MW Chapter 2004

Chapter 2004 – Fighting Famine

Lin Ming’s strength had aroused immense interest in Famine. With a roar, it began to burn its own source soul force!

Hu – !

Hu – !

Hu – !

Flames blazed. After Famine burned its source soul force, it erupted with dreadful black flames. They burnt through the void, their heat so devastating that the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit couldn’t help but retreat.

“This crazy beast!”

The artifact spirit grimaced. Famine had been suppressed for 3.6 billion years and in the last several thousand years, it had engaged the artifact spirit in unending battle. It had already consumed an incalculable amount of its soul force, but now it actually continued to crazily burn away its source soul force.

This was undoubtedly creating a giant wound.

“Crazy? Hehe, I believe that as long as I can swallow you, everything I’ve lost can be restored.”

Famine diabolically leered at Lin Ming. Its 1000 eyes emitted a fierce demonic light. This sort of feeling was like a starving wolf staring at delicious prey.

Famine was an evil and cruel demon. It was merciless to other creatures and also merciless to itself. With the chance of escape so close, it was willing to risk everything!

At this time, Famine attacked. Its 1000 hands turned into 1000 pythons that surged towards Lin Ming!

“Be careful!”

The artifact spirit shouted out. The giant ancient bronze seal came crashing down like a mountain, smashing into Famine!


With a horrifying strike, Famine shook. 300 pythons changed directions to collide with the Ancient Elysium Seal. It had split off a third of its strength to forcefully resist this strike!

When Famine was suppressed by the Divine Seal Array, it was restricted by the array formation and thus it couldn’t compete with the Ancient Elysium Seal. But now, with the seal broken, it was able to reverse the situation after burning its source soul force!

“I’ll kill you all!”

Famine roared into the air. Its demonic eyes blazed with a horrendous killing intent!

The demon domain expanded once more, covering both Lin Ming and the Ancient Elysium Seal!

700 pythons recklessly hurtled towards Lin Ming, surrounding his protective grandmist space.

Piki paka!

Grandmist energy was wildly swallowed up by the pythons. Lin Ming was besieged on all sides!

Famine cruelly smiled. As it was already sure that Lin Ming would be swallowed up by these 700 pythons and have his spiritual sea torn to pieces, a sudden change occurred!

In that moment, a mystical and terrifying black light, one that seemed to carry with it the will of the Heavenly Dao, came slashing out like the sword of a divine god!

It cut out, splitting apart the heavens and earth. The pythons formed from demon energy became like snow that had molten metal poured onto them, instantly melting away.

Puff! Puff!

Hundreds of pythons were sheared off by this divine light. Black blood gushed out!

This black blood was Famine’s soul force. Lin Ming’s attack caused Famine to cry out in pain again and again.


Famine screeched like a cat that had boiling water poured on it. Its sharp and ear-splitting cries shook the air. It dragged its half-remaining body away and tumbled through the air, surging with demonic energy as it protected itself.

Its pitch black eyes stared hatefully at Lin Ming.

Or, it was more accurate to say at Lin Ming’s hand!

At this time, endless black starlight had gathered within Lin Ming’s right hand. The space here had twisted, and within this space distortion, a dark gray cube slowly revolved.

The cube was simple and plain, covered with strange patterns and wrapped in a shroud of riddles.

As Famine saw this cube, it instantly froze. Its pupils flashed with pure disbelief.

Suddenly, in its heart that feared neither the heavens nor earth, a chill crept in.

 “The Stone of Eternal Life… that is the Stone of Eternal Life! Why is it in your hands!?”

He could clearly feel the terrifying soul force emitting from the Magic Cube!

The Magic Cube was the ultimate nemesis of all souls and spiritual strengths! And at this time, Famine was nothing but an amalgamation of soul force. Thus, it naturally feared the Magic Cube!

“What a pity. I thought I could twist you to pieces with that strike…”

Lin Ming held the Magic Cube and slowly approached Famine.

The Magic Cube was Lin Ming’s final trump card. From the start, he didn’t use it all in order so that Famine would approach him without raising its guard. Then, he would land a fatal strike on Famine. But Lin Ming never thought that Famine would be so powerful. It had actually managed to survive the attack and only suffer heavy wounds.

A normal soul would have been instantly sliced to nothing by the Magic Cube’s divine light the moment Lin Ming revealed it.

“It really was at least an extreme True Divinity in the past, or perhaps even an existence approaching the Asura Road Master. Even though it was suppressed for 3.6 billion years, it can remain so powerful… if I can control it, then what would it be like when I face the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?”

As Lin Ming thought this, his eyes turned cold and resolute.

At this time, Famine’s body began to surge and billow outwards. Traces of pain etched themselves on its face. The wounds that the Magic Cube cut on its body began to emit a dense demonic fog, and the arms that were severed started to regrow.

But at the same time, Famine also became paler in color.

It was regenerating its body!

Seeing this, Lin Ming didn’t delay any further. Without speaking he used the strength he obtained after burning his blood essence and threw out the Magic Cube!

