MW Chapter 2000B

Chapter 2000B – Half-step Empyrean

The marks of these two highest Laws worked to suppress the abyssal together!

Although this abyssal was powerful, it had already been slain by the Asura Road Master and had an inherent fear of him. As it felt the aura of the Asura Road Master, its cruel and barbaric killing intent suddenly faded away by a great deal.

In these circumstances, the two Laws continuously barraged the abyssal phantom, causing it to cry out in pain and misery again and again. Then, with a loud explosion, the abyssal completely exploded beneath the onslaught of Laws!

Lin Ming knew that at this moment, he had already completely refined the final wisp of demonic will within the demon relic and was now in full control of this strength!

Within the Galaxy Void Furnace, the endless starlight pierced into Lin Ming’s body. Endless star runes emitted an ancient intent...

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