MW Chapter 2004

Chapter 2004 – Fighting Famine

Lin Ming’s strength had aroused immense interest in Famine. With a roar, it began to burn its own source soul force!

Hu – !

Hu – !

Hu – !

Flames blazed. After Famine burned its source soul force, it erupted with dreadful black flames. They burnt through the void, their heat so devastating that the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit couldn’t help but retreat.

“This crazy beast!”

The artifact spirit grimaced. Famine had been suppressed for 3.6 billion years and in the last several thousand years, it had engaged the artifact spirit in unending battle. It had already consumed an incalculable amount of its soul force, but now it actually continued to crazily burn away its source soul force.

This was undoubtedly creating a giant wound.

“Crazy? Hehe, I believe that as long as I can swallow you, everything I’ve lost can be restored.”

Famine diabolically leered at Lin Ming. Its 1000 eyes emitted a fierce demonic light. This sort of feeling was like a starving wolf staring at delicious prey.

Famine was an evil and cruel demon. It was merciless to other creatures and also merciless to itself. With the chance of escape so...

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