MW Chapter 2005

Chapter 2005 – Defeating Famine

Ka ka ka!

The Great Dao of the 33 Heavens controlled by Famine shattered the void into pieces!

Lin Ming drew back again and again. Facing the onslaught of the 33 Heavens’ Great Dao, he had been forced back to the edge of the array formation!

However, as Famine planned on killing Lin Ming in a single breath, it suddenly heard a ringing sound from behind.

The Magic Cube’s spiritual connection with Lin Ming had been temporarily severed after being surrounded by the souls of Empyreans. But now, it suddenly erupted with a vast and boundless soul storm!

The power of this soul storm even surpassed the soul storm released by the Magic Cube when Lin Ming controlled it!

Piki paka!

All around the Magic Cube, the force field created by the Empyrean souls began to be twisted apart by the soul storm. It was like countless knives chopping down on a painting, slicing it to pieces!


Famine didn’t turn around to look, but still had absolute clarity of what was occurring behind it.

The Magic Cube that should have been temporarily cut off from Lin Ming had suddenly started to go berserk, and was actually attacking Famine!

How was this possible?

Before Famine could figure out what was occurring, a red fluctuation of energy appeared around the Magic Cube.

This energy fluctuation condensed into the phantom of a cute, red-clothed little girl. Her cheeks were ruddy and her eyes were bright, the definition of childish innocence.

This little girl was Ruby. In terms of strength, she couldn’t compare with Lin Ming at all. But it was more accurate to say that she was a condensed form of the Laws; it was simply impossible for her to manipulate the energy that existed in the universe.

But in the Magic Cube, Ruby had become a fish in water. This was because she was a being evolved from the Magic Cube. Although she was not a true artifact spirit, she could be considered a quasi-artifact spirit.

She could manipulate the Magic Cube to a great extent. In terms of control, she was far more skilled than Lin Ming!

As Ruby looked towards the fierce and dreadful Famine, her large black eyes shined with decisiveness.

Without hesitation, Ruby struck out. A vast sea of source soul force burst out from her. Bright red light shined and wrapped around the Magic Cube.

The Magic Cube shot out like a bolt of lightning. As it flew, divine light rose, becoming brighter. The originally gray light fused with a blood red, becoming blindingly dazzling like a star shining in the skies.


Famine was incensed. If it continued to attack Lin Ming then it would be struck from behind by the Magic Cube. In a situation where it had already shot out all the True Divinity and Empyrean soul force within its body, if it were to take such an attack it would definitely die!

Famine didn’t want to die. All it could do was reverse its strength just before it struck Lin Ming, and transfer 60% of the 33 Heavens Dao arts to roar towards Ruby instead.

But at the same time, the rest of the 33 Heavens Dao arts continued to attack Lin Ming!

It didn’t give up on attacking Lin Ming. This was because it was well aware that if it freely allowed Lin Ming to do what he wanted, then he would join together with that mysterious little girl and it would die even more miserably.

It instantly made a decision to split its attacks. In a situation with both parties wounded, this was the best method it could think of to obtain victory.

However, at this time, a corner of Lin Ming’s lips pulled in a taunting sneer. A sound transmission immediately passed to Famine’s mind –

“A smart decision, but it’s only you who thinks it is smart!”

Whorl whorl whorl –

Lin Ming’s swirled his hands. Behind him, a primal chaos diagram appeared. But this primal chaos diagram wasn’t composed of the power of yin and yang, but of the power of divinity and the power of demons.

As the diagram appeared, the will of a horrifying Heavenly Dao recklessly blazed out, welcoming the attacks of Famine’s 33 Heavens Dao arts.


A fierce explosion rang out. Lin Ming was sent flying backwards. As for Famine, it was also affected by this energy explosion. Its body violently trembled and blurred!

The power of demons!? How was this possible!?

Panic and horror began to dawn in Famine’s eyes. It simply couldn’t imagine how a human like Lin Ming was able to control the power of demons!

Moreover, Lin Ming’s strength was far too terrifying. A mere half-step Empyrean was able to withstand its attacks with nothing more than minor wounds.

But at this time, an even more horrifying attack arrived.

This attack came from behind Famine; it was Ruby’s strike!

Ruby sat cross-legged behind the Magic Cube. Her two small hands were pressed together and an endless black hole appeared between her palms. Within this black hole, the Magic Cube revolved, as if it were capable of swallowing all strengths in the world.

Hum –

Hum –

Hum –

Waves of condensed soul storm essence blasted out in circles, colliding with Famine’s demon force field.

The demon force field was only able to resist for a blink of an eye before it shattered to pieces!

The soul storm swept out. Wherever it went, blood spears would break, glaciers would melt, flames would extinguish, shields would erode… everything that Famine displayed, all the supreme arts of the 33 heavens, all of it was crushed like bugs beneath the suppression of the Magic Cube.


Famine cried out in pain. It had underestimated Lin Ming’s strength. Lin Ming’s resistance had caused it to suffer a backlash, and now it was unable to face the Magic Cube’s attack!

The result had been decided!


