MW Chapter 2001

Chapter 2001 – Once Again To Immemorial Imperial City

Three years passed in the blink of an eye. The Akashic Dream Battlefield smelting trial came to an end.

From start to finish, Lin Ming was only a passerby in this smelting trial. No one found him and he didn’t kill anyone either.

He left the ancient galactic battlefield and slowly walked to the exit of the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

For these three years, Lin Ming had consolidated his half-step Empyrean cultivation.

Originally he speculated that because the Laws he perceived were too broad and profound, he would need to use up a long time, perhaps even tens of thousands of years to break into the Empyrean realm. But now, it seems that he didn’t need to wait so long.

As Lin Ming was in the ancient galactic battlefield absorbing the world power there, the Supreme phantom within his inner world soaked up this strength. Then, something marvelous occurred; it also underwent a baptism of this world power.

Following that, something even more bewildering occurred. The world seed he obtained in the final trial began to slowly fuse with the Supreme phantom within his inner world.

These were the two cores of Lin Ming’s inner world. In one year, they were able to meld together as one.

The world seed finally appeared in the point between the giant Supreme phantom’s eyebrows, just like an eye.

This was equal to saying that there was a world mounted between the Supreme phantom’s eyes.

This was a strange event. Lin Ming didn’t know why things evolved in this direction or what would occur as this continued onwards, but the direct result was that it increased the speed at which his inner world absorbed world power by a great deal.

When fusing the two world cores together, the result wasn’t as simple as adding one with one. They each complemented the other, and their effects doubled and doubled again.

With such a speed, Lin Ming’s transition from a half-step Empyrean to a true Empyrean would be incredibly fast.

To Lin Ming, this was something to celebrate. Otherwise, within the great waves that would soon rock the world, he wouldn’t be able to play too great a role if he wasn’t able to break into the Empyrean realm.

As these thoughts echoed in Lin Ming’s mind, he stepped on the wind, preparing to leave. But at this time, he stopped his steps.

Before him there was a jade blue lake. This lake was beautiful to the eyes, but the truth was that it was a dead lake without any life at all.

“Big Brother Lin, what is it?”

Ruby had turned into a mass of soul energy and followed Lin Ming all around. As she saw the change in his countenance, she couldn’t help but ask him this question.

“Nothing. I’m just thinking about the past…” Lin Ming gently shook his head. Then Ruby also remembered.

In the past, when Lin Ming and Ruby first emerged from the ancient galactic battlefield, he had arrived at this lake. Here, he ran into an old youth. That old youth was the leader of the 33 Heavens’ spiritas – the Soul Emperor.

Lin Ming only had a brief conversation with him. At that time, he had felt that the boundaries of this old youth were like an unreachable mountain.

In fact, for a long time afterwards, Lin Ming wasn’t able to tell whether this old youth was an enemy or friend.

It was only afterwards that Sheng Mei came and took away his Eternal Soul.

The Soul Emperor of the 33 Heavens… perhaps he was the most terrifying person in the world…

Lin Ming shook his head, no longer thinking about the past. He only swept over this lake with his divine sense. This was truly an ordinary lake. Besides lacking all vitality, there wasn’t anything uncommon about it.

Sometimes, ordinary things contained unordinary truths.

“The Soul Emperor, is he now still refining the Eternal Soul to complete his Art of Eternal Life?”

Lin Ming didn’t know just what the Soul Emperor was plotting. He only guessed that the current inactivity of the spiritas was related to the quiet of the Soul Emperor.

“Let’s go. The Akashic Dream Battlefield’s smelting trial is ending soon.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he left this world with Ruby…


Divine Realm, True Martial Great World, Immemorial Imperial City –

Over 6000 years ago, Immemorial Imperial City had been a bustling city atop the True Martial Great World’s main continent. Afterwards, when humanity’s great calamity occurred, Immemorial Imperial City was looted and most of it was destroyed. Later it was rebuilt. However, what ruled this city that had existed for over a hundred million years were not humans, but the saints.

The True Martial Holy Lands that controlled the True Martial Great World had long since been destroyed. Their associated industries and the wealth they had accumulated for almost a billion years was completely taken by a saint race influence called Golden Dragon Hall.

The current Immemorial Imperial City was flooded with hundreds of saint race influences both large and small. Here, the saints controlled all resources and all wealth. As for humans, they were mostly common citizens, miners, servants, cart drivers… and so forth.

Lin Ming didn’t enter the city. He simply swept over it with his sense and then sighed deeply in his heart. The once lively business districts were still lively. But, those shops all belonged to the saints, and for the humans that were born in Immemorial Imperial City, they were often waiters, doormen, and other menial roles. If they were slightly more prestigious, they might also be store managers or accountants.

The humans of the Divine Realm could only continue living through such means. The path of martial arts cultivation had long since been strangled to death.

Lin Ming shook his head and didn’t pay any more attention to this. He didn’t stop at Immemorial Imperial City either.

He quietly headed towards the place Fishy had pointed out to him in the past.

