MW Chapter 1993

Chapter 1993 – Huang

To the humans of the wild universe, Lin Ming was a legendary name. There was no one had not heard of him and no one who did not know of him.

In the confrontations between the saints and humanity, humanity had been defeated and defeated again.

But, it was Lin Ming alone who caused humanity to completely cover the saints’ limelight. Almost 6000 years ago Lin Ming had been the number one genius of humanity. Not only was he the number one genius of humanity, he was also the number one genius of the 33 Heavens!

Even the saints and the spiritas were unable to deny this truth.

In the past, with a mere Divine Transformation realm cultivation Lin Ming had challenged the number one genius of the saints – the Good Fortune Saint Son, who was several times older than he was.

And in just 60 years Lin Ming had surpassed him. At...

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