find the position of the human enclaves, the saints had already started to train their own spies.

These spies mainly came from the human captives.

Even when a race was nearing the point of extinction, not everyone would be willing to sacrifice their own life for their race. Beneath torture and the threat of death, there would always be some people willing to betray their race, signing a contract and becoming a spy.

In addition, there were also some humans that were forcefully controlled by the saints, confused with illusions, or even had slave seals planted in their bodies. These people were sent to the wild universe in droves where they were used to seek out the location of the humans.

Using this method, the saints had already completely annihilated several human bases.

This information all crossed through Lin Ming’s mind.

Lin Ming now had an extremely detailed grasp of the situation between the saints and humans.

At this time, the fleet arrived at the Blue Horn Galaxy.

Lin Ming looked outside the porthole and gazed upon the giant blue galaxy that swirled before him. The stars hidden in the ethereal nebula numbered in the billions and trillions.

The Blue Horn Galaxy seemed beautiful, but hidden within it were countless chaotic spaces, black holes, wormholes, space-time storms, and all sorts other dangers.

In truth, this was the skeleton of a great world’s central mainland, and Lin Ming also intended to fill this graveyard with some more skeletons.

He had already formulated a plan to fight the saints.

This plan was a bit crazy and was bound to set off a massive storm. Before the saints could react, he had to strike with all he had!


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