The Magic Cube’s soul storm started to grind away the final force field defense summoned by Famine. The blood dragons behind famine as well as its thousand arms were all annihilated in the terrifying storm, and even the force field started to disintegrate.

Famine emitted another heart-wrenching scream. It had already used up all the True Divinity and Empyrean soul force it had held in its body. Now, it had to rely on its soul force alone to resist this attack. The Magic Cube controlled by Ruby was like a butcher’s knife cutting down on its body. Each time the soul storm revolved, it recklessly swallowed up Famine’s life!

If this continued then it would be utterly obliterated in just several breaths of time!

“Ruby, slow down!”

Within that dreadful soul storm, Lin Ming suddenly shouted out.

Ruby had always listened to Lin Ming. She immediately reduced the strength she used. In that moment, Famine gained a brief moment of respite to avoid the fate of being turned to ashes.

It didn’t know why Lin Ming had told Ruby to stay her hand at this moment, but to it, this was undoubtedly a glorious celebration. It could seize this chance to survive.

“Don’t kill me! I am willing to surrender to you!”

Famine shouted out loud. It had decided that Lin Ming had some plan to use it. If it could make use of Lin Ming’s greed, then there would be a chance to swallow Lin Ming and obtain the Magic Cube!

Famine’s heart was filled with hope. But, Lin Ming didn’t answer it at all. He flew up and caught the Magic Cube.

“Ruby, help me.”

Ruby nodded. She placed her two hands atop the Magic Cube and combined as one with Lin Ming’s soul force.

Famine looked at Lin Ming with a hint of trepidation. But at the same time, its words were filled with beguiling temptation.

“Young man, from of any race in the 33 Heavens, you are the most terrifying genius I have ever seen. In the future you will absolutely become the ruler of the universe! You have already proven your strength. As long as you let me live then I am willng to help you. I can be your servant, and if you don’t believe me then you can leave a slave seal within me. I can even sign a contract with you! My strength and experience will bring you unimaginable benefits! With me by your side, no one will be your match. I can even gather a massive number of abyssals to support you. The entire 33 Heavens can be yours!”

Famine passionately spoke. It was confident in its ability to mislead and tempt the hearts of men. It knew how these intelligent life forms were greedy and it also knew that anyone with ambition would be lured by its words. As for peerless geniuses, which one didn’t have ambitions? Otherwise they would have never reached this step.

Famine believed it had found the turning point it needed to survive.

But, it never thought that Lin Ming would completely ignore its words, as if he never heard them. In fact, Lin Ming never even glanced towards its passionate and fervent performance.

Lin Ming only helped Ruby position her hands, then he placed his own hands atop hers, wrapping the Magic Cube with two layers.

Then he casually said, “Ruby, you and I will join forces to erase Famine’s spirit mark. But, don’t injure the main form of its soul. I still have a use for it!”

These words were a blow to the head. They immediately cracked open Famine’s courage!

“Mm!” Ruby nodded. Above her red and round cheeks, her large and watery eyes closely stared at Famine as she aimed the Magic Cube. She was already ready to strike Famine. As for what Lin Ming wanted to do, she didn’t ask nor did she care.

In short, as long as Lin Ming wanted to erase this ugly monster’s spirit mark, she would be more than glad to help.

“You! You want to erase my spirit mark!?”

Famine crazily roared. The only remaining demon eye on its forehead nearly cracked open and bled. It finally realized why Lin Ming had released its seal and why he didn’t turn it to ash in the final moment. This was because from the very start, this cruel and abnormal human had planned to erase his spirit mark and swallow its soul for his own use!

To die only meant turning to ash and fading away. But to have its spirit mark erased meant that it would lose itself; this was a fate worse than death. And after its spirit mark was erased, it would then be swallowed and used as a gift to its enemies to enhance their strength. This was definitely ten times worse than simply being killed off!

Then, Famine suddenly thought of the Stone of Eternal Life! If Lin Ming used the Stone of Eternal Life, there really was a chance he could accomplish all this!

“You will die like a dog!”

Famine cursed. But then, Lin Ming finally looked at Famine. His eyes were filled with disgust and disdain.

“What a pity. If you really did your best and attacked me with all of your 33 Heavens Dao arts, then even if I didn’t die you would still have been able to heavily wound me, and even injure my source soul force, making it so that I wouldn’t be able to recover for at least several hundred years. As for you, although you wouldn’t have been able to escape, you would have exploded into nothingness and have saved yourself from a destiny of being enslaved forever, so that I would never have obtained any advantages. But instead, you are now paying a deep price for your actions.

“You are far too greedy. In a severely wounded state, you still wished to kill me and obtain the Magic Cube. Your natural character is to swallow so you are doomed to be greedy, but, your greed has doomed you to be made a gift to me!”

As Lin Ming spoke, the Magic Cube emitted rays of black light that wrapped around all of Famine’s severed arms.

And after that, with a thought, Lin Ming caused a beam of black light to puncture Famine’s central eye, causing it to lose all sight.

By this time, Famine no longer had any ability to resist.

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