MW Chapter 2003

Chapter 2003 – Opening the Seal

Seeing these final words left behind by a powerhouse who had sacrificed himself for this sealing array, Lin Ming felt a deep sadness well up in his heart.

This was a feeling that was hard to describe. If Lin Ming were to be returned to 3.6 billion years ago and forced to face humanity’s great calamity, then under these stirring feelings he would also make his final stand here, eyes unblinking as he offered to sacrifice his life.

When the survival of a race was on the line, in order to shelter one’s family, to shelter one’s lover, children, friends, as well as the countless lives of the people, even though one had never had much contact with them except the same blood that flowed through their veins, to exchange one’s life just so that everyone could continue on as they did in the past, just what was that price considered?

“All I wish is to shelter my race, and create this last pure land for them…”

Lin Ming murmured these words. He felt a great heaviness upon his shoulders.

The enchantment in front of him had been forged with the blood and tears of dozens of senior human supreme elders. The reason they did so was in order to suppress the abyssal demon Famine!

But now, Lin Ming was about to open the seal and release that demon.

If he couldn’t overcome it, then that was the same as destroying all the efforts of his human predecessors. If that occurred, Lin Ming wouldn’t have any face left. How would he be able to face the countless heroic human souls who sacrificed themselves in the past?

“Junior, have you thought about this?”

The Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit said from behind Lin Ming, sighing once more.

“I have.”

Lin Ming responded, his back to the artifact spirit. He clenched his fists so hard that the void nearly cracked apart.

This would be a battle to the end!

He took a deep breath and sat down in the center of the temple.

The Daevic Eye Dao Palace opened between Lin Ming’s eyebrows. At the same time, his eyes sharpened to pinpoints and strange flowery patterns appeared around his pupils.

This was the state of the Three Lives Pupils’ All Existence to Void.

Under this state, Lin Ming was able to see the black hole hidden in the void within the temple. This black hole swirled, swallowing in all energy, matter, and Laws of the world.

This was the array heart of the Divine Seal Array.

The soul of Famine was sealed within this black hole.

Lin Ming had once studied the Divine Seal Art before. In addition, Empyrean Divine Seal had studied the Asura Heavenly Dao and had added many things into the Divine Seal Art. Now that Lin Ming saw the Divine Seal Array’s array heart, he was able to deduce many things from it.

The Daevic Eye Dao Palace and Three Lives Pupils mutually complemented each other. The structure of the array formation was branded in Lin Ming’s mind, where it was slowly understood by him.

If he wanted to contend with Famine’s Soul that had been suppressed using the Divine Seal Art, he would need to use the Divine Seal Array itself.

Several days passed. Then, Lin Ming suddenly stood up from his meditation and started walking towards that revolving array heart.

His pupils were bright and vibrant, with tens of thousands of runes shining within as deductions continued to take place. The origin energy within his inner world scattered out from his body, weaving together in the void.

In this moment, the essence of the Asura Sutra’s array techniques had been deduced to an extreme.

In an instant, 33 figures flashed into existence around him. Each figure stepped upon a rune of the Great Dao, rich and strong array lines connecting them.

These array lines overlapped and combined, forming a new array formation.

The moment that this array formation appeared, a primal and chaotic energy shot into the highest heavens, forming a massive yin yang diagram vortex in the skies.

This vortex possessed the powers of yin and yang. Yet this yin and yang wasn’t as simple as the Yin Yang Laws, but consisted of the power of divinity and the power of demons!

The moment this array formation vortex appeared, the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit was stunned.

This strength was…

The artifact spirit had constantly struggled against Famine’s soul for 3.6 billion years, thus it understood the power of demons. Half of the strength Lin Ming used now was the power of demons.

This caused the Ancient Elysium Seal to feel this entire scene unbelievable. The power of demons wasn’t something that a human could control.

But, it didn’t think that Lin Ming had been taken over by an abyssal demon. This was because the power of divinity that Lin Ming exuded was equally extremely pure. If he really was an abyssal in human disguise, then he would have been unable to use this strength.

As the two strengths were thrust out by Lin Ming, they coexisted in peace. This was something the artifact spirit couldn’t understand at all.

In its opinion, this was an absolute impossibility.

However, even though the artifact spirit had all these questions rising in its heart, it didn’t disturb Lin Ming and only quietly watched on.

That profound vortex seemed like an infinite black hole that could obliterate all of existence. It carried with it an all-destroying aura.

At the same time, the array formation was faintly similar to the blue stone road within the Asura Road’s final trial, continuous and without end, each step containing the suppression of the powerful Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

Lin Ming’s body floated within the center of this array formation. He soared into the skies like a divine king that ruled over all.

“This junior, just what has he been perceiving these past years…” The artifact spirit murmured, its mind quaking. Just 6500 years ago Lin Ming had been a minor figure it could kill at will, but now he had mastered a strength that shocked even the artifact spirit.

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly looked up at the artifact spirit. “Senior, let’s begin!”

