MW Chapter 2000A

Chapter 2000A – Half-step Empyrean

Hearing Ruby’s answer, Lin Ming smiled. This smile contained warmth and affection, as well as hope and desire for the future.

“If you come with me, there may be terrifying things you will have to face. Ruby, are you not afraid?”

“I’m not!”

Ruby gripped her small fists and firmly shook her head.

“Good! Then let’s go!”

As Lin Ming spoke, he raised his right hand. In his palm, a gray cube slowly condensed from his flesh and blood, revolving in the air.

And as soon as Ruby saw this gray cube, her eyes could no longer move from it.

She could feel that this cube was the same as her life.

“I call this the Magic Cube. There are some things that you will slowly know of. This thing is originally the same body as you.”

As Lin Ming spoke, Ruby indeed felt that this thing called the Magic Cube shared her bloodline. It seemed to call to her with some strength she couldn’t explain. She turned into a flow of energy and submerged into the Magic Cube.

In that moment, Lin Ming could feel that his spiritual connection with the Magic Cube had deepened. The originally blurry Laws became increasingly clear. He knew that if he were to use the Magic Cube again, he would be able to display an even greater strength from it.

Lin Ming clenched his fist and the Magic Cube returned to his body. He stamped his feet and flew upwards, sinking into the void and directly vanishing.

After leaving the Soul Cave, Lin Ming’s destination was the ancient galactic battlefield within the Akashic Dream Universe.

He had to stay in the Akashic Dream Battlefield for the full three years before the exit would open. This was something that Lin Ming couldn’t change no matter how strong he was right now; it was one of the Laws of the Akashic Dream Universe.

So during this period of time, he would break into the half-step Empyrean realm.

He returned to the ancient galactic battlefield once more. As he looked at this lonely and desolate galaxy, he closed his eyes.

The last time he was here his boundary had been insufficient; he had only been able to vaguely feel the aura of the Asura Road Master and the Holy Scripture creator.

But now, from this ravaged galaxy, from the innumerable eternal space cracks that littered the starry space, he was able to make out more details of the battle between the Asura Road Master and the Holy Scripture creator.

All of this was thanks to Lin Ming’s higher understanding of the two great Laws.

Lin Ming wandered about in the void. The great echo of the ancient era seemed to flow into his ears across the vast river of time.

His deep understanding of the world’s Great Dao had never been so clear before.

Behind him, Ruby followed closely.

After arriving at a planet that had yet to be fully destroyed, Lin Ming sat down in the void.

“Ruby, in a moment I will use a supernatural technique to refine a great treasure. You’ll be fine if you watch from afar.”

“Mm!” Ruby nodded. Her form faded as she flew off to a distant end of the galaxy.

The heavens and earth fell silent.

Lin Ming sat in this silence. The strength within his body began to swiftly and wildly rise. He became a furnace, rapidly arousing the potential within his body.

Every pore and hole on his body began to emit a blinding light.

At this moment, Lin Ming had become a great burning star. He shone through eternity, burning away the dark, searing away the night, brimming full of vitality.

Suddenly, he formed tens of thousands of seals with his hand. Countless runes swelled out in all directions of the galaxy like ripples, instantly spreading for tens of millions of miles.

The originally dying and ebbing stars seemed to come back alive, shining with overwhelmingly bright starlight.

Starlight shined down from the core of these stars, turning into silver pythons in the air.

They wove together in the air, slowly wrapping Lin Ming within and forming the Galaxy Void Furnace.

Not just that, but behind the Galaxy Void Furnace, the giant phantom of an Asura appeared. It grasped a long spear, its bloody killing intent soaring into the stars. It stood behind Lin Ming like a guardian god.

Lin Ming’s mind was as steady as a rock, disallowing any outside interference. Within his palm, the demon relic appeared, shining like pitch black jade and exuding a bloodthirsty and ominous aura.

