MW Chapter 2007

Chapter 2007 – Wild Universe Entrance

In the endless starry skies, a common-seeming spirit ship was slowly shuttling forwards.

Within this spirit ship, Lin Ming sat cross-legged in his chambers, slowly fusing with Famine’s soul.

Although Famine’s soul had been subdued, the process of thoroughly digesting it, controlling it, and then using it with proficiency would require a certain amount of time.

The advantages that Famine’s soul brought Lin Ming were immense.

First was the enormous increase to his spiritual sea.

After obtaining Famine’s soul and travelling through space for two months, Lin Ming could feel that his total soul force had increased by 15% already.

As for Famine’s total soul force, it hadn’t reduced by much at all.

With this, Lin Ming was able to feel just how powerful Famine’s soul had been.

It seemed that the demon relic the Asura Road Master had refined and left in this space of the final trial had only the tiniest amount of its essence left over, thus Lin Ming had been able to completely absorb it.

If it had been the complete corpse of an abyssal, a being close to Famine in rank, then the essence it left behind might not be fully...

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