MW Chapter 1997

Chapter 1997 – Struggle Against Fate

Young disciples ventured out to search for lucky chances. They hoped to find ruins at the Holy Lord level or above, or perhaps even find some incomplete cultivation methods that would allow them to break into a higher realm.

Of course, the chances of this occurring were far too slim. The famous mystic realms of the Divine Realm were long since controlled by the saints, and wanting to find a land of inheritance in the open wilderness was as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack.

Thus, with this great mountain in front of them, even in their entire lives they wouldn’t be able to ascend the base of the mountain.

This was what all humans within the Divine Realm faced. Even if they desperately fought in the wild, recklessly journeying out to search for lucky chances, even if they used every waking moment of their lives to meditate, they still wouldn’t be able to escape the shackles of their fate.

These shackles were like a great cage, and they were animals raised in this cage.

These fearless juniors were filled with hopes as they entered the Heaven and Earth Alliance. They paid with their youth and sweat as they attempted to use their blood to write their own glorious chapter in life.

However… within the slowly passing...

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