Chapter 200 - Thunder Attribute Treasures

Chapter 200 Thunder Attribute Treasures.


Chapter 200 – Thunder Attribute Treasures

‘A Red Thunder Lizard’s strength is equivalent to a Pulse Condensation Period martial artist. I can’t believe that a Thunder Lizard at this level of power would appear at the base of Thundercrash Mountain. Something seems strange…’ Normally, martial artists that travel to Thundercrash Mountain would be at the Altering Muscle or Bone Forging stage. If they met a Red Thunder Lizard, like now, then they would inevitably die.

Although Lin Ming felt that the current situation was strange, he didn’t have any time to think about it. In an instant, the Thunder Lizard roared, and spat a giant thunder ball at him.

The ball of thunder was crimson in color, and was even much larger than the ones the White Thunder Lizard had let loose prior.

Like before, Lin Ming didn’t dodge.


The thunder ball submerged into Lin Ming’s body. The tingling sensation that burst forth was a bit more intense than before; this red lightning was much more violent than the previous white lightning.

Unfortunately, this lightning had no Thunder Soul. It was like an army that had lost its formation. When the red lightning flowed into Lin Ming’s heart, it came face to face with the Thunder Soul in the Heretical God Seed and felt a deep instinctive fear.

It was just like a ferocious dog that bumped into a young tiger. Even though the tiger hadn’t grown up, it still exudes the dignified majesty of the king of beasts.

The Thunder Soul swallowed the crimson lightning with no problems at all.

Upon noticing that Lin Ming had not moved even after his amazing display of strength earlier, the black-clothed martial artist’s throat fiercely twitched. Although he had guessed that Lin Ming was powerful, he didn’t think that he was powerful to the point where he could take a head-on collision with a thunder ball; it was even red lightning!

Lin Ming looked into his Heretical God Seed. Finally, he began to sense some growth within the Thunder Soul. This caused Lin Ming to feel delighted. It seemed that the red lightning gave a much higher qualitative improvement than white lightning. What would it be like if it were the even more violent blue lightning?

Lin Ming was filled with anticipation.

He decided to climb beyond the mountainside of Thundercrash Mountain. There, he would be able to encounter Thunder Lizards equal to a Houtian realm martial artist.

In his opinion, he didn’t need to fear the thunder produced by the Thunder Lizards. Even if it was a dark blue Thunder Lizard whose power was equal to the peak Houtian realm, what could it’s thunder attack do to him?

On the contrary, the thunder they released would be his elixir!

There was even a possibility that he would be able to see a legendary Purple Thunder Lizard whose power was equal to a Xiantian realm martial artist. If he could absorb some of this purple electricity, he couldn’t even begin to imagine the sort of change that would occur within the Thunder Soul. With this realization, Lin Ming was filled with anticipation.

However, Lin Ming quickly discovered that he had been too naïve.

Once the Red Thunder Lizard saw that the thunder attack it was so proud of had failed, it quickly switched to physical attacks. The lizard tail, that was thicker than a water barrel, viciously whipped out!

The Thunder Lizard was too big, so its movement was a little slow. However, in terms of attack speed, it was no worse than a human martial artist!

Lin Ming’s eyes narrowed as he launched Golden Roc Shattering the Void, vanishing from sight!


The Thunder Lizard’s tail smashed a giant hole in the ground. Even the magnetic ore in the ground was smashed to pieces.

Lin Ming let out a breath of air. That attack was too strong. He could take on the thunder strike of the Thunder Lizard, but there was no way that he could resist a direct confrontation with that tail.

“How stupid was I to actually think that the Thunder Lizard could only use thunder attacks. Moreover, it seems like even if they just use physical attacks, they wouldn’t lose to vicious beasts of the same level.”

“With my current strength, provoking a Xiantian realm Purple Thunder Lizard is just looking for death.”

Having understood the offensive techniques used by Thunder Lizards, Lin Ming no longer delayed. He flourished the Heavy Profound Soft Spear with his speed reaching the limit; man and spear were like a meteor that shot towards the Thunder Lizard!

The spear point bloomed with licking flames that resembled a crimson lotus. The momentum of this whistling flame was no weaker than thunder!


The long spear shattered the Thunder Lizard’s scales and pierced straight through!

Flow like Silk and True Essence Flame burst out at the same time. The Thunder Lizard shook and vomited blood shortly after.

The Thunder Lizard pitifully howled, as it swept its tail towards Lin Ming. However, Lin Ming easily dodged it. Due to being severely weakened, the strike had only left a shallow indent on the ground.

Lin Ming pulled out the long spear and punched the Thunder Lizard between the eyes. Vibrating true essence erupted once more. The Thunder Lizard could not resist these two successive attacks, and with a slight quiver, it slumped to the ground.

With Lin Ming’s current level of power, he was easily able to deal with an early Pulse Condensation vicious beast.

Lin Ming cut open this Red Thunder Lizard and took out the red Thunder Pearl.

With a thought, the power of thunder flowed into Lin Ming’s body, an extremely comfortable yet numbing feeling followed along with it. The Thunder Soul that hid inside the Heretical God Seed ran around in circles, seeming very enthusiastic.

The power of red thunder was quickly absorbed by the Thunder Soul. This time, Lin Ming sensed some satisfying growth. If he could continue like this then with another 10 or 20 red Thunder Pearls, his Thunder Soul should grow by about 10%.

