MW Chapter 2006

Chapter 2006 – Imprison

Ruby was focused. With her two small hands together, she held the Magic Cube floating in the void. Lin Ming’s hands covered hers as he poured his soul force into the Magic Cube.

Before having Ruby’s help, he had never felt his own spiritual sea so closely connected to the Magic Cube. This sort of feeling was like the Magic Cube was a part of his body and he could control it as he wished.


A ray of black light thrust into Famine, drilling through its forehead and hitting its spiritual sea!


Famine cried out in pain and sorrow. The sound was like a person screaming with a throat full of glass, harsh to the extreme.

Its body started to rattle and pop, as if something were cracking apart!

Lin Ming was cold and resolute. In the final moments he absolutely could not allow Famine any chance to self-implode, otherwise he would lose everything.

With a thought, the array lines that wrapped around Famine like burning magma suddenly drilled into its soul form, burning it away, eroding its will.

Famine wildly struggled. But, all of its strength was in utter chaos and it was unable to gather any. At the same time, its spirit mark was being grinded away and its consciousness became increasingly blurry.

It was a being that had existed for billions upon billions of years. It never imagined that it...

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