MW Chapter 2003

Chapter 2003 – Opening the Seal

Seeing these final words left behind by a powerhouse who had sacrificed himself for this sealing array, Lin Ming felt a deep sadness well up in his heart.

This was a feeling that was hard to describe. If Lin Ming were to be returned to 3.6 billion years ago and forced to face humanity’s great calamity, then under these stirring feelings he would also make his final stand here, eyes unblinking as he offered to sacrifice his life.

When the survival of a race was on the line, in order to shelter one’s family, to shelter one’s lover, children, friends, as well as the countless lives of the people, even though one had never had much contact with them except the same blood that flowed through their veins, to exchange one’s life just so that everyone could continue on as they did in the past, just what was that price considered?

“All I wish is to shelter my race, and create this last pure land for them…”

Lin Ming murmured these words. He felt a great heaviness upon his shoulders.

The enchantment in front of him had been forged with the blood and tears of dozens of senior human supreme elders. The reason they did so was in order to...

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