MW Chapter 2009

Chapter 2009 – Controlling Famine’s Flesh and Blood

In the last several thousand years, subduing this skinny old man was the first time Lin Ming had attacked a saint Empyrean.

Imperceptibly and unconsciously, his strength had already become strong to this degree.

Beneath his hands, ordinary Empyreans had no strength to resist.

But at this time, Lin Ming didn’t care about the skinny old man at all. All of his attention was centered on the mass of Famine’s flesh and blood.

Seeing the wriggling piece of flesh, Lin Ming frowned.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was already passing out Famine’s flesh for Empyreans to use? Then how many World Kings and Holy Lords had taken the flesh of Famine?

Through the flesh and blood of Famine, more and more powerhouses would become loyal servants of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign…

Thinking of this, Lin Ming glanced at the mass of Famine’s flesh once more. Then, a light lit up in his mind and he seemed to realize something.

His thoughts sunk into his spiritual sea. There, he contacted Famine’s soul that was within him. He reached out a hand and the flesh of Famine began to slowly wriggle about as it floated towards Lin Ming’s hands.

This wasn’t Lin Ming...

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