This relic only had 70% of its strength remaining. He had to take this remaining strength and refine and swallow it in one attempt!

This was a crazy decision.

He chose to borrow the power of stars within this ancient galactic battlefield. By arranging the Galaxy Void Furnace and then drawing support from the remnant marks of the fierce battle that occurred between the Asura Road Master and Holy Scripture creator, he would use this power to suppress the demonic power of the demon relic.

The potential in his body erupted without end. Within Lin Ming’s pupils, stars were born and destroyed, suns and moons rising and falling.

His aura rose to an extreme, and the roar of a True Dragon echoed out from his body. At this time, Lin Ming took the demon relic in his hands and tossed it into the Galaxy Void Furnace, refining it with starlight. Then, he leapt in with it.

Within the final trial’s seventh level, Lin Ming had already mastered the secret skill behind the Galaxy Void Furnace.

The demon relic tumbled about in the phantasmal starlight. It became hungry and wild, filled with eager desire to devour Lin Ming’s body.

After all, this demon relic was refined from the essence of an abyssal. Although the demon’s soul had been erased, the demon relic itself still retained its swallowing instinct.

It longed for a powerful body, longed for a strong blood vitality. Thus, Lin Ming’s body possessed an infinite temptation for it.

As soon as the demon relic’s power entered Lin Ming’s body, the strength within him erupted like a volcano.

Streams of blood threaded with endless power of Laws stubbornly tied up the demon relic like shackles.

Lin Ming’s blood vitality was monstrous. It soared to the heavens, directly rushing over the demon relic.

Every time his blood vitality washed over the demon relic, it would take away a portion of that cruel and evil power.

This power turned into fiery demons that floated up and down in the sea of blood. The demons roared out at the top of their lungs, but soon, a mystical power of thunder crashed down from up high, killing off these demons!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Divine thunder crashed down without end. The demon relic’s tyrannical aura was cleansed away, turned into the purest form of strength that then fused with Lin Ming.

Compared to the last time he refined the demon relic, Lin Ming was much more calm and composed.

He had already swallowed a massive amount of demon power and had formed a seed of demon power in his body. This time, what he needed was pure strength. Then he could use this pure strength to break into the half-step Empyrean realm.

Time passed. Of the remaining 70% of the demon relic’s power, another 30% was absorbed by Lin Ming. All that was left over was the core section that pulsated like a heart.

No matter how much Lin Ming washed the demon relic with his blood vitality, he still couldn’t wash out the core.

This was the most essential part of the demon relic and also the most difficult to refine. As Lin Ming was slowly digesting this strength, a wisp of black light exploded from the demon relic. Finally, the wisp of black light condensed into an abyssal demon phantom within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea.

As this abyssal’s massive figure became fully visible, one could see the two dark metallic horns on its head. Its entire body glittered with arcs of lightning and it was covered with pitch black scales that exuded a metallic sheen. It stood in a pool of blood and it held a towering demon palace within its hand. It rampaged straight through Lin Ming’s spiritual sea.


That demon palace carried with it a momentum that seemed as if it could crush apart anything in its way. It savagely flew through the air, and wherever it went, great tracts of Lin Ming’s soul force would be destroyed – the abyssal wanted to completely raze Lin Ming’s spiritual sea.

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. The final moments of refining the demon relic had arrived.

Facing the core strength of the demon relic, he was far more prepared than the first time he swallowed its strength. He had more experience and his strength had risen considerably.

Within the Galaxy Void Furnace, the Laws of the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra were drawn into his spiritual sea through his soul force.

As the remnant marks of two great supreme powerhouses met the rampaging abyssal, they suddenly became active.

After all, whether it was Immortal Sovereign of the Asura Road Master, they were both intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens. And all intelligent life forms shared a mortal hatred with all abyssal demons. This was something branded into their very beings, a part of their instinct that would never change.

The marks of these two highest Laws worked to suppress the abyssal together!

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