MW Chapter 1991

Chapter 1991 – Little Fishy

The three avatars sat around Lin Ming, and in front of him lay the third volume of the Asura Sutra.

Within the thick and ancient bronze book, every word was condensed with heaven and earth origin energy and the true strength of the absolute beginning. If an ordinary martial artist were to look at these words, even if they focused all their sight they still wouldn’t be able to make out anything from them. All they would see would be strange runes with unknown meanings.

Lin Ming had completely entered the ethereal martial intent state. Page after page, he carefully read through.

Within his eyes, the Asura Sutra was similar to a universe. The writings of the Heavenly Sutra could manifest supreme demon gods, magnificent divine palaces, and boundless galaxies…

After refining the three avatars, Lin Ming’s understandings towards the Asura Sutra could no longer be compared to the past. The mysteries within the writings deeply marked themselves in his mind.

Time passed, year after year. As Lin Ming finished reading the third volume of the Asura Sutra, ten years had flown by. Lin Ming discovered that the third volume of the Asura Sutra was where the essence of the entire cultivation method was located. The intricate and diverse Laws contained within this volume were nearly equal to the sum of the first two volumes combined!

Lin Ming originally thought that the Asura Sutra was equally skilled in essence, energy, and divine. But now, it seemed that the Asura Road Master was not some omnipotent god. There were some fields in which he excelled and some fields in which he didn’t.

What he was most proficient in was the essence gathering system! Thinking about it, this was also reasonable. The Asura Road Master had once been the master of the Purple Card, and the Purple Card was the condensed essence of the energy within a universe. It was the highest divine tool of the essence gathering system.

This was also the reason why the Asura Road Master placed the third volume of the Asura Sutra in the final trial’s seventh level; because it was the most essential volume of his inheritance.

When Lin Ming flipped to the last page of the Asura Sutra’s third volume, he was stunned. This page didn’t have any writings nor were there any traces of Laws. It was completely blank, and all that was left in this bronze page was a rectangular groove in the center.

This groove emitted a strange and mysterious aura that left Lin Ming startled.

This groove… a light lit up in Lin Ming’s mind. He recalled the past when he underwent his nine by nine Life Destruction and reached 33 Heavens, where he then saw the Purple Card phenomenon. As he compared it to the shape of this groove, he guessed that this was where the Purple Card was once kept.

Purple Card…

Lin Ming gently traced this groove. He could feel the aura left behind by this ancient divine tool, and his mind trembled.

“I wonder how this mysterious Purple Card affected the Asura Road Master’s road of cultivation in the past…”

According to what Clear and Ink thought, the three supreme divine tools were likely the surviving condensed forms of essence, energy, and divine, left over upon the destruction of a super universe. Their main role was not to help a martial artist in cultivating. They were simply travellers passing by in this universe, and possibly even the starting point of the next universe’s big bang.

Regardless of who it was, anyone that obtained one of these supreme divine tools could only use an infinitesimally portion of their power. Even the Asura Road Master was no exception.

“When the High Lord wrote the Asura Sutra in the past, he used 100 million years to do so. Every time he learned something new, became aware of something new, he would add it to the Asura Sutra. At that time, the Purple Card had been placed in the last page of the Asura Sutra’s third volume, but later it disappeared without a trace.”

An old voice echoed from behind Lin Ming. Lin Ming didn’t turn around, but instead traced the groove in the Asura Sutra where the Purple Card had once been.

He asked with some surprised, “The three books of the Asura Sutra took Senior Asura a hundred million years to write?”

Lin Ming was stunned upon hearing this timespan.

“Yes. But the High Lord didn’t spend every waking moment of this hundred million years writing the Asura Sutra. This 100 million years was only the time period in which the High Lord wrote the Asura Sutra. During this time, the High Lord also had many other matters he needed to handle. For instance, this was also when he chose to establish the Asura Road…”

“When the High Lord completed the Asura Road, he placed the third volume of the Asura Sutra in the final trial’s seventh level. The first person to open it was a human, the human race’s Divine Seal. In the past when Divine Seal opened it, although the Purple Card was no longer there, he still took away a wisp of aura left behind by the Purple Card…”

“Mm? The Purple Card’s aura?” Lin Ming repeated. “What is that?”

“The Purple Card followed the High Lord for far too long. The High Lord’s aura, Laws, and energy, poured into the Purple Card and accumulated over time. Slowly, it bred an aura with a spiritual intelligence of its own. You might call it something like an artifact spirit.”

“But this artifact spirit is different from the artifact spirit of an Empyrean spirit treasure or True Divinity spirit treasure. A True Divinity spirit treasure’s artifact spirit can completely control that True Divinity spirit treasure; they could even be called the true master of the spirit treasure. But, the artifact spirits born from the three divine tools do not possess such an ability. Even so, they still have the ability to enhance and manipulate the three divine tools because they in themselves are evolved from the aura of the three divine tools. They can be called a bridge, a medium that connects the divine tool to the user…”

“That spiritually aware aura that was similar to an artifact spirit was taken away by Empyrean Divine Seal?” As Lin Ming heard this, his mind began to race…

“What was the appearance of that spiritually aware aura?” Lin Ming suddenly asked.

