MW Chapter 1998

Chapter 1998 – Setting Off On A Journey

Facing Lin Ming’s question, Yan Ke’er was stunned.

If she were to be captured by the saints because of her breakthroughs in strength and then made into a living furnace, that would be a life worse than death.

But as she thought of living a life of mediocrity, never being able to display her talent and wasting her days until her end game, Yan Ke’er felt a heaviness on her heart that she couldn’t explain.

She could not accept such a destiny.

Sometimes, the most painful thing in life wasn’t being defeated in struggling against destiny, but never being given a meaningful chance to struggle against destiny to begin with.

This was what left others wallowing in despair.

Thinking of this, Yan Ke’er clenched her teeth and said, “Even if I know that such a fate might await me, I will still continue to cultivate and grow stronger!”

“Mm… I understand.” Lin Ming sighed. “Since that is the choice you have made, I have nothing left to say. At midnight, come to the ninth room of Ancient Phoenix Hall…”

Lin Ming spoke these words and left.

A stunned Yan Ke’er was left behind. Ancient Phoenix Hall…

This was a training chamber established by the remnant bloodlines of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Only martial artists of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were allowed to use it, and as a genius of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, she was naturally granted a chamber to use. This was room number nine.

But Lin Ming shouldn’t have the qualifications to enter this training chamber, and he shouldn’t know that hers was the ninth room.

Although she was puzzled, she still went to the ninth room in Ancient Phoenix Hall at midnight.

However, she didn’t see Lin Ming. All she saw was a farewell letter, and in addition to that was a spatial ring.

Seeing this spatial ring, Yan Ke’er was startled. This seemed to be an extremely high quality spatial ring, far surpassing the ones she normally saw.

If she was only startled when seeing the spatial ring, then after probing its contents with her divine sense she was thoroughly shaken.

Within the spatial ring were jade slips of all shapes and colors, over a hundred in total. Just from looking at their luster, one could feel the heart shaking. This was the aura left behind by the vast river of time or from the fluctuations of powerhouses’ energy. One could instantly see that these were extraordinary treasures.

These were inheritances!

Yan Ke’er sucked in a deep breath and continued investigating. Although she only had a Life Destruction realm cultivation, she could still distinguish the approximate rank of these inheritances. In particular, some of these inheritances still had messages carved into them, indicating the realm and life experiences of their maker. They shouldn’t be wrong.

In a time when the saints strictly controlled or eliminated most of humanity’s inheritances, she had suddenly obtained over a hundred sets.

A small number of these inheritances could even be cultivated from the Life Destruction realm to almost the Empyrean realm. It was as if they were custom made for her.

Such a massive and rich wealth of inheritances was something that not even the grand library of the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters in the past would have!

But now, all of this had fallen into her hands, left behind by that mysterious High Master. Yan Ke’er felt this all unbelievable.

After these inheritance jade slips, there was even a massive number of pills and also some spirit artifacts!

These pills alone had such a potent medicinal fragrance that Yan Ke’er was left speechless.

When Lin Ming was in the final trial’s seventh level where he had to swallow the demon relic’s power, he had consumed almost all the high quality pills he had. As for these low level pills, he kept them, occasionally giving away a portion of them. Even so, to the martial artists of the Heaven and Earth Alliance these were priceless treasures.

“High Master, just who is he…”

Yan Ke’er was flustered. Then, she suddenly recalled the letter than Lin Ming left behind for her. She dazedly opened it and saw that the letter was completely blank, without a single letter. But as she touched this letter with her hand, a vast soul force broke into her spiritual sea, transmitting information through her spirit mark.

It was only at this time that she realized Lin Ming had left, and he hadn’t said whether or not he would return. But, Yan Ke’er felt that the High Master had permanently left this small world and wouldn’t return.

Yan Ke’er was a little disappointed.

Before he left, he had left behind these jade slips and told Yan Ke’er that she could do with these cultivation method jade slips as she pleased. She could quietly hoard the treasure and cultivate on her own, or she could share them with others.

But with every additional person that she shared them with, the potential dangers in her future would be that much greater.

If news of the jade slips were to be revealed, the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance would face the threat of imminent destruction.

