MW Chapter 1996

Chapter 1996 – The Sixth Reincarnation

In the Divine Realm, in a small world adjacent to the Crimson Light World, there was a planet called the East Blue Planet.

This planet was a quarter billion miles in diameter, several times larger than the Sky Spill Planet.

However, this planet was simply too far away from the Crimson Light World’s main continent. It was a part of a small world near the Crimson Light World and also had no masters, thus no one paid attention to East Blue Planet.

6500 years ago when the Divine Realm fell to its enemies, the many Holy Lands of the Crimson Light World were destroyed by the saints and a massive number of human masters perished in battle. As for the extremely distant East Blue Planet, it was also looted in the calamity. At that time, the number one sect of the East Blue Planet, the East Blue Sect, was targeted by a squad of saints.

This squad ordered the Blue East Sect to hand over all their spirit medicines, resources, and cultivation methods. Otherwise, they would completely annihilate the entire East Blue Planet and all their families.

The leader of this saint squad was only a Saint Lord realm powerhouse, but the East Blue Sect was a mere seventh grade sect and the sect’s strongest Highest Elder was also at the Divine Lord realm. The other...

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