MW Chapter 1992B

Chapter 1992B - Lin Huang




“Hurry and run! I will distract it, and the rest of you flee!”

The blue-clothed scholar sent out the most sensible order that he could in this dire situation. The disciples behind him felt their hearts drop into their stomachs. The dangers of recklessly fleeing into the wild forests could be imagined. In particular, the fate of the blue-clothed scholar that was staying behind to delay for time would likely be hopeless!

“High Master!”

The young female disciple that had been chased by the desolate primal giant couldn’t help but cry out in sorrow.

“Hurry and run!”

The blue-clothed scholar bellowed from the depths of his lungs, his 36 flying swords spinning around him.

But at this time, there was a thunderous peal of roars from the forest. The sound was so loud and bass that the earth shook. From the far off forests, seven or eight hill-sized desolate primal giants leapt out!

These desolate primal giants had thick muscles that gripped their bodies like a dragon’s claws. Their skin was gray-blue. It would be impossible for ordinary weapons to even leave behind a scar on that terrifyingly hard skin.


Seeing these new enemies appear, the blue-clothed scholar felt his heart sink. A chill crawled up his back and his entire body turned cold.

Amongst these seven or eight approaching desolate primal giants, there were three royals!

Four royal desolate primal giants had actually appeared from this forest!

Fathomless abyss shrouded his mind and heart. With so many desolate primal giants, scattering and fleeing was no longer possible.

Could it be that they were all destined to die here today?

The blue-clothed scholar bit his lips, a decisive light flashing in his eyes. He was ready to burn his blood essence and go all out in a deathmatch against these desolate primal giants, and carve out a road of blood for his disciples. But at this time, he froze. He discovered that these seven or eight approaching desolate primal giants weren’t coming here to attack them, but were instead fleeing, as if they were being hunted down by something else.

One of the desolate primal giants was running away in panic and chose to rush towards the blue-clothed scholar.

This desolate primal giant came from the royal family and was a top master of its rank; it was even stronger than the desolate primal giant that the blue-clothed scholar had just fought. Its speed was extremely fast and wherever it ran, the earth would cave in and great trees would be broken apart like weeds.

The several young disciples following the blue-clothed scholar hadn’t noticed that these desolate primal giants were trying to escape. They thought that this giant was coming here to kill them.

With opponents from the front and the back, they were sure to die here without a burial.

As they had lost all hope of survival in their hearts, on the verge of waiting for death, the desolate primal giant’s body shook and froze, and it lost all forwards momentum.

In that moment, a gray light had pierced through its body.

Compared to that titanic desolate primal giant, this gray light seemed like a small gray needle, simply unworthy of mentioning. But as it sliced through the giant’s body, it produced a black vortex.

This black vortex grew within the desolate primal giant’s body, becoming larger and larger as it recklessly sucked in the desolate primal giant’s flesh and blood.

It cried out in pain and misery. It used its two hands to cover its chest but it couldn’t stop its life force from passing away. Like this, it crashed into the ground, and the powerful inertia of its weight and size shattered innumerable trees!

As this desolate primal giant toppled down, a young man’s figure appeared like ghosts and gods in the air. His body burned with black flames and he grasped a pale blue spear. His black hair scattered in the wind.

The desolate primal giant beneath it had yet to completely die. It reached out a hand, wanting to crush this youth. But, the youth simply waved his spear and a divine red light fell down from the clouds, thrusting through the desolate primal giant’s head!


Horrifying black flames exploded within the desolate primal giant’s brain. Its spiritual sea was instantly destroyed and its life ended there, impossible to die any further.

“That… that person is…”

Seeing this black-haired youth suddenly appear, the young disciples were shocked. Wasn’t this too strong? He had instantly struck down a royal desolate primal giant who was at the peak of his level.

Even the blue-clothed scholar was bewildered. He looked at the blue spear in the youth’s hand, a thoughtful look on his face.

But at this time, a roar echoed out from behind him. The desolate primal giant that he had injured was enraged due to the death of its companion, and it angrily punched out at the blue-clothed scholar!

The blue-clothed scholar’s pupils shrank. Before he could even counterattack, all he saw was a blue light flash in front of him. The head of the desolate primal giant flew up into the air, and the terrifying blood pressure formed a fountain of blood that erupted hundreds of feet into the blue skies.

A top royal desolate primal giant had its head instantly severed!

“This… this strong!?”

The woman who was chased by the desolate primal giant was dumbfounded as she saw the flashing figure of the youth. This youth began hunting down the other desolate primal giants!

And with his horrifying speed, he could easily chase after these desolate primal giants like a lion chasing sheep!

As expected, in several breaths of time, another desolate primal giant had its heart pierced through and it toppled to the ground. This desolate primal giant wasn’t a royal and its body wasn’t too formidable. It directly blew apart beneath the power of the mysterious youth’s attack, nearly split in half!

The young disciples couldn’t help but fly into the skies to watch this battle. They flew to the blue-clothed scholar’s side, and saw that the blue-clothed scholar was watching the youth with a thoughtful look his eyes.

“High Master, who is that man?”

The blue-clothed scholar hesitated for a moment. Then he said, “If I’m not wrong, that youth is called Lin Huang. He comes from Divine Dream City.”

Divine Dream City was the first living zone that the human race had opened up in the wild universe.

It was called a city, but this so-called ‘city’ was merely a name. In truth, Divine Dream City included dozens of planets, including a massive super continent. It was the largest living zone of humans.

And the City Lord of Divine Dream City was the leader of all humanity – Empyrean Divine Dream.

By now, Empyrean Divine Dream had broken into the realm of True Divinity. Whether it was in status or strength, she was the pillar of humanity.

“Divine Dream City? He came from there?” The young disciples looked at each other. Communicating and travelling between the various living zones of humanity wasn’t easy at all. This was because in order to travel through the wild universe one needed a powerful strength as a foundation; otherwise one wouldn’t even have their bones left.

Let alone them, even the blue-clothed scholar wasn’t able to travel between the human living zones.

“Lin Huang… no wonder!”

Amongst the young disciples, some people had heard of Lin Huang and some people hadn’t. A young girl couldn’t help but ask, “Who is he? Is he famous?”

“Of course he’s famous! In Divine Dream City, there is no junior that doesn’t know about him. His talent is too terrifying!” The disciple spoke with awe in his voice. “Well, perhaps you might not know of him, but you should know who his father is. His father is Lin Ming, the man once known as humanity’s number one genius…”

Lin Ming?

Hearing this name, the other disciples sucked in a breath of cold air. This youth was actually Lin Ming’s son!

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