MW Chapter 1990

Chapter 1990 – The Wrathful Saint Emperor

As Lin Ming was bitterly cultivating in the final trial’s seventh level, a great storm was stirring in the Asura Road!

This storm would involve many large influences. Let alone Empyrean influences, in just True Divinity influences, there were four.

They were the two True Divinity influences of the Asura Road – Divine Void Divine Kingdom and Heaven Union Divine Kingdom, as well as two influences from the 33 Heavens’ saint race – the Good Fortune Saint Palace and Soaring Feather God Mountain.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son was kneeling on the ground deep within the Good Fortune Saint Palace, so low that his head was buried in his hands. He didn’t even dare to take a deep breath.

Before this, he had widely bragged that the ‘Legion of Famine’ he trained would absolutely complete the mission perfectly and return safely, otherwise he would be willing to endure any punishment passed down to him. But in the turn of an eye, the Legion of Famine had been annihilated and the Good Fortune Saint Son had returned in disastrous failure.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had brought back a captive with him. He shivered as he remembered saying, ‘the demon relic is missing, and because the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace were sanctioned...

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