MW Chapter 2001

Chapter 2001 – Once Again To Immemorial Imperial City

Three years passed in the blink of an eye. The Akashic Dream Battlefield smelting trial came to an end.

From start to finish, Lin Ming was only a passerby in this smelting trial. No one found him and he didn’t kill anyone either.

He left the ancient galactic battlefield and slowly walked to the exit of the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

For these three years, Lin Ming had consolidated his half-step Empyrean cultivation.

Originally he speculated that because the Laws he perceived were too broad and profound, he would need to use up a long time, perhaps even tens of thousands of years to break into the Empyrean realm. But now, it seems that he didn’t need to wait so long.

As Lin Ming was in the ancient galactic battlefield absorbing the world power there, the Supreme phantom within his inner world soaked up this strength. Then, something marvelous occurred; it also underwent a baptism of this world power.

Following that, something even more bewildering occurred. The world seed he obtained in the final trial began to slowly fuse with the Supreme phantom within his inner world.

These were the two cores...

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