MW Chapter 1995

Chapter 1995 – Approaching Crisis

The God Lamenting Wall was a great enchantment formed from the Heavenly Dao Laws. It divided the 33 Heavens and was incomparably firm.

Beneath the mysterious control of the Heavenly Dao Laws, parts of the God Lamenting Wall would periodically weaken like the rise and fall of a tide. But, there were also some parts of the God Lamenting Wall that were always firm.

And for these firm parts of the God Lamenting Wall, even a peak Empyrean wouldn’t be able to leave behind a trace.

Only a True Divinity would be able to open up a connection by damaging their cultivation. But, this so-called connection was only temporary and couldn’t be maintained.

For instance, 105,000 years ago, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had targeted Empyrean Primordius, and in order to chase him down he had formed a connection in the God Lamenting Wall. But this connection wasn’t able to last too long and afterwards, the God Lamenting Wall had slowly regenerated itself.

Yet this time was completely different. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was using Famine to carve open a path in the God Lamenting Wall.

And the method to carve open this path was Famine’s most formidable ability – swallowing!

At its peak, Famine was able to swallow the rules of the Heavenly Dao, and the God Lamenting Wall itself was in truth one of the Heavenly Dao’s rules. When the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign tamed Famine and constantly fed it the resources of the Divine Realm, it had slowly recovered towards its past peak level and now it had gained the ability to swallow the God Lamenting Wall!

From the images of Divine Dream’s letter, the sphere-like Famine had turned into a giant red worm that was slowly gnawing away at the God Lamenting Wall, like a termite chewing away at wood.

This scene left Skyrend Godlord horrified. At this speed, it wouldn’t be long before a hole in the God Lamenting Wall was eaten away by Famine!

Lin Huang said, “Senior Skyrend, Senior Divine Dream said that if Famine wants to swallow the God Lamenting Wall and open a connection, it won’t take long. But if it wishes to carve open a giant hole that can be maintained for a thousand years, this will require a long period of time…”

A giant hole through the God Lamenting Wall that the saints could use to launch their attack had to last for several hundred years or at least a thousand years so that they could transfer over supplies and information.

“How long did Divine Dream predict it would take?” Skyrend Godlord slowly fell back into his divine throne, his heart flustered as he held onto this letter.

“Senior Divine Dream is unable to predict that…” Lin Huang shook his head. “Senior Divine Dream has two suggestions. The first is to strengthen the concealing array formations that surround the human living zones so that it will be harder for the saints to find us. The second is to use the Ark of Hope and the Asura Decree to continue exploring into new wild universes and dispatch the elites of humanity to develop these lands. They can form survival regions throughout the 33 Heavens to delay the advance of the saints. After all, even Famine during his peak would still take an extremely long time boring through a complete God Lamenting Wall…”

“I understand…” Skyrend Godlord sighed.

To go to a new universe and develop a frontier, those were simply superficial words for others to hear. What it truly meant was inevitable bloodshed and sacrifice…

This was an extremely difficult and thorny path.

Had humanity really reached the ends of the rivers and hills? Had they been hunted down by an enemy race to such a degree…?

This tribulation – would the human race really survive?

Thinking of that intangible and unknowable future, Skyrend Godlord felt a heavy weight on his shoulders. He had already lived for 80 million years and didn’t have much longer left. He didn’t know if he would be able to witness the future rise of humanity in the years he had left.

With humanity in such a perilous position, tumbling on the edge of destruction, if they wanted to reform their glorious martial arts civilization then they needed a dominating leader!

And the current leader was Empyrean Divine Dream.

She was also the only True Divinity level powerhouse of the human race.

However, in Skyrend Godlord’s opinion, although Divine Dream had amazing talent she was still far from being able to threaten the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

When one reached the boundaries of True Divinity, each step became incomparably difficult. Moreover, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign also possessed an avatar in Famine.

But besides Divine Dream, there was still Emperor Shakya who was diligently working towards breaking into the realm of True Divinity. His natural talent was amazing, but in the eyes of Skyrend Godlord, the most he’d be able to achieve was to reach heights similar to Divine Dream; this was far from enough.

Finally, the only one remaining was… Lin Huang!

Skyrend Godlord looked towards Lin Huang and slowly stood up. He walked in front of Lin Huang and set a heavy hand on his shoulder.

“Senior Skyrend…” Lin Huang said, a bit overwhelmed.

