MW Chapter 1991

Chapter 1991 – Little Fishy

The three avatars sat around Lin Ming, and in front of him lay the third volume of the Asura Sutra.

Within the thick and ancient bronze book, every word was condensed with heaven and earth origin energy and the true strength of the absolute beginning. If an ordinary martial artist were to look at these words, even if they focused all their sight they still wouldn’t be able to make out anything from them. All they would see would be strange runes with unknown meanings.

Lin Ming had completely entered the ethereal martial intent state. Page after page, he carefully read through.

Within his eyes, the Asura Sutra was similar to a universe. The writings of the Heavenly Sutra could manifest supreme demon gods, magnificent divine palaces, and boundless galaxies…

After refining the three avatars, Lin Ming’s understandings towards the Asura Sutra could no longer be compared to the past. The mysteries within the writings deeply marked themselves in his mind.

Time passed, year after year. As Lin Ming finished reading the third volume of the Asura Sutra, ten years had flown by. Lin Ming discovered that the third volume of...

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