No one knew that when Lin Ming came to this place he had already sunk into the ground, and all that remained walking up above was an illusion he created.

Even if an Empyrean came, they still wouldn’t be able to see through this illusion. And in fact, Immemorial Imperial City had no Empyreans. The one with the highest cultivation in Golden Dragon Hall, their Highest Elder, only had a peak Great World King cultivation.

Lin Ming’s illusion arrived deep in the mountains. Then, it vanished.

At this time Lin Ming was already a thousand miles underground.

Lin Ming traveled underground at a steady and constant pace. A black force field covered his body. This was the Laws-annihilating grandmist space. The earth itself belonged to earth-attribute Laws, and when these Laws met Lin Ming’s upper level grandmist space it naturally decomposed. Like this, Lin Ming easily drilled deep underground.

The temperature gradually rose. Underneath the great pressure, the stone became harder. But to the current Lin Ming, none of this was worthy of mentioning at all.

After a thousand miles, there was sense-isolating vast sky stone.

In the mortal world, this kind of stone was even more valuable than gold. But to a martial artist, it wasn’t uncommon at all. Still, vast sky stone possessed a special effect, and that was that it was able to isolate out one’s divine sense. When a layer of vast sky stone thousands of miles thick accumulated over time, it would be difficult for any martial artist to sink their sense into it. Moreover, at the true core of the large array, there were numerous concealing array formations laid down by Empyrean Divine Seal.

After reaching 5000 miles underground, Lin Ming was already completely submerged in a boiling magma sea of melted vast sky stone.

This sort of stone was pure white to begin with, and the magma it formed was also the color of creamy milk. Its heat was terrifying and it was far denser than mercury; with so much it created a dreadful pressure.

As one was soaked within and in addition to its divine sense-shielding properties, normal martial artists wouldn’t even be able to blink. Even Lin Ming felt his divine sense being somewhat limited.

Deeper in, the Space Laws started to twist. What Lin Ming was searching for was a spatial node that Fishy found in the past.

Lin Ming carefully searched. Finally, by relying on his terrifying soul force he was able to sift through that vast sky stone magma and find the spatial node.

When Lin Ming came here in the past, he had relied completely on Fishy’s guidance to blunder his way into this spatial node.

And Lin Ming could no longer be compared to his past self. As he saw this spatial node once more, he was able to faintly perceive its mysteries.

Without a doubt, this was an array formation arranged by Empyrean Divine Seal in the past. It was only because 3.6 billion years had passed that the array formation had started to gradually weaken. Otherwise, it would have been impossibly difficult for Lin Ming to find it, let alone enter it.

He stood before the spatial node for some time. Lin Ming could feel a spinning spatial vortex appear in front of him. Then, he moved into it.

In the next moment, Lin Ming passed through that terrifying layer of magma and had arrived at an incomparably vast underground space.

This place was a mind-bogglingly large mountain range of giant violet sun crystals!

When Lin Ming journeyed through the Sky Spill Continent, there was no mountain peak he saw that could compare with this violet sun crystal mountain range in sheer size or grandeur.

This massive accumulation of violet sun crystals formed a massive ‘seal’ character; this was the great sealing array formation.

Even with Lin Ming’s current standards, the value of these giant mountains of violet sun crystals was terrifying.

This was because within the mountain range of violet sun crystals, a world had already evolved. Sealed within were lakes, forests, grasslands, and numerous other scenes.

There were trees that towered to the heavens, galloping spirit deer, white apes, flying fish, dangling plants…

These things weren’t created by Empyrean Divine Seal in the past. Rather, they evolved through that terrifying time period of 3.6 billion years; they were violet sun stone embryos bred from violet sun crystals. It was just like the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone that Lin Ming obtained in the past, spiritual awarenesses that had evolved from within divine stone.

Although these violet sun stone embryos couldn’t compare to Lin Ming’s Essence Spirit Embryo Stone in value, with so much together and having evolved a world together, their value was simply impossible to estimate.

Lin Ming traced the shining walls of a violet sun crystal mountain. He peered at the world within, waiting…

And after two hours passed, Lin Ming finally heard an ancient and distant voice. “You… you are that junior from… 6000 years ago?”

The Ancient Elysium Seal’s artifact spirit had regained consciousness.

The Ancient Elysium Seal had existed for at least 3.6 billion years. To it, 6500 years was only a brief instant. But for some unknown reason, Lin Ming felt that in these 6000 some years, the voice of the Ancient Elysium Seal seemed to have become weaker, a voice filled with the erosion of time…

Compared to the horrifying existence of the past, the energy that the Ancient Elysium Seal possessed had clearly weakened.

How could this be?

An artifact spirit also had a lifespan. After too much time passed, even it would die, leaving behind nothing but the main body of the spirit treasure to exist in the world. But just what sort of spirit treasure was this? A mere 6500 years shouldn’t have caused the Ancient Elysium seal to weaken by so much!

“Senior, what happened to you…?” Lin Ming worriedly asked


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