Chapter 200 - Thunder Attribute Treasures

Chapter 200 Thunder Attribute Treasures.


Chapter 200 – Thunder Attribute Treasures

‘A Red Thunder Lizard’s strength is equivalent to a Pulse Condensation Period martial artist. I can’t believe that a Thunder Lizard at this level of power would appear at the base of Thundercrash Mountain. Something seems strange…’ Normally, martial artists that travel to Thundercrash Mountain would be at the Altering Muscle or Bone Forging stage. If they met a Red Thunder Lizard, like now, then they would inevitably die.

Although Lin Ming felt that the current situation was strange, he didn’t have any time to think about it. In an instant, the Thunder Lizard roared, and spat a giant thunder ball at him.

The ball of thunder was crimson in color, and was even much larger than the ones the White Thunder Lizard had let loose prior.

Like before, Lin Ming didn’t dodge.


The thunder ball submerged into Lin Ming’s body. The tingling sensation that burst forth was a bit more intense than before; this red lightning was much more violent than the previous white lightning.

Unfortunately, this lightning had no Thunder Soul. It was like an army that had lost its formation. When the red lightning flowed into Lin Ming’s heart, it came face to face with the Thunder...

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