Chapter 201 - Nest Cavern

Chapter 201 Nest Cavern.



Chapter 201 – Nest Cavern

The black-clothed martial artist ruefully smiled and said, “I want to, but I would have to have the strength for the job. This kind of treasure might not be protected by just two Thunder Lizards. It might even possibly be a small Thunder Lizard tribal group. If I do go, I fear I would already be dead before I even arrived.”

“Even if I arrive safely, and have the luck to not encounter any Thunder Lizards, the rare thunder-attribute treasure is not something that I can meddle with. It contains a very potent power of thunder. Let alone a valuable thunder attribute material, I can’t even pick 500 year old Thundergrass. If I accidently touch the leaves, then I would follow the same fate as my junior-apprentice brother.”

The black-clothed martial artist glanced at the Altering Muscle youth who was lying unconscious on the ground.

Lin Ming said, “Whether your guess is correct or not, the information you told me is very valuable. Speak up, what sort of reward do you want?”

The black-clothed martial artist was delighted; he had spoken up with this end goal in mind. If the other party eats the meat, it’s fine even if he was just given a little bit of soup. He hesitated...

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