MW Chapter 1992A

Chapter 1992A – New World

The river of time rolled onwards. A single small wave carried with it innumerable years.

As the universe’s most terrifying Law, time moved forwards with unstoppable momentum. No one knew where it came from and no one knew where it would end. Even if a universe was destroyed and the next universe was born, the wheel of time would continue revolving.

In this long river of time, the war between the saints and humanity, the Divine Realm falling to its enemies, this was nothing but a tiny point in a small stream of 10 billion years.

With that fixed point as a beginning, 5000 years had passed.

The outstanding elites of humanity had already given up on the Divine Realm and had long since fled to a wild world. They developed the borders of this world, fighting against vicious beasts to continue spreading the glory of the human race…

Over 99% of humanity’s inheritances had been saved. But, even if these inheritances were successfully recorded into cultivation method jade slips, they were still difficult to learn. This was because one needed a master to slowly guide them through it.

Of course, besides the guidance of a master, one’s own tempering and experience was even more important. And, this wild universe was the best smelting trial for doing so.

However… this land was far too cruel and brutal…


A miserable scream echoed out. In the skies above a wild forest, a man was thrown into the air as he wildly struggled.

Then, something tragic occurred.

A massive spiked club smashed down on this man’s body.


A terrifying impact exploded this man into a mass of blood fog!


A woman cried out in panic. Her eyes filled with tears. The one who just died in the air was her little brother.


A man grabbed the woman’s arm and began to hurriedly pull her away!

Although the woman was sad and heartbroken, she didn’t do something stupid like betting her life against the monster. She quickly composed herself, biting her teeth and fleeing with the man.

The one who killed her little brother was a desolate primal giant.

This was a non-intelligent humanoid race, one of the many mysterious races within the wild universe.

Their disposition was vicious and they were extremely aggressive. Any life forms they could kill they would eat as food; this included humans.

5000 years ago when humanity fled to the wild universe they had encountered incredible perils. This wild universe was flooded with terrifying vicious beasts and desolate primal giants, and even demon beasts evolved from the mystical Heavenly Dao Laws.

These savage existences had existed for billions of years in this wild universe and had undergone endless slaughtering for all this time. They were incomparably formidable beings and would kill anything they saw.

Humanity was naturally attacked. In order to create a habitat where they could live, the human race fought with these ancient vicious beasts for many years. In this war, even human Empyreans perished.

But slowly, humanity managed to create several living zones, each one guarded by at least 10 Empyreans. At the same time, these areas were covered with concealing array formations in order to prevent them from being discovered by the enemy once war erupted again in the future.

The descendants of humanity’s elites lived in such areas.

Their parents were either outstanding individuals or rulers of humanity. Once they were born they should have had the support of rich resources, able to live a luxurious life. But because of the great calamity 5000 years ago, all of that was erased.

From the moment of their birth they had to face a brutal struggle to survive!

Now, all descendants of humanity, whether they were the children of Empyreans or any other genius, all of them to experience an equally savage and merciless competition. They had to expand their territory in this wild universe!

Within the wild universe, there was an endless number of vicious beasts, ancient desolate alien races, and demon beasts that had evolved from the Heavenly Dao. Empyreans wouldn’t regularly act to clean up the dangers that crept into the territory of humanity. Rather, this task was passed down to the younger generation.

This was their trial!

Every year countless heroic elites would die. But at the same time, more and more outstanding elites were able to grow. They inherited the mission of reviving their race from their parents and became true warriors.

In the history of humanity, there had never been such dark and troubled times. This was a test of their entire race. If they were able to survive through this then they would be a phoenix that had undergone nirvana, breaking out of their cocoon with new life. But if they failed, that meant utter annihilation.



As the man and woman ran away, the desolate primal giant behind them took its great spiked club and wildly smashed down at them again and again.

Many towering trees were broken apart like dry straw beneath this onslaught.

The man and woman began to despair. The desolate primal giant was faster than they were; at this pace, they would die in less than 10 breaths of time.

“Don’t panic!”

A blue-clothed scholar shouted out. He led four or five disciples behind him, his group rapidly approaching the young man and woman to rescue them.

“High Master!”

Seeing this blue-clothed scholar, the man and woman were overjoyed. But before they could rejoice, they caught a glimpse of the blue-clothed scholar’s dark and grimacing face.

“Desolate primal giant, royalty!”

The blue-clothed scholar’s heart chilled. The desolate primal giants were like bees in their structure and had a very strict hierarchy. This desolate primal giant in front of them was part of the royal family, and its combat strength was several times that of an ordinary desolate primal giant.


The blue-clothed scholar flicked his finger. Beams of blue light shot out from the cuff of his sleeves, each blue light a flying sword.

The blue-clothed scholar possessed 36 flying swords. He could form a sword array with tremendous strength!


Sword light rained down like a storm. The desolate primal giant roared and its spiked club pounded down on that hail of swords.

However, the moment that spiked club smashed towards that sword rain, the sword rain parted like a school of fish, dispersing and avoiding the spiked club. They reformed in the skies, gathering into a massive sword light that came slicing down with unstoppable momentum!


The desolate primal giant’s shoulder was sliced open by this sword light. The wound was a hundred feet deep and blood gushed out into the air.

“Is it over?”

The eyes of the disciples following the blue-clothed scholar brightened. However, before they could cheer, they saw that the desolate primal giant had directly grasped onto that sword light and crushed it in its hand!


The giant blue sword exploded into endless motes of light. The desolate primal giant’s eyes suddenly turned blood red and the thick muscles that corded its body began to wriggle about. Its body started to rapidly inflate, and the giant alarming wound that marred its body started to regenerate.

“This is bad!”

The blue-clothed scholar’s forehead began to drip with a cold sweat. Not only was this desolate primal giant from the royal family, but it was a top master amongst the royal giants. Its combat strength could not be compared to the others’.

“Hurry and run! I will distract it, and the rest of you flee!”

The blue-clothed scholar sent out the most sensible order that he could in this dire situation. The disciples behind him felt their hearts drop into their stomachs. The dangers of recklessly fleeing into the wild forests could be imagined. In particular, the fate of the blue-clothed scholar that was staying behind to delay for time would likely be hopeless!

“High Master!”

The young female disciple that had been chased by the desolate primal giant couldn’t help but cry out in sorrow.

“Hurry and run!”

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