MW Chapter 2007

Chapter 2007 – Wild Universe Entrance

In the endless starry skies, a common-seeming spirit ship was slowly shuttling forwards.

Within this spirit ship, Lin Ming sat cross-legged in his chambers, slowly fusing with Famine’s soul.

Although Famine’s soul had been subdued, the process of thoroughly digesting it, controlling it, and then using it with proficiency would require a certain amount of time.

The advantages that Famine’s soul brought Lin Ming were immense.

First was the enormous increase to his spiritual sea.

After obtaining Famine’s soul and travelling through space for two months, Lin Ming could feel that his total soul force had increased by 15% already.

As for Famine’s total soul force, it hadn’t reduced by much at all.

With this, Lin Ming was able to feel just how powerful Famine’s soul had been.

It seemed that the demon relic the Asura Road Master had refined and left in this space of the final trial had only the tiniest amount of its essence left over, thus Lin Ming had been able to completely absorb it.

If it had been the complete corpse of an abyssal, a being close to Famine in rank, then the essence it left behind might not be fully eaten by Lin Ming even by the time he became an upper Empyrean.

However, although Famine’s soul force was powerful, it gave Lin Ming many problems.

That is, the memories contained within Famine’s soul.

Famine was a being that had existed for at least 5 billion years. Such a long-lived monster would surely hold an unimaginable trove of information!

These were things that possibly involved the Dark Abyss, and even secrets concerning the ancient war of races 10 billion years ago or even characters such as the Asura Road Master or Immortal Sovereign.

Naturally, all of this information was extremely valuable to Lin Ming.

But what a pity. When Lin Ming tried to sift through Famine’s memories to search for this information, the result was that he felt as if his spiritual sea had been smashed by a million jin wrecking ball, nearly causing his mind to collapse.

Lin Ming endured the pain and returned to these memories.

The memories within Famine’s soul were far too terrifying. They included not just what Famine had experienced in the last several billion years, but also the memories and experiences of the countless powerhouses and supreme elders that it had swallowed down all those years ago and had kept locked in its soul.

Searching for the memories he wanted in this mind-boggling amount of information was no different than searching for a needle in a haystack. During the process, even Lin Ming’s spiritual sea didn’t seem able to withstand it.

This allowed Lin Ming to understand the differences between humans and abyssals once more.

For an abyssal like Famine whose main body was as large as a star, the things it would withstand weren’t things that other intelligent life forms could compare with. In terms of swallowing ability, Famine’s talent was at a height that other intelligent life forms could not hope to compete with.

But at the same time, comprehending the Laws was a talent bestowed upon the intelligent races; it wasn’t something the abyssals could compare with.

After some time, Lin Ming could only temporarily lay aside the task of indexing this treasure trove of information. He believed that as more time passed and his boundary rose, he would be able to slowly swallow Famine’s memories and use them for himself.

And at the same time, Lin Ming had unknowingly begun to approach the entrance to the wild universe…

A long time ago, Lin Ming had already inquired into this entrance; it was an entrance opened up by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign using Famine’s body.

This entrance had already existed for several hundred years. In other words, the saints had already entered the same wild universe that humans fled into several hundred years ago.

But now, unlike over 6000 years ago, humanity was no longer completely helpless to resist.

After such a long time, a True Divinity powerhouse had been borne unto the human race once more.

And humanity also had the Asura Decree that was able to pierce through the God Lamenting Wall. Using this Asura Decree, it would be possible to engage the saints in a prolonged war.

It was much easier for humanity to pierce through the God Lamenting Wall than it was for the saints to break open a path. All that was required was for several peak Empyreans to use up a little bit of their blood essence.

As for the saints, they had to take the convoluted route of using Famine to open up a path through the God Lamenting Wall. This period of time was more than enough for humanity to calmly evacuate.

Humanity could even send out pioneers to enter a new universe and establish a foothold. Then, they could use massive spirit ships to carry away everything and complete a total transfer to another world.


This method of dragging out time could not be used infinitely. This was because out of the 33 Heavens, only 17 were wild universe. Moreover, not all of these 17 wild universes were suitable for living in. Some of these wild universes possessed endless black holes and space-time storms, and even Great World Kings would perish upon entering. It was impossible for these universes to serve as humanity’s escape route.

After deducting the uninhabitable universe, that meant that there were likely only seven or eight universes that humanity could escape to. Moreover, these seven or eight universes might not all be linked together.

If humanity retreated again and again, they would soon find themselves backed into a universe that they could no longer escape from.

At that time, humanity would have to engage the saints in a frontal war!

And the result of that battle wouldn’t be a toss-up at all. Humanity… would lose!

But even if they lost, humanity would go down in a brilliant and savage war. Lin Ming didn’t believe that humanity would just sit around and wait for death in these nearly 7000 years. He knew that they must have cultivated some forces capable of resisting the saints.

