MW Chapter 1998

Chapter 1998 – Setting Off On A Journey

Facing Lin Ming’s question, Yan Ke’er was stunned.

If she were to be captured by the saints because of her breakthroughs in strength and then made into a living furnace, that would be a life worse than death.

But as she thought of living a life of mediocrity, never being able to display her talent and wasting her days until her end game, Yan Ke’er felt a heaviness on her heart that she couldn’t explain.

She could not accept such a destiny.

Sometimes, the most painful thing in life wasn’t being defeated in struggling against destiny, but never being given a meaningful chance to struggle against destiny to begin with.

This was what left others wallowing in despair.

Thinking of this, Yan Ke’er clenched her teeth and said, “Even if I know that such a fate might await me, I will still continue to cultivate and grow stronger!”

“Mm… I understand.” Lin Ming sighed. “Since that is the choice you have made, I have nothing left to say. At midnight, come to the ninth room of Ancient Phoenix Hall…”

Lin Ming spoke these words and left.

A stunned...

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