Of course, this kind of growth couldn’t be sustained. After another 40 or 50 percent, the red thunder wouldn’t be able to further affect the Thunder Soul’s growth.

At that time, he would have to look for a more formidable thunder in order to cultivate his Thunder Soul.


Not too far away, the two twin girls were applying medicine onto the Altering Muscle youth. However, the Altering Muscle youth’s injuries were simply too severe. These two young girls could only wrap some cloth and herbs around the boy in order to barely preserve his life.

One of the easiest attacks to inflict hidden wounds were those of thunder attribute. If a human body was hit by a powerful electric current, even if they survived, their heart would easily fail and they would die a few years later. This was because the thunder had passed through the heart and had left behind injuries that weren’t visible on the outside.

Under these circumstances, this youth would have to stay in bed for a year or more. Following that, he might not be able to continue practicing martial arts, also, he wouldn’t live much longer.

The Altering Muscle youth groaned in pain. Seeing their Second senior-apprentice brother in such a miserable state, the two girls could only endure. The Elder senior-apprentice brother, the black-clothed martial artist, didn’t seem to care about the Altering Muscle youth. Instead, he looked at Lin Ming, as if he were hesitating to say something.

Noticing Lin Ming about to walk away, the black-clothed martial artist finally opened his mouth and said, “Senior, please wait.”

Lin Ming stopped and turned around to look at the black-clothed martial artist. He coldly asked, “What do you want?”

Although Lin Ming never had any conflict with the black-clothed martial artist and his group, he remembered the avaricious looks that the Altering Muscle had sent towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming naturally knew what sort of plans that he had been thinking of at that time. To that kind of person, he had no compassion. Even though he possessed some superior healing medicine in his spatial ring that could relieve his pain, he didn’t plan on taking them out to help him.

Lin Ming thought that the black-clothed martial artist was going to beg him to save his junior-apprentice brother, but he hadn’t expected that the black-clothed martial artist would instead say, “Senior, I have a guess, but I don’t know if it’s proper to say.” The black-clothed martial artist was afraid that if he failed to deliver, then he would suffer from Lin Ming venting his anger on him.

“What guess?”

The black organized his thoughts and continued, “My school’s master once came to Thundercrash Mountain to adventure and accumulated experiences, many of which he had told me. Although my cultivation is not high, I’ve already come to Thundercrash Mountain five times. With my experience and my master’s experience, I can say that I have a relatively good understanding of Thundercrash Mountain.

Lin Ming nodded. He also noticed this point. The black-clothed martial artist had only relied on the roar of the Thunder Lizard to judge its strength.  To Lin Ming, there was no difference between the roars of the two Thunder Lizards.

The black-clothed martial artist said, “As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any Bone Forging or stronger Thunder Lizards at the base of Thundercrash Mountain. However, two had actually appeared, one of which was at the Pulse Condensation Period, which is too unusual.”

“Thunder Lizards also have their own tribal groupings. The tribal group also has divisions within. The stronger a Thunder Lizard is, the higher their status and the closer to the summit their territory is. The power of thunder is richest at the summit. But, the power of thunder weakens the further down it goes.”

“Continue speaking.” Lin Ming thought that the Thunder Lizards were somewhat similar to human society. The more powerful martial artists held more cultivation resources.

With Lin Ming encouragement, the black-clothed martial artist was a bit more spirited. He no longer trembled, and said, “The power of thunder is limited in a territory. None of the Thunder Lizards are willing to let others absorb it. Unless there is an accident, a Thunder Lizard will not leave their own territory. Otherwise, there might be conflict. A high-level Thunder Lizard wouldn’t normally come down the mountain. The only reason would be….”

The black-clothed martial artist spoke here and said, “These are only guesses, I don’t know if they’re true.”

“Say it, it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong.” Lin Ming saw the black-clothed martial artist look a little concerned, and spoke to assuage his nerves.

“Mm. Yes, I think that the two Thunder Lizards had evolved. They should have been Altering Muscle stage Thunder Lizards, but by encountering some fortuitous opportunity, managed to evolve to the peak Bone Forging stage and Pulse Condensation Period.”

“Oh? What kind of fortuitous chance?” Lin Ming asked. This was finally piquing his interest.

“Senior may not know, but because the power of thunder within Thundercrash Mountain is too rich, it will sometimes produce valuable thunder attribute materials.  Thundergrass is only the most ordinary of these.”

“You suspect that these two Thunder Lizards have eaten some sort of valuable thunder-attribute material?”

The black-clothed martial artist shook his head. He said, “It shouldn’t have been eaten. Thunder Lizards most love to hoard things, such as Thundergrass. Thunder Lizards love to see more Thundergrass grow in their territory because the power of thunder will be richer and its long term effects are much better than eating the Thundergrass. That’s why centuries old Thundergrass are usually guarded by high-level Thunder Lizards.

“A Thunder Lizard lives for a very long time. There are even some Thunder Lizards that protect 5 or 6 hundred year old Thundergrass and wait for it to grow into 1000 year old Thundergrass. But, a Thunder Lizard will also have great benefits guarding it, which are much better than directly eating it. If there is a thunder-attribute material, then a Thunder Lizard will not eat it. If they eat it they might experience a small growth, but if they defend it and wait for it to grow up, then they will have endless benefits.”

Lin Ming said, “I understand what you mean. You think that these two Thunder Lizards are defending a treasure, and that’s why there were able to evolve. I want to know why you’re telling me this news; wouldn’t it be better if you went to dig out this treasure out yourself?”


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