MW Chapter 1993

Chapter 1993 – Huang

To the humans of the wild universe, Lin Ming was a legendary name. There was no one had not heard of him and no one who did not know of him.

In the confrontations between the saints and humanity, humanity had been defeated and defeated again.

But, it was Lin Ming alone who caused humanity to completely cover the saints’ limelight. Almost 6000 years ago Lin Ming had been the number one genius of humanity. Not only was he the number one genius of humanity, he was also the number one genius of the 33 Heavens!

Even the saints and the spiritas were unable to deny this truth.

In the past, with a mere Divine Transformation realm cultivation Lin Ming had challenged the number one genius of the saints – the Good Fortune Saint Son, who was several times older than he was.

And in just 60 years Lin Ming had surpassed him. At the Monster Emperor’s Grand Longevity Feast, he forced down the Good Fortune Saint Son in a heaven-shaking battle. His actions had greatly inspired the morale of humanity and even affected the alliance between the saints and the monster race to a certain degree.

That had been humanity’s complete victory!

That victory could be said to be limited to inspiring morale, and hadn’t truly damaged the saints. But afterwards, Lin Ming went alone to the Soul World to find a method of salvation, a way to truly save humanity.

From anyone’s viewpoint, Lin Ming’s actions at the time had been an utterly hopeless mission.

Even the wise Empyrean Divine Dream didn’t have any hopes that he would succeed.

Lin Ming first tried to form an alliance with the spiritas. But after nothing came from the negotiations, he went to the primal god race and from them he found the Ark of Hope as well as the Asura Decree that was capable of piercing through the God Lamenting Wall.

By using this Asura Decree, humanity was able to pierce through the barriers of the 33 Heavens and arrive at the wild universe. Only then were humanity’s inheritances and elites able to be preserved. Otherwise, in that great calamity 6000 years ago, humanity would have already perished. The numerous Empyreans and geniuses would have died in battle and there would no longer be a chance for the revival of humanity.

It could be said that without Lin Ming, there would be no human living zones within the wild universe.

But what a pity. When Lin Ming was at the mere Holy Lord realm, the saints had dispatched Soaring Feather God King to personally chase and hunt him down. Because the disparity in strength was too great, Lin Ming wasn’t able to escape this disaster. Otherwise many people believed that if he were able to grow for another 10,000 years, then he would definitely have been able to bring about a great reversal to humanity’s fate.

But history had no ‘ifs’ or ‘whats’. Lin Ming had died, and the only bloodline he left in the world was Lin Huang.

Seeing this youth with the blue spear, the blue-clothed scholar walked forward and bowed. “I am one of Skyrend Godlord’s latter disciples, Qing Mo. I’ve long since heard of Young Hero Lin’s famous name, and seeing you today is my greatest honor. I, Qing Mo, will forever carve down Young Hero Lin’s life-saving grace in my mind!”

The blue-clothed scholar was one of Skyrend Godlord’s disciples and also had a World King cultivation – he was Lin Huang’s elder.

But the words he spoke didn’t have the bearing or authority of an elder. Rather, he spoke with earnest respect. This was the disparity in status brought about by strength.

Lin Huang cupped his fists together, “It was just a minor effort, there is no need for Senior to speak so seriously. The reason this junior came to Skyrend World was to meet Senior Skyrend. Junior has brought along a letter from Senior Divine Dream and must show it to Senior Skyrend.”

Lin Huang’s reply was humble and polite, giving off a comfortable feeling. Although he was strong, his aura was restrained and he didn’t emit any oppressive feeling at all. At the same time, one could see a will and ambition in his pupils, one so profound that it seemed as if it could reverse the heavens and earth, leaving one sighing in praise.

“You are truly exactly like your father. 5000 years ago when I followed the human elites to evacuate the Divine Realm, I saw your father once. He left a deep impression on me…”

Hearing the blue-clothed scholar suddenly mention his father, Lin Huang was startled.

Everyone respected his father. He had never seen his father before, but he had continually affected his life. From birth he had listened to innumerable tales about his father’s deeds and legends, and every time there was a person that had met his father, they couldn’t help but mention his father in passing…

Regarding this, Lin Huang always politely listened. As a child, these moments had brought him pride countless times.

Even the name ‘Huang’ within his name was related to his father.

Huang was an ancient word that held many meanings.

Huang meant the wilderness. When humanity arrived in the wild universe, they had to face the inexhaustible wilderness and constantly develop their own land and territories. They fought without end, fighting for their future. Huang meant the beginning of a new era.

Huang also meant famine. Famine – that was the name of the abyssal demon. Lin Huang didn’t fear this abyssal. Instead, this name reminded him that if he wanted to lead humanity to overcome this great calamity, he needed to mercilessly slaughter and brutally struggle just like the abyssals.

Finally, Huang also meant desolate. This was the last and most important meaning behind his name. Lin Huang’s mother and father had met in the Asura Road’s Great Desolate, where they had fallen in love with each other. They journeyed together and were later pushed into a dead end by Tian Mingzi, forced to enter the Great Desolate’s Tragic Death Valley. This pressure made them join together and gave Lin Ming the pressure he needed to break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Huang –  a name that also represented his mother’s feelings and thoughts for his father.

“Master is currently in seclusion. If Young Hero Lin wishes to see him, then the disciples of Skyrend God Palace will need to send a message.”

“Thank you.”

Lin Huang held his fists together once again, bidding the blue-clothed scholar farewell. His figure turned into a beam of light as he vanished into the skies, leaving behind the group of young disciples to stare at his fading back, dazed and lost in thought.

“He is Senior Lin Ming and Senior Xiao Moxian’s son…”

“Senior Xian Moxian possesses a half-phoenix body and her talent is extremely high. As for Senior Lin Ming, there is no need to mention him. If such a combination has a child, just how talented would they be? I wonder what boundary his current strength is at…”

A young disciple sighed as he spoke. Facing Lin Huang, he felt that he simply couldn’t compare at all.

The blue-clothed scholar said, “Lin Huang was born with a royal God Beast’s bloodline, and he also seems to have inherited a bloodline from his father that is even more powerful and special than that of a God Beast. As for what it actually is, I have no idea. In addition, Lin Huang dual cultivates body and energy, and is being carefully directed by Empyrean Divine Dream and the other Empyreans. The rate at which his strength increases cannot be imagined!

“But because he has a half royal Dark Phoenix bloodline he has to experience nine phoenix nirvanas, so the rate at which his cultivation rises isn’t too heaven-defying. Even so, in terms of combat efficiency, he is already able to rise above many of the older generation’s Empyreans. As for how strong he actually is, I cannot begin to speculate.”

The blue-clothed scholar judged. The other young disciples felt their hearts skip a beat as they all gulped together. Although the blue-clothed scholar’s words seemed reasonable, as they recalled that young and polite youth, they felt it a bit unbelievable that such a nice young man could contend with an Empyrean.

The feeling the young man gave off was as if he was no different from how they were…

At this time, Lin Huang had already entered Skyrend God Palace. He was resting in a room, lost in thought. Then, he rose up to deliver Divine Dream’s letter…

Although Lin Huang now possessed the strength to travel through the wild universe, Xiao Moxian was still always worried about him. It could be said that Lin Huang was Xiao Moxian’s everything.

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