MW Chapter 2008

Chapter 2008 – Spear

Within the Divine Realm, Soul World, or universes that the saints resided in, one could often see giant mainlands floating in the vast nothingness of space. These mainlands weren’t like bare wooden planks, but were surrounded but layers upon layers of infinite nebulous space. From the outside, they often had the shape of ellipsoid domes, like unbelievably large eggs.

As for the nebulas surrounding these central mainlands, there were innumerable planets that dwelled within, most of them even larger than the Sky Spill Planet. From this, it could be seen just how vast the area of these mainlands was.

The Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds each had at least one such central mainland. And, without a doubt, each one of these central mainlands was the liveliest place of the entire great world. For instance, Immemorial Imperial City was situated in the central mainland of the True Martial Great World.

But in the wild universe, one rarely saw such vast central mainlands. Instead, what replaced them were galaxies.

These galaxies were giant beyond compare. Their arms were rivers of stars that extended for quintillions of miles.

Within these galaxies, there were millions and billions and trillions of...

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