The artifact spirit grit its teeth and hardened its resolve. Rays of black divine light shot out from its body, slamming into the main form of the Ancient Elysium Seal.


The Ancient Elysium Seal flew upwards!

This was the same as removing the barrier of the Divine Seal Array’s array heart. The power behind the array formation burst out like a broken dam.

The Divine Seal Array that had been continuously sealing for 3.6 billion years had finally been released!

Roar - !

A horrifying roar spread out from the black hole and a dreadful demonic aura shrouded down over the world.

It was like hell had descended unto the earth. Endless seas of blood soared up and down and countless massive demonic phantoms howled as they rode the waves of blood.

The soul of Famine had emerged!

Famine’s body was that of an ugly red ball of meat, but its soul was not. This soul had 12 cruel red wings and 1000 arms. Each arm had a palm with the eye of a crazed demon staring out from it.

It was incredibly large. As it unfurled its 12 wings, it could block out the entire temple. Each one of its 1000 arms was twice Lin Ming’s height!

Moreover, it was growing even larger!


Famine cackled, its voice like the wailing cries of tormented ghosts.

“3.6 billion years! 3.6 billion years! I have finally come out! Jejejeje!”

Famine spat out. It spoke in the language of the ancient demons, a language similar to the ancient god race’s. A person who understood the language of the god race would definitely be able to understand it.

“So it’s you boy, you’re the one that released me? I don’t know what you are planning to do, but I will take your mortal body and swallow all your blood vitality as thanks for releasing me, jejeje!”

Famine’s soul laughed. At the same time, all 1000 eyes on its arms stared at Lin Ming!

These eyes were all terrifying demon eyes, seeming to possess an ability to see through the hearts of others. And, their most terrifying property was that they seemed able to expand a person’s negative feelings to the extreme.

“Be careful, it’s the demon domain!”

The Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit cautioned from the side. But, this warning also drew the hateful glare of Famine’s soul!

Famine’s soul naturally recognized the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit. This was the old geezer that had locked it in here for 3.6 billion years!

Such a terrifying sealing and suppression caused pain and agony that couldn’t be described in words. Even though Famine was incomparably powerful, this sort of manic-inducing suffering nearly caused its soul to collapse.

It had been weakened to the extreme, and all of this was thanks to the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit!

The hatred it felt towards this artifact spirit could fill up an entire universe.

“I’ll kill this old piece of garbage first!”

Famine didn’t care about Lin Ming. Rather, it attacked the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit!

The 1000 hands were like 1000 spears that pierced towards the artifact spirit.

The artifact spirit’s complexion changed. With a thought, it was already ready to enter the main body of the Ancient Elysium Seal and prepare for a battle to the death.

But at this moment, a cold voice shouted out.

“Your opponent is me!”

Weng –

The countless Asura Heavenly Dao runes beneath Lin Ming’s feet began to emit a blinding radiance!

The chains of Laws were like Azure Dragons that had woken from slumber. They instantly tied down Famine.

Each chain link within this array formation contained the will of the Asura Heavenly Dao. It was a transcendent array formation that existed beyond the 33 Heavens.

This array formation also fused in the essence of the Divine Seal Art. Besides the meaning of ‘sealing’, it also contained the meaning of ‘obliteration’.


Famine roared out. Ugly blood dragons drilled out from the soul, mercilessly biting down on the array formation chains.

A trillion runes began to implode, emitting dull booming sounds.

The array formation that Lin Ming created was unable to pose a threat to Famine. It was being easily torn part!

Although it was weak, the strength it could emit was beyond terrifying!

“You think you can restrain me? Just be a good little boy and give me your blood vitality as food!”

Famine rushed towards Lin Ming. Without a word, Lin Ming rapidly retreated. He raised his hands, forming tens of thousands of seals, his eyes as cold as the nine nether abyss.


Lin Ming punched his chest and spat out an arrow of blood, fusing it into a new array link.

In order to defeat Famine, Lin Ming was willing to pay any price!

This was a battle he could not lose!

This battle carried with it the hopes of humanity, carried with it the sacrifice of all the human supreme elders of 3.6 billion years ago!

Lin Ming’s blood essence had been fused with the blood of the Asura Road Master. As it fused into the array formation, it pushed the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws within the chains to an extreme.

The chains began to boil like roiling magma. They turned red hot, emitting bright flames a hundred times hotter than a sun.


Caught off guard, the blood dragons that Famine released were burned to ashes and its soul was burnt again and again. Where it was tied up with chains, massive chunks began to disappear as if someone had carved out portions of its body.

Famine’s visage violently twisted. It swiveled its head and looked at Lin Ming, its eyes burning with shock and brutality.

“A half-step Empyrean cultivation… yet you thoroughly understand the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. How could your cultivation be so formidable…”

Famine’s face was grim. But then, it cruelly grinned. “What I like most is the flesh and blood of human geniuses. Although I don’t know what secrets and lucky chances you have on you, none of that is important. Once I kill you, everything you have will be mine!”

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