Before this, Lin Ming hadn’t truly supported the Heaven and Earth Alliance. This was because he knew that too much support would only draw the attention of the saints. If so, the consequences could be imagined. And in the Divine Realm, it was impossible for Lin Ming to personally defend the Heaven and Earth Alliance, otherwise he would be in danger if the saints were to discover his continued existence.

Before he truly left, he had left behind a rich and varied number of cultivation method jade slips with Yan Ke’er. She could keep them to herself, share with the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance, or only share with a select number of people…

But no matter what her choice was, once made, they would have to bear the consequences of their decision…

Every person was responsible for their own choices, regardless of whether that meant glory or destruction…

This was the price of struggling against destiny.

Looking at these jade slips, Yan Ke’er couldn’t find the words to say for a long time. That mysterious High Master had left just like this. In the end, who was he and what was his identity?

And these jade slips… what should she do with them?

Yan Ke’er grit her teeth. She turned around and walked away, going to the room where the Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan remnant bloodlines was…


At this time, Lin Ming had already left the small world where the East Blue Planet was located. He entered Crimson Light World, and with incredible speed he flew towards the border zone of the Divine Realm and the Saint Convocation Heavens!

Lin Ming planned on entering the saint race’s Saint Convocation Heaven.

Ever since the Divine Realm was annexed by the saints, the saints opened many channels between the Divine Realm and the Saint Convocation Heavens. Each channel was wide enough to fit several planets; this was in order to facilitate easier transportation of plundered goods.

These channels were tightly controlled by saint race martial artists. They forbade any human from passing through.

However, no matter how strict the saint race was in defending these channels, they couldn’t send a True Divinity to guard them. With Lin Ming having undergone his multiple rebirths and in addition to his horrifying soul force and Bodily Rebirth Technique, even if a True Divinity personally came here they still might not be able to find anything. Looking at the boundless saint race armies that continued to pass in and out, it would be incredibly difficult to find Lin Ming.

Moreover, the ones currently responsible for guarding the channels were only saint race World Kings.

Thus the innumerable checkpoints within these channels existed only in name to Lin Ming. He easily took on the appearance of a saint martial artist and passed through.

In the saint race’s territory, Lin Ming was even more relaxed. He used the great void shift and rapidly passed through Saint Convocation Heaven.

His goal was – the Soul World!

Soul World, Akashic Dream Battlefield, ancient galactic battlefield!

This was a place where Lin Ming had to go.

His goal was to find Ruby and convince her to help him.

In the past, Empyrean Divine Seal had the help of Fishy. If Lin Ming could obtain Ruby’s help, this his ability to control the Magic Cube would rise to a whole new level.

Moreover, Ruby’s comprehensions of the Laws left Lin Ming dumbfounded. When he was grasping the principles atop the shrine platforms at Fallen God Mountain, Ruby didn’t need to use any energy or effort to see the Law markings left behind by Immortal Sovereign. To her, it was all as easy as a fish swimming through water.

This wasn’t something that Lin Ming could compare with. In the end, Lin Ming cultivated and perceived the Laws, but Ruby herself was condensed from the Laws.

She was a manifestation of the Laws.

Before returning to the wild universe, Lin Ming had to do something.

That was to go to Immemorial Imperial City and undo the bindings of the Ancient Elysium Seal and deal with Famine’s soul.

However, 3.6 billion years ago, Famine had been an extreme True Divinity. It was even possible that before it was injured and forced to cooperate with the saints, it might have been an existence approaching the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign.

Even if Famine was defeated and its soul sealed and suppressed for 3.6 billion years, it was still an extremely terrifying existence.

Lin Ming didn’t have full confidence he could deal with Famine’s soul. But if he had Ruby’s help, his chance of success would be much higher.

The junction point between the saints and spiritas was even more tightly controlled. But, they still couldn’t stop Lin Ming’s steps. He used his same trick and easily passed through.

Then Lin Ming changed his appearance into that of a spiritas genius. He infiltrated his way into a small sect and obtained a token to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield, staying with the sect until the Akashic Dream Battlefield opened.

The slaughter within the Akashic Dream Battlefield would continue for three years. When Lin Ming arrived at this spiritual universe and saw the Emperor God Wall, his heart was filled with emotion.

He swept his eyes over the Emperor God Wall and saw the name he had once left behind – Polar Ice Lin. He also saw Sheng Mei’s name that was beside his own.

For over 6000 years, no one had been able to surpass them…


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