MW Chapter 1994

Chapter 1994 – Dark Clouds

This was a continent that was hundreds of millions of miles wide. On this continent, the origin energy was rich in the air and one could find opulent floating jade palaces everywhere. Rare spirit flowers bloomed throughout, making this land a living paradise.

This continent was called the New Era Continent. 6000 years ago, Empyrean Divine Dream joined together with several other Empyreans to open up this land, allowing it to be developed. Currently it was the largest of the human-inhabited continents.

Within the wild universe that was filled with perils and endless slaughtering, this was a rare blissful land of peace.

The name of New Era signified the hopes of humanity to overcome this tribulation and return to the Divine Realm.

At the center of this continent was an incomparably large divine tree. The crown of this divine tree towered into the clouds and the boughs shaded a radius of thousands of miles.

A quiet immortal palace quietly floated above the crown of this divine tree. This divine tree had numerous rainbow-hued clouds swirling about it. There were grand structures layered high and low, with winding waterside pavilions spread out everywhere. Many spirit beasts and spirit birds flew through the skies, the sight beautiful to the eyes.

In this...

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