MW Chapter 2002

Chapter 2002 – One Last Pure Land

“It’s really you…” After confirming Lin Ming’s status, the Ancient Elysium Seal seemed filled with emotion. “You’ve returned…”

“Yes, Senior, junior has returned…”

Lin Ming respectfully bowed. In the past, he didn’t know just what was sealed beneath the Ancient Elysium Seal. He only knew that the artifact spirit of the Ancient Elysium Seal had guarded this land for 3.6 billion years, and that was far too shocking a time.

But now he knew that the soul of Famine was being sealed and suppressed beneath the Ancient Elysium Seal, the soul of an extreme True Divinity level demon. Now, besides shock, Lin Ming also felt a reverent respect.

In the past, Empyrean Divine Seal as well as the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit had paid far too great a price in order to obtain victory in the great calamity.

“Mm… you are already…”

The Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit looked at Lin Ming with some surprise. It had just noticed Lin Ming’s cultivation boundary – a half-step Empyrean.

To become a half-step Empyrean after 6500-6600 years, although this was an extremely fast cultivation rate, it didn’t shock the artifact spirit too much. After all, it knew that Lin Ming had the Magic Cube.

But when it tried to probe Lin Ming’s inner...

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