He couldn’t give Famine any respite to restore itself!

The Magic Cube shared a connection with Lin Ming. Now, with his current strength, he was able to command it as he pleased!

In that moment, a horrifying soul storm of death swept up around the Magic Cube. The power of this attack was countless times greater than the Ancient Elysium Seal’s attack.

The attack left Famine crazily grasping for breath!

It hadn’t yet repaired its body but now it had to face a life or death crisis!

However, billions of years ago, Famine had traveled through the universe and ravaged wherever it went. Countless supreme powerhouses had died to its hands, and their supreme blood had cast an indefatigable faith in its soul, one that would never concede.

Ho - !

Famine lit up with black flames once more. It was burning all of its source soul force!

Normal martial artists, even spiritas martial artists that were renowned for their potent soul force, would instantly die as soon as they burned their complete source soul force. But Famine was actually able to resist it. This was simply unbelievable.

Even Lin Ming was shocked; did it want to commit suicide?

“Be careful, Famine has swallowed the souls of countless powerhouses and refined them into soul essence that was sealed in its body. Now, what it is burning isn’t its own source soul force but all the soul essence that it has saved. It wants to go all-out against you!”

The Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit rapidly explained.

Lin Ming suddenly realized what was occurring. No wonder it was so difficult for Famine to die and it still had such strength after being suppressed for 3.6 billion years. So it had actually swallowed the souls of countless Empyreans, and even True Divinities, and had slowly consumed their soul force over the years. In this case, of course it was able to survive. Even within the Divine Seal Array it was able to endure the passing of time until the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact died of old age, whereupon it could break out of the seal.

Suddenly, an eye split open on Famine’s head. This eye was formed from flesh and blood, and was similar to the eyes on its palms. But, this eye was completely blood red.

This was Famine’s 1001th demon eye. The surface of the eye, the billions of black lines that covered it, everything flashed non-stop with a mystical black light.

The black light contained runes that seethed up and down like grains of sand in a storm.

Although this eye didn’t reveal any abnormality, Lin Ming only looked at it once to feel a strong power. Something strange began to emerge in his heart.

Beams of black light shot out from that strange eye, containing the condensed rhythm of a mystical Dao.

Shua –

The black light was faster than lightning. As the demonic attack tore through the void, although it seemed simple, this actually contained the condensed power of a True Divinity’s soul that Famine had swallowed billions of years ago!

With a rumbling explosion, the black light collided with the Magic Cube and caused a massive energy shockwave to sweep outwards!

The spiritual strength released by the Magic Cube was reversed backwards and it was sent flying away by the soul force condensed from a True Divinity!

But Famine was no better off. Its body shook and it paled even further.

And at this time, Famine simply didn’t care about its wounds. Its 1001st demon eye had turned completely blood red.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Hundreds and thousands of beams of black light blazed out from Famine’s body. These were the soul forces of the Empyreans that Famine had swallowed billions of years ago. Compared to the soul force of a True Divinity, the soul force of an Empyrean wasn’t much at all. But with hundreds and thousands of these Empyrean soul forces rushing out, it was still an incomparably terrifying force.

These soul forces wrapped the Magic Cube in layers. Famine had desperately used every card in its hands, even taking heavy wounds all in order to wrest away the Magic Cube.

Although it was impossible for Famine to refine the Magic Cube, it could actually use the force field created from the souls of Empyreans to surround it, making it so that Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to control the Magic Cube for some time. With this, it would win.

“You’re over! You can die, and this Stone of Eternal Life is also mine!”

Famine roared. The strange eye on its forehead projected a giant shield that blocked out the skies and covered its body.

In this final moment, it wouldn’t give Lin Ming the chance to use any sneak attacks to turn the tide.

Famine’s body violently shivered. Fierce dragon tentacles rose up around it, whistling in the air. Hundreds and thousands of crimson spears shot out. Burning hot flames blazed, freezing cold ice crackled, yin and yang distorted the air…

The supreme Dao arts of the 33 Heavens began to appear in droves.

“This is the power of the Great Dao that it swallowed!” The pupils of the Ancient Elysium Seal’s artifact spirit shrank as it warned Lin Ming once more.

Famine’s most powerful ability was to swallow. And, the Dao arts it used now came from the supreme powerhouses it defeated in the past. When it swallowed the blood essence and divine souls of those powerhouses, it also swallowed the Laws they grasped. Now, it used everything at its disposal in an attempt to kill off Lin Ming.

This was a terrifying ability, the ability to swallow the strength of others and use it for oneself.

Without hesitation, Lin Ming flew backwards.

The Ancient Elysium Seal came crashing down once more. As for the desperate Famine, it only used a fifth of its Dao arts to send the Ancient Elysium Seal flying away!

The Ancient Elysium Seal violently shook; it had clearly reached its limits.

But at this time, Famine no longer cared about the Ancient Elysium Seal; its target was Lin Ming!

Lin Ming was the one controlling the Magic Cube. It would absolutely not kill the Ancient Elysium Seal and give Lin Ming the chance to recapture the Magic Cube during that time!

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