MW Chapter 2000B

Chapter 2000B – Half-step Empyrean

The marks of these two highest Laws worked to suppress the abyssal together!

Although this abyssal was powerful, it had already been slain by the Asura Road Master and had an inherent fear of him. As it felt the aura of the Asura Road Master, its cruel and barbaric killing intent suddenly faded away by a great deal.

In these circumstances, the two Laws continuously barraged the abyssal phantom, causing it to cry out in pain and misery again and again. Then, with a loud explosion, the abyssal completely exploded beneath the onslaught of Laws!

Lin Ming knew that at this moment, he had already completely refined the final wisp of demonic will within the demon relic and was now in full control of this strength!

Within the Galaxy Void Furnace, the endless starlight pierced into Lin Ming’s body. Endless star runes emitted an ancient intent as they wrapped around Lin Ming.  

At this time, the final dregs of the demon relic’s core exploded, turning into the purest essence of power and spreading into Lin Ming’s body.

His appearance changing technique had already vanished. His appearance had reverted to that of a formidable and handsome youth.

“Little Black, come out!”

At this time, Lin Ming called for the little black dragon to emerge. The little black dragon happily cheered as it dived into the sea of energy.

A God Beast’s body possessed an incredible carrying capacity. At this time, Little Black was like a withered sponge thrown in water, greedily absorbing all the surrounding strength!

Energy flowed into its open jaws, flowing into its organs and starting to transform its body.

Over a thousand years had passed since Little Black had gone to the final trial. Its body was already as large as a young dragon of the dragon race, and its ability to absorb this pure demonic energy was even greater.

Ka ka ka!

Little Black’s horn became longer and thicker, and fierce spikes like those on an abyssal demon appeared on its tail. If this tail were to swipe across someone, the damage it would cause could be imagined.

Slowly, Little Black’s spine, wings, claws, everything was affected by this demon power and became increasingly fierce.

After absorbing this demon power, its body had become different from ordinary royal Black Dragons.

But at this time, Lin Ming couldn’t bother with these things. Great noises rang out from within his body, like the beatings of a great drum.

Bits of demon relic essence burned like stars as they blazed through Lin Ming’s body.

As Lin Ming and Little Black swallowed the remaining 70% of the demon relic’s strength, over 50% of that had been swallowed by Lin Ming. Even though he was strong, the pain was so intense that veins stuck out on his forehead. It felt like his flesh and blood and even his divine soul was being burned cleanly away by the demon relic’s essence.

But Lin Ming’s body had been tempered to an abnormal state. He forcefully withstood this immense demonic strength and even drew it to attach to different places all over his body.


When the energy was condensed to the peak, a great door seemed to be pushed open within Lin Ming. Endless and boundless essence energy became a giant hammer that crashed into Lin Ming’s inner world!

Within Lin Ming’s inner world, a vast and limitless strength started to crazily gather, condensing in the center of his universe. It slowly evolved into the giant phantom of a person!

This human phantom was terrifyingly large. By stretching out a palm it could grasp a planet!

The phantom’s face was majestic and dignified, as if it stood above all living beings, so high and lofty that nothing could face it.

It was like a god king who rose up, its aura frightening the vastness of space, its divine light illuminating the galaxy!

And looking at this giant’s appearance, it was actually somewhat similar to Lin Ming.

This was an Empyrean that belonged to Lin Ming!

The so-called Empyrean was the Supreme of the heavens and earth. Once a martial artist reached this realm, they could form a true Supreme within their inner world.

A half-step Empyrean was only a virtual phantom.

As for a true Empyrean, they would produce a true material Supreme, able to shock and awe their own world.

From a Great World King to a half-step Empyrean, this was an incredibly difficult step. Many powerhouses were stuck at this checkpoint for their entire lives.

But once one became a half-step Empyrean and formed their own Supreme phantom, then transitioning to their own true material Supreme wasn’t difficult at all.

In other words, for most half-step Empyreans, as long as they didn’t perish they would eventually be able to become Empyreans.

Even between a half-step Empyrean and Great World King, there was an essential difference. Once a half-step Empyrean condensed their own Supreme phantom, killing a similarly talented Great World King became simple.

As the Supreme phantom formed, Lin Ming’s self-created inner world began to experience heaven-shaking changes as it was nourished by the essence of the demon relic.

Although he had formed his inner world, that inner world had been filled with endless fog and blurriness. It was vast, but the strength within was disorderly and too varied.

But with so much demon relic essence pouring in, carrying with it an aura of cold and death, it actually began a chain of miraculous changes.

From Lin Ming’s strength, whether it was the power of divinity from the Laws of the 33 Heavens, or the power of life from the Holy Scripture, it was inevitably biased towards the power of light.

But the power of the demon relic that Lin Ming absorbed was actually the power of pure darkness.

These two strengths represented extreme polar opposites.

And yin and yang were the greatest source foundation of the world, where all of existence derived from.

As the two strengths mixed together and collided, thunderous sounds echoed out. The disorderly strength turned chaotic, and soon, traces of vitality appeared.

This part of the world was also sliced open by the yin and yang energies. A dim brown strength vaguely evolved from between them. It became like a mystical turtle, carrying the earth on its back. A sacred and holy energy wafted out, roaming through the deep blue skies…

The world continued to expand. Beneath the aura of the yin and yang, the chaotic world Laws began to be brought to order.

The truth was that when Lin Ming became a World King, his inner world had already been completely different from the inner world of a normal martial artist.

And now this difference increased even further!

The power of divinity, the power of demons, these two strengths tangled within his inner world, causing more things to appear within it.

In addition to the two highest Laws of the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra, Lin Ming’s inner world had become a miracle that no one had been able to accomplish in the vast and endless river of the years.

Even heroes like the Asura Road Master, even talented geniuses like the Holy Scripture creator, although the two of them had travelled to the extremes of their roads, one had travelled to the extremes of the world universe and one had travelled to the extreme of the body universe.

And Lin Ming evolved a world in his body; this was the same as combining the world of the universe and the world of the body together.

Then, by gathering the power of divinity and the power of demons, he had slowly stepped onto a path that no one had ventured on before.

If he could truly refine his inner world to completion, then Lin Ming would undoubtedly become someone who surpassed any genius who existed or who had existed.

As the Supreme phantom within Lin Ming’s inner world stabilized itself, he tossed his head back and roared into the heavens, his body hurtling up and impacting into space!


The Galaxy Void Furnace was blasted open!

Lin Ming’s blood vitality surged like wild waves, like a peerless god king. At this time, his entire body blazed with blinding brilliance, dazzling like a sun.

He could feel that his body had never been as powerful as it was today, as if he could reverse rivers of stars and slaughter gods and buddhas!


The Black Dragon Spear leapt into Lin Ming’s hand. It violently wobbled and a resounding echo spread through the world.

Then, with a dragon’s horrifying roar, a massive black dragon rushed out from the shattered starlight, its two wings shaking the void behind Lin Ming!

Lin Ming stood atop the black dragon’s head. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear, his eyes as sharp as electricity. He gazed at the endless starry skies above him.

His goal had never been the saints, but had been this vast and endless galaxy, the cosmos of the 33 Heavens, the eternal world.

As for humanity’s great calamity, perhaps… it was his smelting trial!

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