MW Chapter 1999

Chapter 1999 – Seeing Ruby Once More

Within the Akashic Dream Universe, many places were under the suppression of the Laws; the Akashic Dream Battlefield was such a place. Every martial artist that entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield would have their cultivation suppressed to the Divine Lord realm, a realm equivalent to the Soul Lord realm amongst the spiritas. As for those who had yet to reach that level, their cultivation would be forcefully increased.

Although everyone was suppressed to the same cultivation realm, one’s comprehension of Laws and one’s cultivation methods were still maintained. In other words, Empyrean powerhouses in the Akashic Dream Battlefield could still instantly wipe out the lives of several hundred Soul Lord juniors in a single attack.

In the past when Lin Ming entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield, he was one of those protected by the Laws. He utilized these Laws to strike down Empyrean Myriad Ghost, whose cultivation had been limited.

But now, Lin Ming was the one who was being limited by the Laws.

Although his cultivation had been lowered, when one considered his comprehension of Laws, his cultivation...

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