Otherwise, Empyrean Divine Dream would have become the leader of humanity in vain.

In that last battle, humanity would show the saints the true depths of their background and the strength of their final determination!

Lin Ming believed that Empyrean Divine Dream wouldn’t disappoint him. As for the role he himself would play, it would be that of an ally hidden in the shadows. Otherwise, Lin Ming knew that no matter how quickly his strength grew, it would still be impossible for him to defeat the entirety of the saints by himself.

He needed the strength of humanity to coordinate with him.

By this time, Lin Ming had already flown out of his spirit ship. With a thought, his spirit ship shrank down before being received into his inner world.

Where he stood, he was still far away from the entrance to the wild universe. But even so, Lin Ming could make out the steely guards standing near the entrance.

Situated outside the entrance to the wild universe was no longer just fleets of spirit ships, but also giant metal temples. These metal temples were the private transports of peak Empyreans. The smaller ones were several hundred miles in radius and the larger ones could compare to moons.

And between these metal temples flew numerous spirit ships and spirit beasts. Teams of martial artists patrolled the starry space, keeping a watertight guard on this area.

“How will you pass through?”

Beside Lin Ming, the Ancient Elysium Seal’s artifact spirit asked. It had transformed into the form of an old man, one with flesh and blood that seemed completely similar to a real person. After all, this Ancient Elysium Seal was personally forged by Empyrean Divine Seal as a peak spirit treasure, and not even most Empyreans would be able to understand any of its mysteries.

“We’re going to mix our way in.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he stepped toward the entrance of the wild universe!

His figure slowly faded as he hid himself in a space distortion. Not even a peak Empyrean would be able to discover his location.

But, there was something Lin Ming still had to be careful of. This was because… the saints still had three True Divinities!

True Divinities were beings that stood at the highest peak of this world. Each True Divinity, even the most ordinary of True Divinities, was immeasurably deep! If he were to pass by one on his way through the entrance, then that would mean danger.

Lin Ming held his breath and quietly waited. When he saw a squad of saint race spirit ships about to enter the entrance, his form flashed. He chose the most ordinary-looking spirit ship in this squad and then quietly flew towards it.

This spirit ship’s protective barriers weren’t able to stop Lin Ming at all. He dipped in like a drop of water in a lake, and in the next moment he was within the spirit ship’s cabins.

At this time, a saint race guard stood in front of Lin Ming, looking at him enter with a bewildered expression on his face. The guard wanted to cry out an alarm.

But Lin Ming’s figure flashed once more, and with a dull thump, this unlucky saint martial artist was punched comatose by Lin Ming’s fist and thrown into his inner world.

With another thought, that unlucky saint martial artist’s clothes instantly reappeared on Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s appearance changed again and again until he became completely the same as that saint race martial artist.

Like this, even if a saint race True Divinity were here, they would still be unable to detect the appearance-changed Lin Ming in this boundless sea of saint race martial artists.

Within the spirit ship, Lin Ming smoothly flew towards the entrance of the wild universe.

This was a group of saint spirit ships dispatched towards the battlefield. Lim Ming swept out his divine sense and learned that the captain of this ship was a Great World King.

If so, then it could be reasoned that the one leading the spirit flagship was an Empyrean.

Only when the spirit ship flew through the giant channel carved into the God Lamenting Wall was Lin Ming able to profoundly feel just how terrifying the God Lamenting Wall was.

This God Lamenting Wall was over 10 miles thick. In the cross-section that had been swallowed up by Famine, chaotic black currents of energy flickered and tumbled. These energy flows burned like black flames, emitting a terrifying aura that could obliterate anything that neared them.

“We’ve passed through the God Lamenting Wall. Direction – Blue Horn Galaxy, full speed ahead!”

Within the spirit ship, Lin Ming heard the transmitted orders of the captain.  

The spirit ship suddenly accelerated. It opened an array formation and began carrying out great void shifts.

Lin Ming calmly stayed within his cabin, looking out the porthole at the starry skies that rapidly flew past him.

For a time, 10,000 emotions filled his heart.

Wild universe, he had finally come!

Humanity… this was the race he belonged to. After almost 7000 years had passed, he was finally able to see to what degree humanity had developed.

Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, Lin Xiaoge, Mo Eversnow, Empyrean Divine Dream, Empyrean Vast Universe, and even his own child…

He would finally be able to reunite with all these people he was familiar with.

Lin Ming was like a hunter hiding in shadows, lurking within the spirit ship and waiting for his chance to attack. He knew that the wild universe was vast and the survivors of humanity had hidden themselves all over. He wouldn’t be able to find them easily on his own. But, if he followed this saint race battleship and used their intelligence network, then the hopes of him finding out where humanity was would be far higher.

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