“Too much time has passed. That spiritually aware aura will change forms and it also has spiritual wisdom. When Divine Seal brought it away, it had the appearance of a little girl. Afterwards this little girl also played a role in humanity’s great calamity 3.6 billion years ago, when Famine’s soul was sealed away…”

The two old men had a deep understanding of Empyrean Divine Seal and his struggle against the saints. After all, he was the first person to ever collect all three emperor jades, thus everything about him was recorded in the records of the Asura Road’s guardian clan. However, this guardian clan wasn’t able to help Empyrean Divine Seal resist his enemies because their only mission was to bear witness and guard this land.

“Little girl…” Lin Ming closed his eyes, many scenes flashing through his mind. This little girl, without any doubt at all, should be Fishy. She was the mysterious little girl that ate violet sun crystals and nine sun jades.

If so, then many matters could be explained.

Violet sun crystals and nine sun jades were crystallized forms of origin energy, and Fishy was a spiritually aware aura evolved from the Purple Card. It was natural for her to take energy as food.

The place where Lin Ming found Fishy was the True Martial Great World’s Immemorial Imperial City. Within the Divine Realm, this was not a special land, and could even be called common. But deep underground beneath Immemorial Imperial City was the Divine Seal Array left behind by Empyrean Divine Seal, in which the soul of Famine had been suppressed for 3.6 billion years!

From all of this, Fishy likely no longer remembered anything. Perhaps too much time had passed and she lost many memories, or perhaps in the great war 3.6 billion years ago she had lost too much strength, causing her to also lose her memories.

However, even if she lost her memories, her instinct still told her to wander around the edges of the Divine Seal Array…

Such a mysterious Divine Seal Array was blocked by layers upon layers of concealing array formations by Empyrean Divine Seal. Even if a True Divinity were to come to Immemorial Imperial City they still wouldn’t be able to find anything.

Yet Fishy was able to locate its position…

Thinking of this, Lin Ming’s doubts were scattered.

And there was another little girl that was similar to Fishy – Ruby, from the Akashic Dream Universe.

When Lin Ming entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield and picked up a Kirin fruit, he had been stopped by the mysterious red-clothed little girl. This little girl was similar to Fishy and she had an introverted, cautious disposition, and she stuttered a little as she spoke. She didn’t remember anything about her past but she possessed special abilities.

It was with her guidance that Lin Ming found the ancient galactic battlefield. Here, Lin Ming bore witness to the battle between the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture, Immortal Sovereign. Here, he felt the residual aura of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

Ruby seemed to have an extremely deep understanding into the Akashic Dream Universe. At the same time, she also had an incredible understanding towards soul forms.

This ability was particularly obvious during his time in the Fallen God Mountain Range, when Lin Ming was on the shrine platforms grasping the principles and competing against Sheng Mei.

At that time, there had been many things that Lin Ming wasn’t able to see on the shrine platform, yet Ruby was able to see. If it weren’t for her constant direction then it would have been impossible for Lin Ming to surpass Sheng Mei in grasping the principles atop the shrine platform and winning the golden page.

Moreover, even Sheng Mei and the Soul Emperor weren’t able to sense Ruby’s existence.

But at the same time, Ruby was able to sense the Magic Cube. She had stared at Lin Ming’s stomach and knew that the Magic Cube was located within his inner world.

When joining all of these factors together, Lin Ming didn’t doubt that Ruby was the spiritually aware aura that evolved from the Magic Cube!

Thus, this was the reason Ruby once said that he had a nice smell and gave off a familiar feeling. This was the reason why the timid and stuttering Ruby insisted on following him.

The two old men’s words had Lin Ming understand many things.

It seemed that in the distant past, the Magic Cube was once also possessed by a peerless powerhouse, and thus Ruby was formed.

And the wielder of the Magic Cube was likely the creator of the Holy Scripture – Immortal Sovereign!

Ruby and Fishy wouldn’t necessarily live forever. There would come a day when they would die, turning into pure energies that returned to the three divine tools. But, those three divine tools would continue existing forever, until the universe itself came to an end…

Thinking all of this, Lin Ming traced his stomach. He felt that he needed to go to the Akashic Dream Universe and find Ruby to seek out her help…

With her help, he would be able to better control the Magic Cube!

Lin Ming knew that the Magic Cube was a divine tool that superseded the samsara of the universe. All he could use of it was a tiny bit of its endless power. There was more potential, waiting for him to explore it…

One day, Lin Ming would be able to bring out the Magic Cube in front of all and use it as his weapon, fighting the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and Soul Emperor.


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