“I am old now. If another great war erupts between the saints and humanity, I will be part of the main force of that war. Whether or not I will be able to survive, I don’t know. I’ve lived for so long, and I know that it is no longer possible for me to try and step into True Divinity. I do not fear death, but what I fear is that I won’t see a glimmer of hope for our people before I die.

“If possible, I hope that you will be able to grow enough to reach the heights that your father did in the past. I know this is a heavy burden to place on you, but thinking of your father, the point at which he started was far lower than where you began. You were born a chosen pride of heaven, but your father was born a commoner in the lower realms. In terms of talent, resources, masters, and so forth, the disparity cannot even be compared with clouds and mud. The road he once walked is also one that you can walk.”

As Skyrend Godlord spoke, he pressed both his hands down on Lin Huang’s shoulders, earnestly looking him in the face.

Lin Huang was humanity’s hope, but this hope wasn’t enough.

Lin Huang was indeed one of the chosen prides of heaven. After he was born, he was able to study all sorts of transcendent divine mights. And in resources or teachers, he was able to freely choose whoever he wished. If he continued at this pace, becoming a True Divinity wouldn’t be too difficult for him.

But becoming a True Divinity was far from enough for being able to resist this great calamity. The saints also had people in the ranks of their younger generations capable of becoming True Divinities.

For instance, the Good Fortune Saint Son. Or for instance, the recently emerged Imperial Prince Xishen who was basking in the current limelight.

In just the younger generation of the saints alone, there were three people capable of becoming True Divinities!

And beyond that, the saints also had three actual True Divinities.

If Lin Huang were to lead the forces of humanity in the future to battle with the saints, surpassing those three juniors wasn’t what was difficult. What was truly difficult was surpassing the boundary of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

In just this alone, the chance of Lin Huang succeeding with his speed of growth was zero. It had to be known that even an upper True Divinity wasn’t able to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

Lin Huang also once secretly traveled to the Asura Road and completed the final trial. His completion percentage had been 88%, a single percent lower than Sheng Mei’s second time in the final trial.

The truth was that this was already a result he could be proud of. Sheng Mei cultivated the Grand Reincarnation Art, but Lin Huang didn’t. The phoenix nirvanas that he underwent through the virtue of his bloodline ultimately weren’t able to compare with the Grand Reincarnation Art.

But Lin Huang wasn’t satisfied with this. His goal was to achieve a score above 90%, perhaps even reaching the heights his father once reached!

“I understand. I will try harder!”

Lin Huang grit his teeth. In the eyes of the juniors in the wild universe, the name of Lin Huang was blinding. To them he was an existence that none of them could compare with. But in Lin Huang’s eyes, he was far too weak. His goal was his father, the legendary man whose presence continued to drive him forwards, who continued to bring glory to him, but yet also continued to place a tremendous pressure on him.

In the past, his father had only been a hundred some years old, but he was able to stir fear in the hearts of the saint race’s Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. This fear was so great that even Soaring Feather God King was sent out to hunt him down. But currently, Lin Huang was far from being such a deterring strength.

“Child, I can feel that your inner world seems as if it’s in a hurry to break into the half-step Empyrean realm. But, don’t be too impatient. If you want to have great achievements in the future you will need to form a solid foundation. Your father’s myth was not brought about by his cultivation speed, but by the depths of the Laws he perceived, the lucky chances he accumulated, the experiences he underwent, and all the other things in his life that made him who he was. Your road is still long. Even if you break into the half-step Empyrean realm and increase your battle strength, you still won’t be any help in the next war between humanity and the saints. But, if you were to perish, then that would be an immeasurable loss for the human race…”

Skyrend Godlord earnestly said from the depths of his heart. Lin Huang nodded.

Cultivation speed wasn’t everything. On the road of martial arts, one needed patience.

A bean sprout could grow in a single day and a field of rice could be harvested in several months.

But a True Divinity level spirit medicine required hundreds of millions of years to breed.

Bean sprouts and rice were only the food of mortals. They ate this to survive, to appease their hunger.

But True Divinity level spirit medicines were treasures that countless large influences would fight over. If one was planted in a sect, it would become the supreme treasure of that sect, a single fruit able to change the destiny of a powerhouse!

What Lin Huang was now was such a heavenly material. He lacked tempering, but what he had that his father didn’t was time. He would have time to grow, to grow until he could one day shoulder humanity’s burden.

This… was a difficult and thorny road…


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