MW Chapter 2000A

Chapter 2000A – Half-step Empyrean

Hearing Ruby’s answer, Lin Ming smiled. This smile contained warmth and affection, as well as hope and desire for the future.

“If you come with me, there may be terrifying things you will have to face. Ruby, are you not afraid?”

“I’m not!”

Ruby gripped her small fists and firmly shook her head.

“Good! Then let’s go!”

As Lin Ming spoke, he raised his right hand. In his palm, a gray cube slowly condensed from his flesh and blood, revolving in the air.

And as soon as Ruby saw this gray cube, her eyes could no longer move from it.

She could feel that this cube was the same as her life.

“I call this the Magic Cube. There are some things that you will slowly know of. This thing is originally the same body as you.”

As Lin Ming spoke, Ruby indeed felt that this thing called the Magic Cube shared her bloodline. It seemed to call to her with some strength she couldn’t explain....

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